Minifigures in Power Miners theme

Rock Monster - Boulderax (Trans-Green)
No. pm001Rock Monster - Boulderax (Trans-Green)
Rock Monster - Firox (Trans-Orange)
No. pm002Rock Monster - Firox (Trans-Orange)
Rock Monster - Meltrox (Trans-Red)
No. pm003Rock Monster - Meltrox (Trans-Red)
Rock Monster - Glaciator (Trans-Dark Blue)
No. pm004Rock Monster - Glaciator (Trans-Dark Blue)
Rock Monster - Sulfurix (Trans-Neon Green)
No. pm005Rock Monster - Sulfurix (Trans-Neon Green)
Power Miner - Beard Stubble Guy
No. pm006Power Miner - Beard Stubble Guy
Power Miner - Brains
No. pm007Power Miner - Brains
Power Miner 1
No. pm008Power Miner 1
Power Miner 2
No. pm009Power Miner 2
Power Miner - Rex
No. pm010Power Miner - Rex
Power Miner - Orange Scar, Helmet
No. pm011Power Miner - Orange Scar, Helmet
Power Miner - Engineer, Knit Cap
No. pm012Power Miner - Engineer, Knit Cap
Power Miner - Brains, Goggles
No. pm013Power Miner - Brains, Goggles
Power Miner - Engineer, Goggles
No. pm014Power Miner - Engineer, Goggles
Big Figure - Geolix with 3 Crystals on Back (Rock Monster)
No. pm015Big Figure - Geolix with 3 Crystals on Back (Rock Monster)
Big Figure - Tremorox (Rock Monster)
No. pm016Big Figure - Tremorox (Rock Monster)
Power Miner - Orange Scar, Hair
No. pm017Power Miner - Orange Scar, Hair
Power Miner - Brains, Visor
No. pm019Power Miner - Brains, Visor
Power Miner - Doc, Visor
No. pm020Power Miner - Doc, Visor
Power Miner - Duke, Bare Arms
No. pm018Power Miner - Duke, Bare Arms
Power Miner - Rex, Goggles
No. pm022Power Miner - Rex, Goggles
Rock Monster - Combustix (Trans-Yellow)
No. pm023Rock Monster - Combustix (Trans-Yellow)
Power Miner - Rex, Gray Outfit
No. pm024Power Miner - Rex, Gray Outfit
Rock Monster - Firax  (Trans-Orange)
No. pm025Rock Monster - Firax (Trans-Orange)
Power Miner - Engineer, Gray Outfit
No. pm026Power Miner - Engineer, Gray Outfit
Rock Monster - Infernox (Trans-Red)
No. pm027Rock Monster - Infernox (Trans-Red)
Big Figure - Eruptorr (Rock Monster)
No. pm029Big Figure - Eruptorr (Rock Monster)
Power Miner - Doc, Gray Outfit
No. pm030Power Miner - Doc, Gray Outfit
Power Miner - Duke, Gray Outfit
No. pm031Power Miner - Duke, Gray Outfit
Power Miner - Brains, Gray Outfit
No. pm032Power Miner - Brains, Gray Outfit
Power Miner - Doc
No. pm033Power Miner - Doc
Big Figure - Geolix with 2 Crystals on Back (Rock Monster)
No. pm015aBig Figure - Geolix with 2 Crystals on Back (Rock Monster)