Sets in Duplo theme

Living Room
No. 032-1Living Room
Farm Set Animals
No. 033-1Farm Set Animals
Playhouse (Play House)
No. 041-2Playhouse (Play House)
No. 045-1Farm
Nursery Furniture
No. 028-1Nursery Furniture
No. 063-2Ducks
Police Station
No. 080-3Police Station
Train Station
No. 081-1Train Station
Tub Boat
No. 086-1Tub Boat
Police Station
No. 522-1Police Station
Locomotive and Station
No. 523-1Locomotive and Station
Pull-Along Ducks
No. 532-1Pull-Along Ducks
Tub Boat
No. 534-1Tub Boat
No. 535-2Taxi
Bulk Bucket
No. 1086-1Bulk Bucket
Racing Leopard
No. 1403-1Racing Leopard
Racing Tiger
No. 1404-1Racing Tiger
Racing Lion
No. 1405-1Racing Lion
Nursing the Baby
No. 1406-1Nursing the Baby
Cooking with Mummy
No. 1407-1Cooking with Mummy
Walking the Dog with Daddy
No. 1408-1Walking the Dog with Daddy
Small Bucket
No. 1450-1Small Bucket
Happy Face Carry Case
No. 1576-1Happy Face Carry Case
Funny Animals
No. 1579-1Funny Animals
No. 1614-1Build-a-Farm
Tuttle the Turtle polybag
No. 1640-1Tuttle the Turtle polybag
Giddy the Gator polybag
No. 1641-1Giddy the Gator polybag
Large Bucket
No. 1684-1Large Bucket
Penguin polybag
No. 1739-1Penguin polybag
Parrot polybag
No. 1759-1Parrot polybag
Combi Pack
No. 1926-1Combi Pack
Oval Rattle
No. 2014-1Oval Rattle
Ball Rattle-Teether
No. 2015-1Ball Rattle-Teether
Duck Rattle with Handles
No. 2020-1Duck Rattle with Handles
Block Box
No. 071-1Block Box
Cycle Cruiser
No. 2904-1Cycle Cruiser
No. 2909-1Helicopter
Tread Trackers
No. 2913-1Tread Trackers
Rescue Base
No. 2914-1Rescue Base
No. 2916-1MyBot
MyBot Accessory Pack / MyBot Expansion Kit
No. 2946-1MyBot Accessory Pack / MyBot Expansion Kit
No. 2947-1Speedbike
RC Dozer
No. 2949-1RC Dozer
Medium Bucket
No. 1544-1Medium Bucket
Radical Racer
No. 2912-1Radical Racer
Family (Caucasian)
No. 5029-1Family (Caucasian)
Family (African)
No. 5089-1Family (African)
Family (Asian)
No. 5090-1Family (Asian)
Family (Hispanic)
No. 5091-1Family (Hispanic)
No. 1261-1Picnic
Flower Rattle-Teether
No. 2023-1Flower Rattle-Teether
Duck Rattle-Teether
No. 2024-1Duck Rattle-Teether
Shape Sorter
No. 2033-1Shape Sorter
No. 2037-1Spin-A-Coaster
Bath Activity Set
No. 2038-1Bath Activity Set
No. 2040-1Rock 'n' Roller
No. 2050-1Squirrel
No. 2051-1Spin-A-Coaster
Shape Sorter
No. 2052-1Shape Sorter
No. 2053-1Rattle-n-Roll
No. 2054-1Squirrel
Rocking Horse
No. 2055-1Rocking Horse
Rock-a-Bye Pull Toy
No. 2056-1Rock-a-Bye Pull Toy
Rocking Horse
No. 2057-1Rocking Horse
Activity and Water Toy
No. 2059-1Activity and Water Toy
Bath-Tub Buddies
No. 2066-1Bath-Tub Buddies
No. 2070-1Telephone
Learn and Build Center
No. 2072-1Learn and Build Center
Baby Gift Package
No. 2073-1Baby Gift Package
Build N
No. 2220-1Build N' Play Fire Theme
Build N
No. 2221-1Build N' Play Circus Theme
Tunnel Fun
No. 2222-1Tunnel Fun
Spooky House
No. 2223-1Spooky House
Medium Bucket
No. 2226-1Medium Bucket
Basic Set
No. 2241-1Basic Set
Brick Starters
No. 2242-1Brick Starters
Farmhouse Bucket
No. 2245-1Farmhouse Bucket
Extra Bricks
No. 2247-1Extra Bricks
Large Basic Set
No. 2251-1Large Basic Set
Basic Set
No. 2252-1Basic Set
Small Basic Set
No. 2261-1Small Basic Set
Medium Bucket
No. 2268-1Medium Bucket
Large Bucket
No. 2269-1Large Bucket
Circus Freeway
No. 2280-1Circus Freeway
Deluxe Harbor Highway
No. 2281-1Deluxe Harbor Highway
No. 2294-1Ladybug
Cute Animals
No. 2297-1Cute Animals
Building Plates 6 x 12
No. 2301-1Building Plates 6 x 12
Building Plates
No. 2303-1Building Plates
Large Green Building Plate
No. 2304-1Large Green Building Plate
Building Plate 24 x 24
No. 2305-1Building Plate 24 x 24
Large Building Plate
No. 2306-1Large Building Plate
Supplementary Bricks
No. 2307-1Supplementary Bricks
Supplementary Bricks
No. 2308-1Supplementary Bricks
Supplementary Bricks
No. 2309-1Supplementary Bricks
Supplementary Set
No. 2310-1Supplementary Set
Supplementary Set (PreSchool Basic Blocks Set)
No. 2312-1Supplementary Set (PreSchool Basic Blocks Set)
Supplementary Set
No. 2313-1Supplementary Set
Large Supplementary Set
No. 2314-1Large Supplementary Set
Police Building Set
No. 2317-1Police Building Set
Pullback Motor
No. 2318-1Pullback Motor
Basic Building Set
No. 2321-1Basic Building Set
Supplementary Bricks
No. 2327-1Supplementary Bricks
Basic Set
No. 2330-1Basic Set
Barney, The Skateboard Bear
No. 2331-1Barney, The Skateboard Bear
XL Elephant Bucket
No. 2332-1XL Elephant Bucket
No. 2333-1Animal
Basic Set (Animal)
No. 2335-1Basic Set (Animal)
No. 2337-1Mutt's Building Set
Kitty Cat
No. 2338-1Kitty Cat's Building Set
No. 2339-1Supplementary
Basic Set
No. 2340-1Basic Set
No. 2341-1Peter's Holiday Building Set
No. 2344-1Circus
Basic Set (House)
No. 2345-1Basic Set (House)
Barnaby Bear
No. 2347-1Barnaby Bear's Building Set
Green Suitcase
No. 2349-1Green Suitcase
Basic Set
No. 2350-1Basic Set
Basic Set (Vehicles)
No. 2355-1Basic Set (Vehicles)
Basic Set
No. 2360-1Basic Set
Matt and Mutt Building Set
No. 2361-1Matt and Mutt Building Set
Basic Set (Safari)
No. 2365-1Basic Set (Safari)
House and Car
No. 2366-1House and Car
Extra Large Monkeys Bucket
No. 2368-1Extra Large Monkeys Bucket
Basic Set
No. 2370-1Basic Set
Flying School
No. 2371-1Flying School
Zoo Bucket
No. 2372-1Zoo Bucket
Basic Building Set (Town)
No. 2375-1Basic Building Set (Town)
Play Bucket
No. 2376-1Play Bucket
No. 2377-1Safari
No. 2380-1Panda's Building Bonanza
Small Bucket
No. 2381-1Small Bucket
Large Bucket
No. 2386-1Large Bucket
Playtime Bucket
No. 2387-1Playtime Bucket
No. 2388-1Harbour
Build and Learn Bucket
No. 2390-1Build and Learn Bucket
No. 2392-1Farmyard
Building Bucket
No. 2393-1Building Bucket
Farm Bucket
No. 2394-1Farm Bucket
Zoo Bucket
No. 2396-1Zoo Bucket
No. 2399-1Town
Cute Vehicles
No. 2400-1Cute Vehicles
Big Chief Brown Bear
No. 2431-1Big Chief Brown Bear
No. 2433-1Stagecoach
Sheriff Jake
No. 2434-1Sheriff Jake
Big Chief
No. 2436-1Big Chief's Camp
Large Bucket
No. 2467-1Large Bucket
Basic Set
No. 2477-1Basic Set
Dino World
No. 2604-1Dino World
Dump Truck
No. 2606-1Dump Truck
Catapult Racer
No. 2607-1Catapult Racer
No. 2608-1Family
No. 2609-1Racer
No. 2610-1Car
Fire Engine
No. 2611-1Fire Engine
Refuse Truck
No. 2613-1Refuse Truck
No. 2615-1Nursery
Mini Safari
No. 2616-1Mini Safari
Tow Truck
No. 2617-1Tow Truck
Deep Sea Diver
No. 2618-1Deep Sea Diver
No. 2619-1Helicopter
Sports Car
No. 2620-1Sports Car
Motorbike Transporter
No. 2621-1Motorbike Transporter
Delivery Truck
No. 2623-1Delivery Truck
No. 2624-1Helicopter
Car with Boat and Trailer
No. 2625-1Car with Boat and Trailer
No. 2627-1Rodeo
Horse Transport
No. 2628-1Horse Transport
Tractor and Farm Machinery
No. 2629-1Tractor and Farm Machinery
Camping Set
No. 2630-2Camping Set
Family Room
No. 2630-1Family Room
Container Transport
No. 2632-1Container Transport
No. 2634-1Truck
Tow Truck
No. 2636-1Tow Truck
Fire Engine
No. 2637-1Fire Engine
Truck with Crane
No. 2638-1Truck with Crane
Petrol Station
No. 2639-1Petrol Station
Grocery Store (Supermarket)
No. 2640-1Grocery Store (Supermarket)
Fishing Boat
No. 2643-1Fishing Boat
No. 2643-2Playhouse
Service Station
No. 2644-1Service Station
School (School and Bus/School and bus)
No. 2645-1School (School and Bus/School and bus)
Farm Animals
No. 2647-1Farm Animals
House with Garage
No. 2648-1House with Garage
Sea Explorer
No. 2649-1Sea Explorer
Cannon Ball Clowns
No. 2650-2Cannon Ball Clowns
No. 2650-1Farm
Circus Artists
No. 2651-1Circus Artists
Police Emergency Unit
No. 2654-1Police Emergency Unit
Play Farm
No. 2655-1Play Farm
Village Post Office
No. 2656-1Village Post Office
Gas Station
No. 2657-1Gas Station
Fire Station
No. 2658-1Fire Station
Baby Animals
No. 2659-1Baby Animals
Zoo Nursery (Zoo Babies)
No. 2660-1Zoo Nursery (Zoo Babies)
Animal Transporter (Zoo Keeper)
No. 2661-1Animal Transporter (Zoo Keeper)
Crocodile and Sea Lion (Zoo Feeding Time/Pool Pals)
No. 2662-1Crocodile and Sea Lion (Zoo Feeding Time/Pool Pals)
Water Animals
No. 2663-1Water Animals
Tiger Enclosure (Jungle Friends)
No. 2664-1Tiger Enclosure (Jungle Friends)
Wild Cats
No. 2665-1Wild Cats
Mini Zoo
No. 2666-1Mini Zoo
Animals Park
No. 2667-1Animals Park
Zoo Animal Antics (Children's Zoo)
No. 2668-1Zoo Animal Antics (Children's Zoo)
Maxi Zoo
No. 2669-1Maxi Zoo
Water Park
No. 2670-1Water Park
Racing Team
No. 2671-1Racing Team
Police Station
No. 2672-1Police Station
Motorcycle Patrol
No. 2673-1Motorcycle Patrol
Racing Team
No. 2674-1Racing Team
Police Helicopter
No. 2675-1Police Helicopter
Bertie the Little Red Plane
No. 2676-1Bertie the Little Red Plane
Fire Helicopter
No. 2677-1Fire Helicopter
Jumbo Jet
No. 2678-1Jumbo Jet
No. 2679-1Airport
No. 2680-1Doctor's Surgery
Lion Safari
No. 2681-1Lion Safari
No. 2682-1Ambulance
Police Station
No. 2683-1Police Station
No. 2687-1Harbor
No. 2688-1Doctor's House
Savannah Animals
No. 2689-1Savannah Animals
Fire Chief
No. 2690-1Fire Chief
My First Fire Engine
No. 2691-1My First Fire Engine
Fire Heliport
No. 2692-1Fire Heliport
Fire Station
No. 2693-1Fire Station
Mini Farm
No. 2694-1Mini Farm
Pony Carriage
No. 2695-1Pony Carriage
Farm Tractor
No. 2696-1Farm Tractor
Farm Animals
No. 2697-1Farm Animals
Farm Yard
No. 2699-1Farm Yard
Freight Train Set
No. 2700-1Freight Train Set
Passenger Train
No. 2705-1Passenger Train
Straight Rails
No. 2711-1Straight Rails
Curved Rails
No. 2712-1Curved Rails
No. 2713-1Points
No. 2714-1Crossings
No. 2717-1Bridge
Electric Play Train Set
No. 2730-1Electric Play Train Set
Push-Along Play Train
No. 2731-1Push-Along Play Train
Push-Along Play Train Set
No. 2732-1Push-Along Play Train Set
Push-Along Play Train
No. 2733-1Push-Along Play Train
Straight Rails (Dark Gray)
No. 2734-1Straight Rails (Dark Gray)
Curved Rails (Dark Gray)
No. 2735-1Curved Rails (Dark Gray)
Points (Switching Tracks)
No. 2736-1Points (Switching Tracks)
Diamond Crossing and Tracks (Rails & Crossings)
No. 2737-1Diamond Crossing and Tracks (Rails & Crossings)
Train Bridge
No. 2738-1Train Bridge
Tip Wagon
No. 2739-1Tip Wagon
Level Crossing
No. 2740-1Level Crossing
Electric Train Starter Set
No. 2741-1Electric Train Starter Set
Deluxe LEGO DUPLO Battery Cargo Train
No. 2745-1Deluxe LEGO DUPLO Battery Cargo Train
No. 2750-1Family
Duplo Eggs, Case of 12
No. 2751case-1Duplo Eggs, Case of 12
No. 2752-1Bedroom
No. 2754-1Bathroom
No. 2756-1Kitchen
Living Room
No. 2758-1Living Room
House Supplementary
No. 2760-1House Supplementary
Play House
No. 2770-1Play House
No. 2771-1Family
World People
No. 2772-1World People
No. 2773-1Barbecue
No. 2775-1Bathroom
No. 2776-1Bedroom
Living Room
No. 2777-1Living Room
No. 2778-1Kitchen
Playhouse (unfurnished)
No. 2779-1Playhouse (unfurnished)
Complete Playhouse
No. 2780-1Complete Playhouse
No. 2781-1Bathroom
Ironing Set
No. 2783-1Ironing Set
Mother and Baby
No. 2784-1Mother and Baby
Living Room
No. 2785-1Living Room
Utility Room
No. 2786-1Utility Room
Sleepy Dreams Nursery
No. 2787-1Sleepy Dreams Nursery
No. 2788-1Katie's Kitchen
No. 2789-1Bathroom
Play Room
No. 2790-1Play Room
No. 2791-1Playground
No. 2792-1Grandma's House
My House
No. 2794-1My House
Vacation Cottage Bucket
No. 2795-1Vacation Cottage Bucket
Happy Bucket
No. 2797-1Happy Bucket
XL Fun-Time Bucket
No. 2799-1XL Fun-Time Bucket
Pony Club
No. 2805-1Pony Club
Mini Dinosaur
No. 2806-1Mini Dinosaur
Big Wheels Digger
No. 2807-1Big Wheels Digger
Big Wheels Tipper Truck
No. 2808-1Big Wheels Tipper Truck
Rescue Station
No. 2811-1Rescue Station
Big Wheels Road Worker Set
No. 2814-1Big Wheels Road Worker Set
Me and My Bike
No. 2815-1Me and My Bike
Me and My Birthday
No. 2817-1Me and My Birthday
Me and My House
No. 2818-1Me and My House
The Meadowsweets
No. 2825-1The Meadowsweets
Read, Listen & Play Box
No. 2827-1Read, Listen & Play Box
Trouble Toadstool & Jungle Bluebell
No. 2828-1Trouble Toadstool & Jungle Bluebell
M. Strawberry & D. Meadowsweet
No. 2829-1M. Strawberry & D. Meadowsweet
The Strawberries
No. 2830-1The Strawberries
The Toadstools
No. 2831-1The Toadstools
The Bluebells
No. 2832-1The Bluebells
Bluebell Girl and Friends
No. 2833-1Bluebell Girl and Friends
The Meadowsweets
No. 2834-1The Meadowsweets' Home
Baby Animals
No. 2862-1Baby Animals
Animal Friends
No. 2864-1Animal Friends
Animal Playground
No. 2866-1Animal Playground
TOOLO Accessories
No. 2905-1TOOLO Accessories
Dumper Truck (Payloader)
No. 2910-1Dumper Truck (Payloader)
Mini Digger
No. 2915-1Mini Digger
No. 2917-1Aeroplane
No. 2920-1Digger
No. 2925-1Helicopter
Mobile Crane (Crane Truck)
No. 2930-1Mobile Crane (Crane Truck)
Push Locomotive
No. 2931-1Push Locomotive
Train Starter Set with Motor
No. 2932-1Train Starter Set with Motor
Deluxe Train Set with Motor
No. 2933-1Deluxe Train Set with Motor
Fire Engine
No. 2935-1Fire Engine
No. 2936-1Station
Supplementary Wagon
No. 2937-1Supplementary Wagon
Train Tunnel
No. 2938-1Train Tunnel
Fire Truck
No. 2940-1Fire Truck
No. 2942-1Playhouse
Space Center
No. 2945-1Space Center
Building Site
No. 2950-1Building Site
No. 2951-1Lisa
No. 2952-1Marie
No. 2953-1Anna
Garden Party
No. 2954-1Garden Party
No. 2955-1Sarah's Big Recipe
Tool Box
No. 2960-1Tool Box
No. 2961-1Bedroom
Special Tubes
No. 2967-1Special Tubes
Basic Zoo
No. 2968-1Basic Zoo
Action Police Bike
No. 2971-1Action Police Bike
Bouncing with Tigger
No. 2975-1Bouncing with Tigger
Acorn Adventure with Piglet
No. 2976-1Acorn Adventure with Piglet
Eeyore and the Little Raincloud
No. 2977-1Eeyore and the Little Raincloud
Winnie Pooh Build and Play
No. 2979-1Winnie Pooh Build and Play
No. 2981-1Pooh's Corner
No. 2982-1Pooh's Birthday
Heffalump Hide N' Seek
No. 2983-1Heffalump Hide N' Seek
Pooh and Piglet go Honey-Hunting
No. 2984-1Pooh and Piglet go Honey-Hunting
No. 2985-1Tigger's Slippery Slide
The Hundred Acre Wood
No. 2987-1The Hundred Acre Wood
Surprise for Eeyore
No. 2988-1Surprise for Eeyore
The Big Honeypot
No. 2989-1The Big Honeypot
No. 2990-1Tigger's Treehouse
Pooh and the Honeybees
No. 2991-1Pooh and the Honeybees
Surprise Birthday Party for Eeyore
No. 2993-1Surprise Birthday Party for Eeyore
Building Table
No. 3024-1Building Table
Large Bucket
No. 3036-1Large Bucket
Strata Tub
No. 3037-1Strata Tub
XL Idea Bucket
No. 3049-1XL Idea Bucket
Flying Action
No. 3083-1Flying Action
Racing Action
No. 3085-1Racing Action
The Circus Princess
No. 3087-1The Circus Princess
Growing Garden
No. 3088-1Growing Garden
Adventure Trip
No. 3089-1Adventure Trip
Forest Picnic
No. 3090-1Forest Picnic
Big Gas Truck
No. 3091-1Big Gas Truck
Friendly Farm
No. 3092-1Friendly Farm
Fun Playground
No. 3093-1Fun Playground
Wildlife Park
No. 3095-1Wildlife Park
Storage Chest
No. 3099-1Storage Chest
No. 3263-1Goozle
No. 3264-1Tez
No. 3265-1Wazo
No. 3266-1Tubes
Brick Runner
No. 3267-1Brick Runner
No. 3271-1Bob's Workshop
Scoop on the Road
No. 3272-1Scoop on the Road
Bob, Lofty and the Mice
No. 3273-1Bob, Lofty and the Mice
Bob and Muck Repair the Barn
No. 3274-1Bob and Muck Repair the Barn
No. 3275-1Bob's Big Building Box
Muck and Scoop
No. 3276-1Muck and Scoop
Duplo Bucket, Medium
No. 4824-1Duplo Bucket, Medium
Duplo Bucket
No. 4839-1Duplo Bucket
Small Idea Bucket
No. 5322-1Small Idea Bucket
Large Bucket
No. 7975-1Large Bucket
Small Bucket
No. 2997-1Small Bucket
Duplo Bucket
No. 5342-1Duplo Bucket
PreSchool Scooter
No. 2612-1PreSchool Scooter
No. 089-1Mary's House
No. 087-1Taxi
No. 061-2Puppy
Barnyard Express
No. 2706-1Barnyard Express
DUPLO Express
No. 2701-1DUPLO Express
Clown Car polybag
No. 1559-1Clown Car polybag
Farm Bucket
No. 2378-1Farm Bucket
No. 2641-1Barnyard
Big Chief
No. 2432-1Big Chief's Teepee (Tipi)
Western Town
No. 2435-1Western Town
Sheriff Jake
No. 2437-1Sheriff Jake
Clown Bucket
No. 1583-1Clown Bucket
Fire Dispatch
No. 1635-1Fire Dispatch
Tote Pack
No. 1659-1Tote Pack
Zoo Babies Bucket
No. 1689-1Zoo Babies Bucket
Bucket with Bonus Animals
No. 1893-1Bucket with Bonus Animals
Farm in a Bucket
No. 2391-1Farm in a Bucket
No. 2443-1Lil' Skipper
No. 2446-1Windmill
No. 2447-1Speedway
Police Squad
No. 2451-1Police Squad
No. 2455-1Corral
Express Train
No. 2459-1Express Train
Dino Babies
No. 1781-1Dino Babies
Brontosaurus Family
No. 2600-1Brontosaurus Family
T-Rex Dinosaurs
No. 2601-1T-Rex Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs Family Home
No. 2602-1Dinosaurs Family Home
Dinosaurs Tub
No. 2603-1Dinosaurs Tub
Dinosaur Park
No. 2605-1Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Babies
No. 2803-1Dinosaur Babies
Dinosaurs Fun Forest
No. 2821-1Dinosaurs Fun Forest
Dinosaur Blocks
No. 2922-1Dinosaur Blocks
Pre-School Set
No. 010-2Pre-School Set
Building Set
No. 020-2Building Set
Building Set
No. 030-2Building Set
Pre-School Set
No. 074-1Pre-School Set
Pre-School Set
No. 075-1Pre-School Set
Pre-School Set
No. 077-1Pre-School Set
Pre-School Set
No. 078-2Pre-School Set
No. 085-1Racer
No. 088-2Camping
Building Set
No. 510-3Building Set
Building Set
No. 511-1Building Set
Building Set
No. 512-1Building Set
Building Set
No. 513-1Building Set
Pre-School Building Set
No. 514-1Pre-School Building Set
Building Set
No. 515-2Building Set
Bricks and Half Bricks
No. 516-1Bricks and Half Bricks
Bricks, Half Bricks and Arches
No. 517-2Bricks, Half Bricks and Arches
Bricks, Half Bricks and Trolley
No. 518-8Bricks, Half Bricks and Trolley
Bricks, Half Bricks, Arches, Trolley
No. 519-8Bricks, Half Bricks, Arches, Trolley
Bricks, Half Bricks, 2 Trolleys
No. 520-9Bricks, Half Bricks, 2 Trolleys
All Bricks in All Colors
No. 521-8All Bricks in All Colors
Building Set
No. 528-1Building Set
No. 529-1Animals
No. 530-2Puppy
No. 531-1Elephants
No. 536-1Camping
No. 537-2Mary's House
25th Anniversary Silver Tub
No. 3030-125th Anniversary Silver Tub
Stunt Pilot and Plane
No. 2631-1Stunt Pilot and Plane
Living Room
No. 2642-1Living Room
Crane Set
No. 2646-1Crane Set
Mother and Baby with Pram
No. 2614-1Mother and Baby with Pram
Safari Hippo
No. 2588-1Safari Hippo
Fire Truck
No. 2583-1Fire Truck
Animal Bus
No. 2581-1Animal Bus
No. 2401-1Racer
Water Park Tub
No. 1856-1Water Park Tub
Car Building Set
No. 1503-1Car Building Set
Panda and Friends
No. 1482-1Panda and Friends
20th Anniversary Jackpot Bucket
No. 1735-120th Anniversary Jackpot Bucket
Water Park Tub
No. 1193-1Water Park Tub
No. 1540-1Betsy's Bedroom
Large Bulk Bucket
No. 1797-1Large Bulk Bucket
Alligator / Crocodile Bucket
No. 1852-1Alligator / Crocodile Bucket
No. 3762-1Bucket
25th Anniversary Silver Bucket
No. 3029-125th Anniversary Silver Bucket
Big Tubular Playtime
No. 2253-1Big Tubular Playtime
Heavy Loader
No. 2225-1Heavy Loader
Tubular Chest
No. 2224-1Tubular Chest
3 Building Plates
No. 2198-13 Building Plates
Rattle and Activity Gift Set
No. 2074-1Rattle and Activity Gift Set
Toolo Box
No. 1814-1Toolo Box
Choo Choo Train
No. 2452-1Choo Choo Train
No. 1811-1Safari
Basic Set
No. 2262-1Basic Set
Medium Bucket
No. 2264-1Medium Bucket
Large Puppy Clearpack
No. 2265-1Large Puppy Clearpack
XL Bulk Bucket
No. 2266-1XL Bulk Bucket
Boy with Barrow
No. 2271-1Boy with Barrow
No. 2275-1Sarah's Flower Garden
Train with Oval Case
No. 2276-1Train with Oval Case
Boy with Cat
No. 2277-1Boy with Cat
Tubular Motion
No. 2279-1Tubular Motion
Clown Go Round
No. 2284-1Clown Go Round
No. 2299-1Pingo
Small Basic Box
No. 2320-1Small Basic Box
Train Oval Suitcase
No. 2346-1Train Oval Suitcase
No. 2374-1Bucket
Police Car
No. 2402-1Police Car
Fire Chief Building Set
No. 2403-1Fire Chief Building Set
Camping Building Set
No. 2411-1Camping Building Set
Boat Yard Building Set
No. 2412-1Boat Yard Building Set
No. 2444-1Lil' Circus
Happy Hippo Build n
No. 2488-1Happy Hippo Build n' Store
Medium Bucket
No. 2493-1Medium Bucket
No. 2550-1Tom's Adventure
No. 2551-1Grandma's Kitchen
Family Home Bucket
No. 2552-1Family Home Bucket
No. 2553-1Patty's Pony Stable
Racing Team
No. 2599-1Racing Team
Car and Boat Vacation Trailer
No. 2626-1Car and Boat Vacation Trailer
Circus Caravan
No. 2652-1Circus Caravan
Water Park
No. 2685-1Water Park
Pony Stable Oval Suitcase
No. 2761-1Pony Stable Oval Suitcase
Family Fun Playground
No. 2762-1Family Fun Playground
Play House Carry Case
No. 2796-1Play House Carry Case
Brick Mixer
No. 2819-1Brick Mixer
No. 2865-1Children's Zoo
No. 4830-1Bucket
Small Bucket
No. 5327-1Small Bucket
Jumbo Plane
No. 2641-2Jumbo Plane
School Room
No. 2442-1School Room
Duplo Egg, Green Base (Forest Friend)
No. 2751green-1Duplo Egg, Green Base (Forest Friend)
Duplo Egg, Red Base (Dog with Blanket)
No. 2751red-1Duplo Egg, Red Base (Dog with Blanket)
Duplo Egg, Yellow Base (Mom with Baby)
No. 2751yellow-1Duplo Egg, Yellow Base (Mom with Baby)
Duplo Eggs, Set of Four
No. 2751All4-1Duplo Eggs, Set of Four
Duplo Egg, Blue Base (Little Boy with Car)
No. 2751blue-1Duplo Egg, Blue Base (Little Boy with Car)
No. 2684-1Dinghy
Fire Engine
No. 2635-1Fire Engine
Little Plane
No. 2622-1Little Plane
Medium Circus Bucket
No. 2364-1Medium Circus Bucket
35 Year Anniversary Tub
No. 3763-135 Year Anniversary Tub
Friendly Animal Bus
No. 2580-1Friendly Animal Bus
Medium Bucket
No. 1744-1Medium Bucket
Large Circus Bucket
No. 2362-1Large Circus Bucket
Small Animals Bucket
No. 2342-1Small Animals Bucket
Large Bucket
No. 1844-1Large Bucket
Traffic Patrol
No. 4680-1Traffic Patrol
Fire Truck
No. 4681-1Fire Truck
Pony and Cart
No. 4683-1Pony and Cart
Fork Lift
No. 4685-1Fork Lift
Fire Car
No. 4692-1Fire Car
Ferrari F1 Racing Team
No. 4694-1Ferrari F1 Racing Team
Ferrari F1 Race Car
No. 4693-1Ferrari F1 Race Car
Repair Truck (Pick Up Truck)
No. 4684-1Repair Truck (Pick Up Truck)
Little Farm
No. 4686-1Little Farm
Tractor Trailer
No. 4687-1Tractor Trailer
Team Construction
No. 4688-1Team Construction
No. 4689-1Playhouse
Horse Stable
No. 4690-1Horse Stable
Police Station
No. 4691-1Police Station
No. 5359-1Block-O-Dile
No. 5352-1Bucket
No. 5354-1Tube
Special Edition Bucket
No. 5385-1Special Edition Bucket
No. 1800-1Turtle
Super Value Box
No. 4296-1Super Value Box
Birthday Building Set
No. 1764-1Birthday Building Set
Pre-School Building Set (XL)
No. 1977-2Pre-School Building Set (XL)
Chicken Run polybag
No. 1201-2Chicken Run polybag
Duplo Knights
No. 4777-1Duplo Knights' Castle
Dragon Tower
No. 4776-1Dragon Tower
Knight and Squire
No. 4775-1Knight and Squire
Small Bucket
No. 1591-2Small Bucket
Large Bulk Bucket
No. 1757-1Large Bulk Bucket
No. 5504-1Airplane
Medium Bulk Bucket
No. 1755-1Medium Bulk Bucket
No. 3292-1Dizzy's Bridge Set
No. 3293-1Benny's Dig Set
No. 3294-1Muck's Recycling Set
No. 3295-1Roley's Road Set
Travis and the Mobile Caravan
No. 3296-1Travis and the Mobile Caravan
Scoop and Lofty at the Building Yard
No. 3297-1Scoop and Lofty at the Building Yard
Garbage Truck
No. 4659-1Garbage Truck
Construction Worker
No. 4661-1Construction Worker
Fire Station
No. 4664-1Fire Station
No. 5503-1Dog
No. 4820-1Princess' Palace
No. 4821-1Princess' Horse and Carriage
No. 4822-1Princess' Bedroom
Thomas Load and Carry Train Set
No. 5554-1Thomas Load and Carry Train Set
Toby at Wellsworth Station
No. 5555-1Toby at Wellsworth Station
Percy at the Water Tower
No. 5556-1Percy at the Water Tower
James at Knapford Station
No. 5552-1James at Knapford Station
Castle Black Dragon
No. 4784-1Castle Black Dragon
Farm Animals
No. 4658-1Farm Animals
Pre-School Bucket
No. 1622-1Pre-School Bucket
Defense Tower
No. 4779-1Defense Tower
Big Farm
No. 4665-1Big Farm
Post Office
No. 4662-1Post Office
No. 4663-1Zoo
Airport Action
No. 7840-1Airport Action
Helicopter Rescue Unit
No. 7841-1Helicopter Rescue Unit
Jet Fuel Truck
No. 7842-1Jet Fuel Truck
Pre-School Building Set
No. 1685-1Pre-School Building Set
50th Anniversary Tub
No. 5352-250th Anniversary Tub
50th Anniversary Bucket
No. 4085-250th Anniversary Bucket
Thomas Bridge & Tunnel Set
No. 65766-1Thomas Bridge & Tunnel Set
No. 7843-1Plane
My First Train
No. 3770-1My First Train
Train Starter Set
No. 3771-1Train Starter Set
Deluxe Train Set
No. 3772-1Deluxe Train Set
Level Crossing
No. 3773-1Level Crossing
No. 3774-1Bridge
Switching Tracks
No. 3775-1Switching Tracks
No. 3778-1Station
Black Castle
No. 4785-1Black Castle
Circus Bucket
No. 2397-1Circus Bucket
XXL 250 Canister
No. 3599-1XXL 250 Canister
20th Anniversary Jackpot Bucket
No. 1816-120th Anniversary Jackpot Bucket
No. 2311-1Clown
Yellow Tub
No. 5367-1Yellow Tub
Baby Zoo
No. 4962-1Baby Zoo
Friendly Zoo
No. 4968-1Friendly Zoo
Tractor Fun
No. 4969-1Tractor Fun
Fun Zoo
No. 4961-1Fun Zoo
James and Percy Tunnel Set
No. 65773-1James and Percy Tunnel Set
Giant Zoo
No. 4960-1Giant Zoo
Standard Starter Set
No. 7790-1Standard Starter Set
Deluxe Starter Set
No. 7792-1Deluxe Starter Set
Cargo-Loading Cranky
No. 3301-1Cargo-Loading Cranky
Small Bucket
No. 1908-1Small Bucket
Airport Rescue
No. 7844-1Airport Rescue
Harold the Helicopter
No. 3300-1Harold the Helicopter
Police Patrol
No. 4963-1Police Patrol
Highway Help
No. 4964-1Highway Help
Fire Helicopter
No. 4967-1Fire Helicopter
Handy Box
No. 4422-1Handy Box
Building Set with Storage Bunny
No. 1957-1Building Set with Storage Bunny
Dragon Tournament
No. 7846-1Dragon Tournament
Curved Track (Dark Bluish Gray)
No. 2735-2Curved Track (Dark Bluish Gray)
Zoo Vehicles
No. 4971-1Zoo Vehicles
Large Storage Bucket
No. 1501-1Large Storage Bucket
Straight Track (Dark Bluish Gray)
No. 2734-2Straight Track (Dark Bluish Gray)
Large Red Building Plate
No. 2598-1Large Red Building Plate
No. 4966-1Doll's House
No. 5481-1Zoo
Scrambler and Dizzy at Bob
No. 3299-1Scrambler and Dizzy at Bob's Workshop
Lift and Load Sumsy
No. 3298-1Lift and Load Sumsy
Big Pirate Ship
No. 7880-1Big Pirate Ship
Duplo Pirate Ship
No. 7881-1Duplo Pirate Ship
Shark Attack
No. 7882-1Shark Attack
Treasure Hunt
No. 7883-1Treasure Hunt
Police Action
No. 4965-1Police Action
No. 2458-1Farm
Basic Building Bucket
No. 2424-1Basic Building Bucket
Town Building
No. 5480-1Town Building
Big Chief
No. 2838-1Big Chief's Family
Basic Set + Duffle Bag
No. 1502-2Basic Set + Duffle Bag
Special Trial Pack
No. 1900-2Special Trial Pack
Tub with Baby Orca and Minifigures
No. 5352-3Tub with Baby Orca and Minifigures
No. 1657-1Bird
No. 5353-1Bucket
Limited Edition Green Container
No. 5492-1Limited Edition Green Container
McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
No. 1919-1McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
Horse Stables
No. 4974-1Horse Stables
No. 4975-1Farm
No. 4972-1Animals
Cement Mixer
No. 4976-1Cement Mixer
No. 4973-1Harvester
Fire Truck
No. 4977-1Fire Truck
No. 4979-1Ambulance
Green Tub
No. 3336-1Green Tub
Deluxe Brick Box
No. 5417-1Deluxe Brick Box
Racing Bucket
No. 2369-1Racing Bucket
Skater Boy polybag
No. 7349-1Skater Boy polybag
Medium Bucket
No. 2124-1Medium Bucket
Pre-School Bucket
No. 1674-1Pre-School Bucket
Windmill Building Set
No. 2404-1Windmill Building Set
Airport Building Set
No. 2414-1Airport Building Set
Duplo Princess and Horse
No. 4825-1Duplo Princess and Horse
Duplo Princess and Pony Picnic
No. 4826-1Duplo Princess and Pony Picnic
Princess Royal Stables
No. 4828-1Princess Royal Stables
Medium Idea Bucket
No. 3048-1Medium Idea Bucket
Medium Idea Bucket
No. 3048-2Medium Idea Bucket
Fun Building with LEGO Duplo
No. 5514-1Fun Building with LEGO Duplo
No. 2383-1Bucket
No. 2295-1Clown
Pleasant Zoo
No. 7338-1Pleasant Zoo
Friendly Animal Bus
No. 7339-1Friendly Animal Bus
Foundation Set - Green Bucket
No. 7337-1Foundation Set - Green Bucket
50 Jahre Anniversary DUPLO Bucket
No. 3191-150 Jahre Anniversary DUPLO Bucket
No. 2621-2Tractor
Big Western Set
No. 2438-1Big Western Set
Bucket with Bonus Pack (bucket only, without bonus box)
No. 5371-1Bucket with Bonus Pack (bucket only, without bonus box)
No. 533-2Racer
Sailor and Parrot
No. 1483-1Sailor and Parrot
Combi Pack
No. 1505-1Combi Pack
House Building Set
No. 1504-2House Building Set
Rabbit and Bear Friend
No. 1594-1Rabbit and Bear Friend
Zoo Train Special Offer
No. 1673-1Zoo Train Special Offer
Small Bucket
No. 1805-1Small Bucket
Box of Bricks
No. 1861-1Box of Bricks
Building Plate 24 x 24
No. 2302-1Building Plate 24 x 24
Zoo Tub
No. 2356-1Zoo Tub
Cargo Center
No. 2720-1Cargo Center
Box of Bricks
No. 2863-1Box of Bricks
Ghost Boy
No. 2893-1Ghost Boy
Rooster on Wheels
No. 2895-1Rooster on Wheels
Duplo Bucket
No. 4085-3Duplo Bucket
30 Pieces Free!
No. 4783-130 Pieces Free!
Small Bucket
No. 5339-1Small Bucket
Large Brick Box - Blue Plate Version
No. 5380-1Large Brick Box - Blue Plate Version
Brick Box
No. 5416-1Brick Box
Duplo Bucket
No. 7969-1Duplo Bucket
Limited Edition Green Container + Bonus Pack
No. 66151-1Limited Edition Green Container + Bonus Pack
Farm Bucket
No. 2426-1Farm Bucket
No. 2450-1Airport
Harbor Town
No. 2454-1Harbor Town
Medium Dino Bucket
No. 2851-1Medium Dino Bucket
Large Dino Bucket
No. 2852-1Large Dino Bucket
Tubular Chest
No. 5513-1Tubular Chest
Supplementary Bricks
No. 2306-2Supplementary Bricks
Duplo Canister
No. 5516-1Duplo Canister
Large Giraffe Bucket
No. 2324-1Large Giraffe Bucket
XL Elephant Bucket
No. 2326-1XL Elephant Bucket
Duplo Bucket
No. 1751-1Duplo Bucket
Animal Bucket
No. 2389-1Animal Bucket
Large Bucket
No. 2278-1Large Bucket
Small Bucket
No. 4080-2Small Bucket
Large Bucket
No. 2125-1Large Bucket
Small Bucket
No. 1765-1Small Bucket
Small Bucket
No. 2300-1Small Bucket
Brick Box
No. 4908-1Brick Box
Medium Bucket
No. 2272-1Medium Bucket
Girl with Cat
No. 1595-1Girl with Cat
Creative Building
No. 5518-1Creative Building
XXL 250 Canister
No. 5490-1XXL 250 Canister
Medium Bucket
No. 4836-1Medium Bucket
Small Bucket
No. 1623-1Small Bucket
Elephant Bucket
No. 2359-1Elephant Bucket
McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
No. 1918-1McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
No. 5527-1Canister
No. 1653-1Container
Build a Farm
No. 5419-1Build a Farm
Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt
No. 3353-1Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt
Salty the Dockyard Diesel
No. 3352-1Salty the Dockyard Diesel
No. 3354-1Gordon's Express
Muck & Roley in the Sunflower Factory
No. 3289-1Muck & Roley in the Sunflower Factory
No. 3288-1Packer
No. 4986-1Digger
Gravel Pit
No. 4987-1Gravel Pit
Construction Site
No. 4988-1Construction Site
Road Sweeper
No. 4978-1Road Sweeper
Police Boat
No. 4861-1Police Boat
Island of Sodor Collection
No. K3300-1Island of Sodor Collection
Complete Thomas Collection
No. K3354-1Complete Thomas Collection
Fire Vehicle
No. 2704-1Fire Vehicle
Train Bucket
No. 2382-1Train Bucket
Duplo Puzzle - It
No. 4514950-1Duplo Puzzle - It's Zoo Time
Building Bucket
No. 2398-1Building Bucket
No. 5536-1Tub
Creative Building
No. 66189-1Creative Building
Medium Bucket
No. 4827-1Medium Bucket
Farm Yard
No. 2445-1Farm Yard
XL Bucket
No. 7951-1XL Bucket
Large Clown Bucket
No. 1734-1Large Clown Bucket
Fun with Wheels
No. 5583-1Fun with Wheels
Dino Birthday
No. 5596-1Dino Birthday
Dino Trap
No. 5597-1Dino Trap
Dino Valley
No. 5598-1Dino Valley
Fire Station
No. 5601-1Fire Station
Police Station
No. 5602-1Police Station
Fire Car
No. 5603-1Fire Car
No. 5604-1Supermarket
Tanker Truck
No. 5605-1Tanker Truck
Basic Bricks - Deluxe
No. 6176-1Basic Bricks - Deluxe
Farm Bucket
No. 2384-1Farm Bucket
Medium Bucket
No. 1922-1Medium Bucket
Basic Bricks - Medium
No. 5575-1Basic Bricks - Medium
Basic Bricks - Large
No. 5577-1Basic Bricks - Large
Clown Parade
No. 2430-1Clown Parade
Railway Station
No. 2395-1Railway Station
Train Starter Set
No. 5608-1Train Starter Set
Deluxe Train Set
No. 5609-1Deluxe Train Set
No. 5593-1Circus
No. 4862-1Ambush
Sentry & Catapult
No. 4863-1Sentry & Catapult
No. 4864-1Castle
My Town
No. 6178-1My Town
Build & Play Value Pack
No. 66236-1Build & Play Value Pack
Storage Bucket
No. 1618-1Storage Bucket
Duplo Farm Value Pack
No. 66231-1Duplo Farm Value Pack
Duplo Farm Value Pack
No. 66217-1Duplo Farm Value Pack
Percy at the Sheds
No. 5543-1Percy at the Sheds
Thomas Starter Set
No. 5544-1Thomas Starter Set
My First Train
No. 5606-1My First Train
Build & Play
No. 5572-1Build & Play
Repair Train
No. 5607-1Repair Train
Animals Bulk Box
No. 1784-1Animals Bulk Box
Rabbit Rattle
No. 1883-1Rabbit Rattle
Zoo Animals polybag
No. 5485-1Zoo Animals polybag
PreSchool Basic Building Set
No. 2322-1PreSchool Basic Building Set
Duplo Value Pack
No. 66262-1Duplo Value Pack
No. 2189-1Pony
No. 3594-1Bob's Workshop
Polar Zoo
No. 5633-1Polar Zoo
Feeding Zoo
No. 5634-1Feeding Zoo
No. 5636-1Bus
Garbage Truck
No. 5637-1Garbage Truck
No. 5638-1Postman
DUPLO Basic Bricks with Fun Figures
No. 5586-1DUPLO Basic Bricks with Fun Figures
Scoop at Bobland Bay
No. 3595-1Scoop at Bobland Bay
Muck Can Do It
No. 3596-1Muck Can Do It
Lofty and Dizzy Hard at Work
No. 3597-1Lofty and Dizzy Hard at Work
James Celebrates Sodor Day
No. 5547-1James Celebrates Sodor Day
Thomas at Morgan
No. 5546-1Thomas at Morgan's Mine
Stanley at Great Waterton
No. 5545-1Stanley at Great Waterton
Family House
No. 5639-1Family House
Big City Zoo
No. 5635-1Big City Zoo
Busy Garage
No. 5641-1Busy Garage
Petrol Station
No. 5640-1Petrol Station
No. 5595-1Airport
Cargo Plane
No. 5594-1Cargo Plane
My First Plane
No. 5592-1My First Plane
Build and Play Value Pack
No. 66283-1Build and Play Value Pack
Farm Building Set
No. 5488-1Farm Building Set
Fun With Duplo Bricks
No. 5486-1Fun With Duplo Bricks
Duplo Creative Bucket (TRU Exclusive)
No. 4540313-1Duplo Creative Bucket (TRU Exclusive)
Animal Care
No. 5632-1Animal Care
Creative Bucket
No. 5538-1Creative Bucket
Duplo Bucket
No. 2373-1Duplo Bucket
Duplo Giant Box
No. 5588-1Duplo Giant Box
Large Brick Box - Green Plate Version
No. 5380-2Large Brick Box - Green Plate Version
Mini-Building Set
No. 1600-1Mini-Building Set
Fun Zoo
No. 7618-1Fun Zoo
Duplo Duck
No. 2315-1Duplo Duck
Big Farm
No. 5649-1Big Farm
Farm Nursery
No. 5646-1Farm Nursery
Play with Numbers
No. 5497-1Play with Numbers
Little Piggy
No. 5643-1Little Piggy
Chicken Coop
No. 5644-1Chicken Coop
Horse Stables
No. 5648-1Horse Stables
Farm Bike
No. 5645-1Farm Bike
Big Tractor
No. 5647-1Big Tractor
Elephant Bucket
No. 7614-1Elephant Bucket
No. 1981-1Rattle
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (5634, 5633, 5606)
No. 66320-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (5634, 5633, 5606)
Large Brick Box
No. 5506-1Large Brick Box
Deluxe Brick Box
No. 5507-1Deluxe Brick Box
Front Loader
No. 5650-1Front Loader
Dump Truck
No. 5651-1Dump Truck
Duplo Super Pack 4 in 1 (4962, 4972, 5632, 5635)
No. 66321-1Duplo Super Pack 4 in 1 (4962, 4972, 5632, 5635)
No. 5657-1Jessie's Roundup
Pizza Planet Truck
No. 5658-1Pizza Planet Truck
The Great Train Chase
No. 5659-1The Great Train Chase
Space Crane
No. 5691-1Space Crane
Lightning McQueen
No. 5813-1Lightning McQueen
No. 5814-1Mater's Yard
No. 5815-1Flo's Cafe
No. 5816-1Mack's Road Trip
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (4976, 4986, 4987)
No. 66332-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (4976, 4986, 4987)
Fishing Trip
No. 5654-1Fishing Trip
Duplo Farm Set polybag
No. 30060-1Duplo Farm Set polybag
Oval Rattle
No. 1681-1Oval Rattle
Oval Bricks
No. 1500-1Oval Bricks
Duplo Basic Bricks - Large
No. 5622-1Duplo Basic Bricks - Large
Duplo Basic Bricks
No. 5509-1Duplo Basic Bricks
Duplo Building Fun
No. 5548-1Duplo Building Fun
Pet Shop
No. 5656-1Pet Shop
Stone Quarry
No. 5653-1Stone Quarry
Road Construction
No. 5652-1Road Construction
No. 5655-1Caravan
No. 5511-1XXL Box
Duplo Farm Super Pack 3 in 1 (5649, 5644, 5646)
No. 66367-1Duplo Farm Super Pack 3 in 1 (5649, 5644, 5646)
No. 1664-1Bird
No. 1672-1Circus
{Duplo Set}
No. 1945-1{Duplo Set}
Agent Mater
No. 5817-1Agent Mater
No. 5818-1Luigi's Italian Place
Tokyo Racing
No. 5819-1Tokyo Racing
Big Bentley
No. 5828-1Big Bentley
The Pit Stop
No. 5829-1The Pit Stop
Duplo Super Pack 4 in 1 (5643, 5644, 5645, 5646)
No. 66344-1Duplo Super Pack 4 in 1 (5643, 5644, 5645, 5646)
Winnie the Pooh
No. 5945-1Winnie the Pooh's Picnic
No. 5946-1Tigger's Expedition
Winnie the Pooh
No. 5947-1Winnie the Pooh's House
Market Place
No. 5683-1Market Place
Play with Letters
No. 6051-1Play with Letters
No. 5931-1My First LEGO DUPLO Set
Police Station
No. 5681-1Police Station
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (5608, 3774, 2734)
No. 66361-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (5608, 3774, 2734)
No. 5678-1Policeman
Police Bike
No. 5679-1Police Bike
My First Zoo
No. 6136-1My First Zoo
Car Wash
No. 5696-1Car Wash
No. 5695-1Doctor's Clinic
No. 5793-1Nurse's Car
Emergency Helicopter
No. 5794-1Emergency Helicopter
Big City Hospital
No. 5795-1Big City Hospital
World Grand Prix
No. 5839-1World Grand Prix
Duplo Creative Building Kit
No. 5748-1Duplo Creative Building Kit
No. 5685-1Vet
Car Transporter
No. 5684-1Car Transporter
Fire Truck
No. 5682-1Fire Truck
Police Truck
No. 5680-1Police Truck
My First LEGO DUPLO Vehicle Set
No. 6052-1My First LEGO DUPLO Vehicle Set
My First LEGO DUPLO Supermarket
No. 6137-1My First LEGO DUPLO Supermarket
My First Lego Duplo Fire Station
No. 6138-1My First Lego Duplo Fire Station
Brick Box
No. 5416-2Brick Box
Obsequio de Crecer (Clown Small Gift Set)
No. 1907-1Obsequio de Crecer (Clown Small Gift Set)
Sheep polybag
No. sheep-1Sheep polybag
Duplo Co-Pack Bricks & More
No. 66379-1Duplo Co-Pack Bricks & More
DUPLO Pink Brick Box
No. 4623-1DUPLO Pink Brick Box
Squirrel polybag
No. squirrel-1Squirrel polybag
Duplo Value Pack
No. 66310-1Duplo Value Pack
DUPLO Build and Play
No. 6130-1DUPLO Build and Play
My First Farm
No. 6141-1My First Farm
Fire Chief
No. 6169-1Fire Chief
Creative Cakes
No. 6785-1Creative Cakes
My First Build
No. 4631-1My First Build
Zoo Truck
No. 6172-1Zoo Truck
No. 6173-1Panda
Animal Clinic
No. 6158-1Animal Clinic
Big Zoo
No. 6157-1Big Zoo
Photo Safari
No. 6156-1Photo Safari
Creative Sorter
No. 6784-1Creative Sorter
Building Plates
No. 4632-1Building Plates
Zoo polybag
No. 30064-1Zoo polybag
DUPLO Fun with Bricks
No. 4627-1DUPLO Fun with Bricks
DUPLO Brick Box
No. 4624-1DUPLO Brick Box
Fire Station
No. 6168-1Fire Station
Snow White
No. 6152-1Snow White's Cottage
No. 6154-1Cinderella's Castle
No. 6153-1Cinderella's Carriage
Sleeping Beauty
No. 6151-1Sleeping Beauty's Chamber
Duplo Cars Super Pack 3 in 1 (5816, 5817, 5818)
No. 66392-1Duplo Cars Super Pack 3 in 1 (5816, 5817, 5818)
Read & Build Let
No. 6760-1Read & Build Let's Go Vroom
Read & Build Busy Farm
No. 6759-1Read & Build Busy Farm
My First Gas Station
No. 6171-1My First Gas Station
Vet polybag
No. 30063-1Vet polybag
Read & Build Grow Caterpillar Grow
No. 6758-1Read & Build Grow Caterpillar Grow
No. 6132-1Red
Race Day
No. 6133-1Race Day
Siddeley Saves the Day
No. 6134-1Siddeley Saves the Day
Race Team
No. 6143-1Race Team
Zoo Train
No. 6144-1Zoo Train
Tow Truck
No. 6146-1Tow Truck
Build and Play Box
No. 4629-1Build and Play Box
Mickey and Friends
No. 10531-1Mickey and Friends
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (2734, 3774, 5608)
No. 66429-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (2734, 3774, 5608)
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (4962, 6172, 6173)
No. 66430-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (4962, 6172, 6173)
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (5679, 5680, 5681)
No. 66393-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (5679, 5680, 5681)
No. 2291-1{Animals}
No. 10515-1Ariel's Undersea Castle
No. 10516-1Ariel's Magical Boat Ride
Zoo Friends
No. 10501-1Zoo Friends
Duplo Circus polybag
No. 30066-1Duplo Circus polybag
Toddler Build and Pull Along
No. 10554-1Toddler Build and Pull Along
Toddler Build and Play Cubes
No. 10553-1Toddler Build and Play Cubes
My First Circus
No. 10504-1My First Circus
Horse Stable
No. 10500-1Horse Stable
Zoo Bus
No. 10502-1Zoo Bus
Circus Show
No. 10503-1Circus Show
Circus Transport
No. 10550-1Circus Transport
My First Construction Site
No. 10518-1My First Construction Site
Creative Cars
No. 10552-1Creative Cars
Garbage Truck
No. 10519-1Garbage Truck
My First Garden
No. 10517-1My First Garden
Big Front Loader
No. 10520-1Big Front Loader
Creative Bucket
No. 10555-1Creative Bucket
Number Train
No. 10558-1Number Train
Toddler Starter Building Set
No. 10561-1Toddler Starter Building Set
Play House
No. 10505-1Play House
Train Accessory Set
No. 10506-1Train Accessory Set
My First Train Set
No. 10507-1My First Train Set
Deluxe Train Set
No. 10508-1Deluxe Train Set
No. 10512-1Jake's Treasure Hunt
Never Land Hideout
No. 10513-1Never Land Hideout
No. 10514-1Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky
Creative Chest
No. 10556-1Creative Chest
Giant Tower
No. 10557-1Giant Tower
A Fairy Tale
No. 10559-1A Fairy Tale
Peekaboo Jungle
No. 10560-1Peekaboo Jungle
Dusty and Chug
No. 10509-1Dusty and Chug
Ripslinger's Air Race
No. 10510-1Ripslinger's Air Race
Skipper's Flight School
No. 10511-1Skipper's Flight School
Racer (Pampers Promotional Set)
No. 533-3Racer (Pampers Promotional Set)
{20 Duplo Bricks plus Plush Storage Bunny}
No. 1930-1{20 Duplo Bricks plus Plush Storage Bunny}
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (4988, 4976, 4987)
No. 66264-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (4988, 4976, 4987)
Duplo Farm Super Pack 3 in 1 (5645, 5647, 5649)
No. 66454-1Duplo Farm Super Pack 3 in 1 (5645, 5647, 5649)
Creative Picnic
No. 10566-1Creative Picnic
Creative Animals
No. 10573-1Creative Animals
Big Farm
No. 10525-1Big Farm
Duplo Farm Animals
No. 10522-1Duplo Farm Animals
My First Police Set
No. 10532-1My First Police Set
Toddler Build and Boat Fun
No. 10567-1Toddler Build and Boat Fun
No. 10570-1All-in-One-Gift-Set
No. 10527-1Ambulance
No. 10529-1Truck
Baby Calf
No. 10521-1Baby Calf
Creative Building Cube
No. 10575-1Creative Building Cube
Creative Ice Cream
No. 10574-1Creative Ice Cream
No. 10572-1All-in-One-Box-of-Fun
No. 10571-1All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun
My First Shop
No. 10546-1My First Shop
Farm Tractor
No. 10524-1Farm Tractor
Zoo Care
No. 10576-1Zoo Care
Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale
No. 10542-1Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale
Food polybag
No. 30068-1Food polybag
Duplo Bucket
No. 4833-1Duplo Bucket
Dog and Kennel polybag
No. 5002121-1Dog and Kennel polybag
Duplo Farm polybag
No. 30067-1Duplo Farm polybag
Treasure Attack
No. 10569-1Treasure Attack
School Bus
No. 10528-1School Bus
Deluxe Box of fun
No. 10580-1Deluxe Box of fun
Big Royal Castle
No. 10577-1Big Royal Castle
Knight Tournament
No. 10568-1Knight Tournament
Superman Rescue
No. 10543-1Superman Rescue
The Joker Challenge
No. 10544-1The Joker Challenge
Batcave Adventure
No. 10545-1Batcave Adventure
Peter Pan's Visit
No. 10526-1Peter Pan's Visit
Fire and Rescue Team
No. 10538-1Fire and Rescue Team
Beach Racing
No. 10539-1Beach Racing
Read and Build Clubhouse Café (Cafe)
No. 10579-1Read and Build Clubhouse Café (Cafe)
Rally Car
No. 10589-1Rally Car
Creative Building Box
No. 10618-1Creative Building Box
My First Tractor
No. 10615-1My First Tractor
Disney Princess Collection
No. 10596-1Disney Princess Collection
Ice Cream Truck
No. 10586-1Ice Cream Truck
My First Playhouse
No. 10616-1My First Playhouse
Classic Race
No. 10600-1Classic Race
Sofia the First Royal Castle
No. 10595-1Sofia the First Royal Castle
Sofia the First Royal Stable
No. 10594-1Sofia the First Royal Stable
No. 10590-1Airport
Café (Cafe)
No. 10587-1Café (Cafe)
Mom and Baby
No. 10585-1Mom and Baby
My First Farm
No. 10617-1My First Farm
Creative Suitcase
No. 10565-1Creative Suitcase
My First Zoo (re-release)
No. 6136-2My First Zoo (re-release)
Baby Zoo (re-release)
No. 4962-2Baby Zoo (re-release)
Snail polybag
No. 30218-1Snail polybag
Forest: Ducks
No. 10581-1Forest: Ducks
Forest: Fishing Trip
No. 10583-1Forest: Fishing Trip
Forest: Park
No. 10584-1Forest: Park
Forest: Animals
No. 10582-1Forest: Animals
Forest polybag
No. 30217-1Forest polybag
McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
No. 1917-2McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
Batman Adventure
No. 10599-1Batman Adventure
Camping Adventure
No. 10602-1Camping Adventure
No. 10601-1Truck
My First Bus
No. 10603-1My First Bus
Fire Station
No. 10593-1Fire Station
Treasure Island
No. 10604-1Treasure Island
Rosie The Ambulance
No. 10605-1Rosie The Ambulance
Backyard Clinic
No. 10606-1Backyard Clinic
{Figure Set Female}
No. 7348-1{Figure Set Female}
Fire Boat
No. 10591-1Fire Boat
Fire Truck
No. 10592-1Fire Truck
Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade
No. 10597-1Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (10506, 10508, 10601)
No. 66524-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (10506, 10508, 10601)
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (10521, 10522, 10525)
No. 66525-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (10521, 10522, 10525)
McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
No. 1916-2McDonald's Happy Meal & Duplo Building Sets polybag
Spider-Man Web-Bike Workshop
No. 10607-1Spider-Man Web-Bike Workshop
Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure
No. 10608-1Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure
Doc McStuffins Collection
No. 5004820-1Doc McStuffins Collection
Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (10506, 10507, 10522)
No. 66494-1Duplo Super Pack 3 in 1 (10506, 10507, 10522)
Basic Bricks – Large
No. 10623-1Basic Bricks – Large
Large Creative Box
No. 10622-1Large Creative Box
Baby Animals
No. 10801-1Baby Animals
No. 10802-1Savanna
No. 10803-1Arctic
No. 10804-1Jungle
My First Truck
No. 10818-1My First Truck
Around the World
No. 10805-1Around the World
No. 10806-1Horses
Horse Trailer
No. 10807-1Horse Trailer
Mickey's Workshop
No. 10829-1Mickey's Workshop
Miles' Space Adventures
No. 10824-1Miles' Space Adventures
Miles' Stellosphere Hangar
No. 10826-1Miles' Stellosphere Hangar
Minnie's Café (Cafe)
No. 10830-1Minnie's Café (Cafe)
My First Caterpillar
No. 10831-1My First Caterpillar
My First Garden
No. 10819-1My First Garden
My First Rocket
No. 10815-1My First Rocket
Little Plane
No. 10808-1Little Plane
My First Cars and Trucks
No. 10816-1My First Cars and Trucks
Police Patrol
No. 10809-1Police Patrol
Tow Truck
No. 10814-1Tow Truck
Creative Chest
No. 10817-1Creative Chest
Duplo Value Pack (2345, 2411)
No. VP-20Duplo Value Pack (2345, 2411)
Duck polybag
No. 30321-1Duck polybag
Green Bucket
No. 3126-1Green Bucket
My First Duplo Starter Set polybag
No. 40167-1My First Duplo Starter Set polybag
Wildlife Puzzle polybag
No. 5004401-1Wildlife Puzzle polybag
Push Train
No. 10810-1Push Train
Backhoe Loader
No. 10811-1Backhoe Loader
Truck & Tracked Excavator
No. 10812-1Truck & Tracked Excavator
Big Construction Site
No. 10813-1Big Construction Site
Mickey & Friends Beach House
No. 10827-1Mickey & Friends Beach House
Doc McStuffins' Pet Vet Care (Doc's Pet Vet Care)
No. 10828-1Doc McStuffins' Pet Vet Care (Doc's Pet Vet Care)
Miles' Exo-Flex Suit
No. 10825-1Miles' Exo-Flex Suit
DUPLO Creative Building Basket
No. 10820-1DUPLO Creative Building Basket
Sofia's Magical Carriage
No. 10822-1Sofia's Magical Carriage
Wildlife polybag
No. 30322-1Wildlife polybag
Basic Set
No. 1550-2Basic Set
Medium Bulk Bucket
No. 1753-1Medium Bulk Bucket
Cinderella's Magical Castle
No. 10855-1Cinderella's Magical Castle
Creative Builder Box
No. 10853-1Creative Builder Box
My First Bird
No. 10852-1My First Bird
My First Bus
No. 10851-1My First Bus
My First Cakes
No. 10850-1My First Cakes
My First Plane
No. 10849-1My First Plane
My First Bricks
No. 10848-1My First Bricks
Number Train
No. 10847-1Number Train
My First Carousel
No. 10845-1My First Carousel
Family Pets
No. 10838-1Family Pets
Town Square
No. 10836-1Town Square
Family House
No. 10835-1Family House
No. 10834-1Pizzeria
No. 10833-1Preschool
Birthday Picnic
No. 10832-1Birthday Picnic
Duplo Forest Super Pack 3 in 1 (10581, 10582, 10584)
No. 66538-1Duplo Forest Super Pack 3 in 1 (10581, 10582, 10584)
Batwing Adventure
No. 10823-1Batwing Adventure
Batcave Challenge
No. 10842-1Batcave Challenge
Creative Box
No. 10854-1Creative Box
My First Fish polybag
No. 30323-1My First Fish polybag
My Town polybag
No. 30324-1My Town polybag
Find a Pair Pack (polybag)
No. 40267-1Find a Pair Pack (polybag)
Flo's Café (Cafe)
No. 10846-1Flo's Café (Cafe)
Mater's Shed
No. 10856-1Mater's Shed
Piston Cup Race
No. 10857-1Piston Cup Race
Fun Family Fair
No. 10841-1Fun Family Fair
Shooting Gallery
No. 10839-1Shooting Gallery
Big Fair
No. 10840-1Big Fair
Mickey Racer
No. 10843-1Mickey Racer
Minnie Mouse Bow-tique
No. 10844-1Minnie Mouse Bow-tique
Photo Frame polybag
No. 40269-1Photo Frame polybag
Santa's Winter Holiday
No. 10837-1Santa's Winter Holiday
Duplo Farm polybag
No. 30326-1Duplo Farm polybag
My First Puzzle Pets
No. 10858-1My First Puzzle Pets
My First Ladybug
No. 10859-1My First Ladybug
My First Race Car
No. 10860-1My First Race Car
My First Emotions
No. 10861-1My First Emotions
My First Animal Brick Box
No. 10863-1My First Animal Brick Box
Large Playground Brick Box
No. 10864-1Large Playground Brick Box
Fun Creations
No. 10865-1Fun Creations
Farmers' Market
No. 10867-1Farmers' Market
Farm Pony Stable
No. 10868-1Farm Pony Stable
Farm Adventures
No. 10869-1Farm Adventures
Farm Animals
No. 10870-1Farm Animals
No. 10871-1Airport
Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures
No. 10876-1Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures
Belle’s Tea Party
No. 10877-1Belle’s Tea Party
Rapunzel’s Tower
No. 10878-1Rapunzel’s Tower
My First Celebration
No. 10862-1My First Celebration
My First Dinosaur polybag
No. 30325-1My First Dinosaur polybag
Duplo Car and House Building Sets - Special Offer
No. 1975-1Duplo Car and House Building Sets - Special Offer
Car Building Set
No. 1958-2Car Building Set
House Building Set
No. 1959-2House Building Set
T. rex Tower
No. 10880-1T. rex Tower
Pre-School Set
No. 076-1Pre-School Set
Cargo Train
No. 10875-1Cargo Train
{Train Set with Station}
No. 2653-1{Train Set with Station}
Learning Numbers polybag
No. 40304-1Learning Numbers polybag
Gentle Giants Petting Zoo
No. 10879-1Gentle Giants Petting Zoo
Basic Set (Vehicles) with Plush Storage Bunny (Combo Pack)
No. 2355-2Basic Set (Vehicles) with Plush Storage Bunny (Combo Pack)
Plush Red Bunny / Rabbit Storage Bag
No. 1955-2Plush Red Bunny / Rabbit Storage Bag
Steam Train
No. 10874-1Steam Train
Train Tracks
No. 10882-1Train Tracks
Minnie’s Birthday Party
No. 10873-1Minnie’s Birthday Party
Train Bridge and Tracks
No. 10872-1Train Bridge and Tracks
Duplo Bucket
No. 5348-1Duplo Bucket
Mickey's Boat
No. 10881-1Mickey's Boat
Spotty Dog
No. 2270-1Spotty Dog
Spider-Man vs. Electro
No. 10893-1Spider-Man vs. Electro
Emmet and Lucy's Visitors from the DUPLO Planet
No. 10895-1Emmet and Lucy's Visitors from the DUPLO Planet
My First Car Creations
No. 10886-1My First Car Creations
Police Station
No. 10902-1Police Station
Fire Station
No. 10903-1Fire Station
My First Fun Puzzle
No. 10885-1My First Fun Puzzle
My First Minnie Build
No. 10897-1My First Minnie Build
My First Mickey Build
No. 10898-1My First Mickey Build
My First Tow Truck
No. 10883-1My First Tow Truck
My First Balancing Animals
No. 10884-1My First Balancing Animals
Police Bike
No. 10900-1Police Bike
Fire Truck
No. 10901-1Fire Truck
No. 10908-1Plane
Farm Fun Collection
No. 5005750-1Farm Fun Collection
Creative Fun
No. 10887-1Creative Fun
Town Rescue polybag
No. 30328-1Town Rescue polybag
My First Duck polybag
No. 30327-1My First Duck polybag
Toy Story Train
No. 10894-1Toy Story Train
Submarine Adventure
No. 10910-1Submarine Adventure
World Animals
No. 10907-1World Animals
Tropical Island
No. 10906-1Tropical Island
Baby Animals
No. 10904-1Baby Animals
Mickey's Vacation House
No. 10889-1Mickey's Vacation House
Frozen Ice Castle
No. 10899-1Frozen Ice Castle