Minifigures in Western theme

Cavalry Colonel
No. ww001Cavalry Colonel
Cavalry Lieutenant
No. ww002Cavalry Lieutenant
Cavalry Lieutenant with Bandana
No. ww003Cavalry Lieutenant with Bandana
Cavalry Lieutenant with Cavalry Cap and Bandana
No. ww004Cavalry Lieutenant with Cavalry Cap and Bandana
Cavalry Soldier
No. ww005Cavalry Soldier
Cavalry Soldier with Bandana
No. ww006Cavalry Soldier with Bandana
Bandit 1
No. ww007Bandit 1
Bandit 2
No. ww008Bandit 2
Bandit 3
No. ww010Bandit 3
Bandit 4
No. ww011Bandit 4
Cowboy Red Shirt
No. ww012Cowboy Red Shirt
Cowboy Blue Shirt
No. ww013Cowboy Blue Shirt
Indian Red Shirt, Quiver
No. ww014Indian Red Shirt, Quiver
Indian Tan Shirt, Quiver
No. ww016Indian Tan Shirt, Quiver
Indian Chief
No. ww017Indian Chief
Indian Female, Quiver
No. ww018Indian Female, Quiver
Indian Medicine Man
No. ww019Indian Medicine Man
No. ww020Banker
No. ww021Sheriff
Indian Red Shirt
No. ww022Indian Red Shirt
Indian Chief with LEGO Logo on Back
No. ww017aIndian Chief with LEGO Logo on Back
Indian Tan Shirt 2
No. ww023Indian Tan Shirt 2
Indian Chief 2
No. ww024Indian Chief 2
Gold Prospector - Male
No. ww009Gold Prospector - Male
Gold Prospector - Female
No. ww015Gold Prospector - Female
Gold Prospector, Reddish Brown Hat
No. ww025Gold Prospector, Reddish Brown Hat