Sets in Scala theme

Sporty SCALA Girl
No. 3100-1Sporty SCALA Girl
Dressing Up
No. 3101-1Dressing Up
Leisure Wear for Christian
No. 3102-1Leisure Wear for Christian
Christian in Blue Blazer
No. 3103-1Christian in Blue Blazer
Caroline in Red Dress
No. 3104-1Caroline in Red Dress
Emma in Flower Dress
No. 3105-1Emma in Flower Dress
Marie in Rainbow Skirt
No. 3106-1Marie in Rainbow Skirt
Andrea in Sun Dress
No. 3107-1Andrea in Sun Dress
Birthday Accessories
No. 3108-1Birthday Accessories
Four Animal Friends
No. 3110-1Four Animal Friends
No. 3112-1Baby's Nursery
My Place
No. 3114-1My Place
No. 3115-1Kitchen
Cool Ice Cream Cafe
No. 3116-1Cool Ice Cream Cafe
Flashy Pool
No. 3117-1Flashy Pool
Funky Fashion Boutique
No. 3118-1Funky Fashion Boutique
Sunshine Home
No. 3119-1Sunshine Home
Additional Room
No. 3120-1Additional Room
Swinging Stroller
No. 3130-1Swinging Stroller
No. 3132-1Emma
Marie in Happy Flowers
No. 3134-1Marie in Happy Flowers
Olivia in Fancy Wear
No. 3135-1Olivia in Fancy Wear
Christian in Blue Jeans
No. 3136-1Christian in Blue Jeans
Casual Wear for Christian
No. 3137-1Casual Wear for Christian
Fashion Wear for Ladies
No. 3138-1Fashion Wear for Ladies
Windbreaker and Jeans
No. 3139-1Windbreaker and Jeans
Dancing Circle Dress for Girls
No. 3140-1Dancing Circle Dress for Girls
Snuggly Baby Wear
No. 3141-1Snuggly Baby Wear
No. 3142-1Marie's Room
Camping Trip
No. 3143-1Camping Trip
Horse Stable
No. 3144-1Horse Stable
Carry and Shopping Accessories
No. 3146-1Carry and Shopping Accessories
No. 3148-1Carla's Winter Camp
Happy Home
No. 3149-1Happy Home
Puppy Playground
No. 3150-1Puppy Playground
Emma on the Move
No. 3151-1Emma on the Move
Playroom for the Baby Thomas
No. 3152-1Playroom for the Baby Thomas
Olivia in Smooth Dress
No. 3155-1Olivia in Smooth Dress
Hot Wear for Woman
No. 3156-1Hot Wear for Woman
Cool Wear for Girls
No. 3157-1Cool Wear for Girls
Christian in Tough Wear
No. 3158-1Christian in Tough Wear
No. 3159-1Celebration
Beauty Studio
No. 3200-1Beauty Studio
Living Room
No. 3201-1Living Room
Laundry Room
No. 3202-1Laundry Room
Dressing Table
No. 3203-1Dressing Table
Auntie Jane and Cousin Sophie
No. 3204-1Auntie Jane and Cousin Sophie
No. 3205-1Andrea's Picnic Lunch
Emma Making Lunch
No. 3206-1Emma Making Lunch
Party Dress and Accessories
No. 3210-1Party Dress and Accessories
No. 3211-1Girls' Dress and Accessories
Christian with Gifts
No. 3220-1Christian with Gifts
No. 3240-1Andrea's Miniature Garden
No. 3241-1Nursery
No. 3242-1Bathroom
No. 3243-1Kitchen
Dream Cottage
No. 3270-1Dream Cottage
The Big Family House
No. 3290-1The Big Family House
No. 4306-1Rings
No. 4307-1Rings
No. 4336-1Mirror
Bracelet polybag
No. 3900-1Bracelet polybag
No. 308-1Bracelet 'Sympathy'
No. 309-1Bracelet 'Spring'
Pendant / Necklace
No. 310-2Pendant / Necklace 'Sympathy'
Pendant / Necklace
No. 311-2Pendant / Necklace 'Spring'
Bracelet and Pendant
No. 312-2Bracelet and Pendant 'Fantasy'
Bracelet and Pendant
No. 313-2Bracelet and Pendant
No. 3123-1Emma's Chill-Out Kitchen
Summer Day Out
No. 3121-1Summer Day Out
1-2-3 Marie
No. 3122-11-2-3 Marie
No. 3124-1Indie's Stable
Andrea in Jogging Suit
No. 3133-1Andrea in Jogging Suit
Emma's Horseback Riding Kit
No. K3132-1Emma's Horseback Riding Kit