Minifigures in Promotional theme

Quicky the Nesquik Bunny (Nestle Rabbit)
No. gen003Quicky the Nesquik Bunny (Nestle Rabbit)
De Bouwsteen Legoworld 2005 Minifigure
No. gen015De Bouwsteen Legoworld 2005 Minifigure
De Bouwsteen Legoworld 2008 Minifigure
No. gen041De Bouwsteen Legoworld 2008 Minifigure
Danmarks Indsamling 2014 Minifigure
No. gen085Danmarks Indsamling 2014 Minifigure
Danmarks Indsamling Minifigure
No. gen086Danmarks Indsamling Minifigure
THE BIG E 2010 Minifigure
No. gen087THE BIG E 2010 Minifigure
Dad 2.0 Summit Minifigure
No. gen097Dad 2.0 Summit Minifigure
Skaerbaek Minifigure
No. gen096Skaerbaek Minifigure