Sets in Space theme

Space Mini-Figures
No. 0012-1Space Mini-Figures
Space Mini-Figures
No. 0013-1Space Mini-Figures
Space Mini-Figures
No. 0014-1Space Mini-Figures
Space Mini-Figures
No. 0015-1Space Mini-Figures
Galactic Scout polybag
No. 1462-1Galactic Scout polybag
Mobile Satellite Up-Link
No. 1478-1Mobile Satellite Up-Link
2-Pilot Craft
No. 1479-12-Pilot Craft
No. 1498-1Spy-Bot
Twin Starfire
No. 1499-1Twin Starfire
Space Value Pack
No. 1507-1Space Value Pack
Space Value Pack
No. 1510-1Space Value Pack
No. 1557-1Scooter
Mobile Command Trailer
No. 1558-1Mobile Command Trailer
Lunar Scout
No. 1580-1Lunar Scout
Super Model
No. 1593-1Super Model
Space Combi-Pack
No. 1616-1Space Combi-Pack
Astro Dart
No. 1620-1Astro Dart
Lunar MPV Vehicle
No. 1621-1Lunar MPV Vehicle
Galactic Scout
No. 1694-1Galactic Scout
{Unknown - Ice Planet Satellite Plow ?}
No. 1704-1{Unknown - Ice Planet Satellite Plow ?}
Ice Planet Scooter polybag
No. 1711-1Ice Planet Scooter polybag
Surveillance Scooter polybag
No. 1714-1Surveillance Scooter polybag
Ice Planet Scooter
No. 1731-1Ice Planet Scooter
Scorpion Detector
No. 1737-1Scorpion Detector
Introducing Crater Critters
No. 1785-1Introducing Crater Critters
Crater Cruiser
No. 1787-1Crater Cruiser
Star Hawk II
No. 1789-1Star Hawk II
Space Station Zenon
No. 1793-1Space Station Zenon
Droid Scout
No. 1858-1Droid Scout
Meteor Monitor
No. 1875-1Meteor Monitor
Scout Patrol Ship
No. 1887-1Scout Patrol Ship
Starion Patrol
No. 1916-1Starion Patrol
Surveillance Scooter
No. 1954-1Surveillance Scooter
No. 1968-1{Unknown}
Mini Robot
No. 1969-1Mini Robot
Star Quest
No. 1974-4Star Quest
Space Value Pack
No. 1977-1Space Value Pack
Robo Raider
No. 2151-1Robo Raider
Robo Raptor
No. 2152-1Robo Raptor
Robo Stalker
No. 2153-1Robo Stalker
Robo Master
No. 2154-1Robo Master
Insectoids Combi Set (Woolworth
No. 2490-1Insectoids Combi Set (Woolworth's UK promo)
Alien Space Plane
No. 2543-1Alien Space Plane
No. 2847-1Flyer
Space Spider
No. 2964-1Space Spider
Hornet Scout
No. 2965-1Hornet Scout
Space Hover
No. 3012-1Space Hover
Space Jet
No. 3013-1Space Jet
Ice Planet Scooter
No. 3014-1Ice Planet Scooter
Space Police Car
No. 3015-1Space Police Car
Two Crater Plates
No. 305-1Two Crater Plates
Two Lunar Landing Plates
No. 306-1Two Lunar Landing Plates
Mosquito polybag
No. 3070-1Mosquito polybag
Light Flyer polybag
No. 3071-1Light Flyer polybag
Mega Tack polybag
No. 3072-1Mega Tack polybag
Booster polybag
No. 3073-1Booster polybag
Space Shuttle
No. 442-1Space Shuttle
Mobile Ground Tracking Station
No. 452-1Mobile Ground Tracking Station
Two Crater Plates
No. 453-1Two Crater Plates
Two Lunar Landing Plates
No. 454-1Two Lunar Landing Plates
Mobile Rocket Launcher
No. 462-1Mobile Rocket Launcher
Alpha-1 Rocket Base
No. 483-1Alpha-1 Rocket Base
Space Cruiser
No. 487-1Space Cruiser
Space Command Center (Flatplate version)
No. 493-1Space Command Center (Flatplate version)
Galaxy Explorer
No. 497-1Galaxy Explorer
Minifigure Pack
No. 6701-1Minifigure Pack
Minifigure Pack
No. 6702-1Minifigure Pack
Space Mini-Figures
No. 6703-1Space Mini-Figures
Minifigure Pack
No. 6704-1Minifigure Pack
Space Explorers
No. 6705-1Space Explorers
Space Landing Pads
No. 6710-1Space Landing Pads
Sonic Robot
No. 6750-1Sonic Robot
Lunar Transporter Patroller
No. 6770-1Lunar Transporter Patroller
No. 6780-1XT-Starship
No. 6781-1SP-Striker
Sonar Transmitting Cruiser
No. 6783-1Sonar Transmitting Cruiser
Cyber Blaster
No. 6800-1Cyber Blaster
Moon Buggy
No. 6801-1Moon Buggy
Space Probe
No. 6802-1Space Probe
Space Patrol
No. 6803-1Space Patrol
Surface Rover
No. 6804-1Surface Rover
Astro Dasher
No. 6805-1Astro Dasher
Surface Hopper
No. 6806-1Surface Hopper
Space Sledge with Astronaut and Robot
No. 6807-1Space Sledge with Astronaut and Robot
Galaxy Trekkor
No. 6808-1Galaxy Trekkor
XT-5 and Droid
No. 6809-1XT-5 and Droid
Laser Ranger
No. 6810-1Laser Ranger
Pulsar Charger
No. 6811-1Pulsar Charger
Grid Trekkor
No. 6812-1Grid Trekkor
Galactic Chief
No. 6813-1Galactic Chief
Ice Tunnelator
No. 6814-1Ice Tunnelator
No. 6815-1Hovertron
Cyber Blaster polybag
No. 6816-1Cyber Blaster polybag
Beta Buzzer
No. 6817-1Beta Buzzer
Cyborg Scout
No. 6818-1Cyborg Scout
Starfire I
No. 6820-1Starfire I
Shovel Buggy
No. 6821-1Shovel Buggy
Space Digger
No. 6822-1Space Digger
Surface Transport
No. 6823-1Surface Transport
Space Dart I
No. 6824-1Space Dart I
Cosmic Comet
No. 6825-1Cosmic Comet
Crater Crawler
No. 6826-1Crater Crawler
Strata Scooter
No. 6827-1Strata Scooter
Twin-Winged Spoiler
No. 6828-1Twin-Winged Spoiler
Radon Rover
No. 6829-1Radon Rover
Space Patroller
No. 6830-1Space Patroller
Message Decoder
No. 6831-1Message Decoder
Super Nova II
No. 6832-1Super Nova II
Beacon Tracer
No. 6833-1Beacon Tracer
Celestial Sled
No. 6834-1Celestial Sled
Saucer Scout
No. 6835-1Saucer Scout
V-Wing Fighter
No. 6836-1V-Wing Fighter
Cosmic Creeper
No. 6837-1Cosmic Creeper
Mineral Detector
No. 6841-1Mineral Detector
Shuttle Craft
No. 6842-1Shuttle Craft
Seismologic Vehicle (Sismobile)
No. 6844-1Seismologic Vehicle (Sismobile)
Cosmic Charger
No. 6845-1Cosmic Charger
Tri-Star Voyager
No. 6846-1Tri-Star Voyager
Space Dozer
No. 6847-1Space Dozer
Interplanetary Shuttle
No. 6848-2Interplanetary Shuttle
Strategic Pursuer
No. 6848-1Strategic Pursuer
Satellite Patroller
No. 6849-1Satellite Patroller
Auxiliary Patroller
No. 6850-1Auxiliary Patroller
Tri-Wheeled Tyrax
No. 6851-1Tri-Wheeled Tyrax
Sonar Security
No. 6852-1Sonar Security
Alien Fossilizer
No. 6854-1Alien Fossilizer
Planetary Decoder
No. 6856-1Planetary Decoder
Blacktron Super Vehicle (Super Model instructions)
No. 6861-2Blacktron Super Vehicle (Super Model instructions)
X1 Patrol Craft
No. 6861-1X1 Patrol Craft
Secret Space Voyager (Super Model instructions)
No. 6862-1Secret Space Voyager (Super Model instructions)
Space Probe Launcher
No. 6870-1Space Probe Launcher
Star Patrol Launcher
No. 6871-1Star Patrol Launcher
Xenon X-Craft
No. 6872-1Xenon X-Craft
Moon Rover
No. 6874-1Moon Rover
No. 6875-1Hovercraft
No. 6876-1Alienator
Vector Detector
No. 6877-1Vector Detector
Sub Orbital Guardian
No. 6878-1Sub Orbital Guardian
Blizzard Baron
No. 6879-1Blizzard Baron
Surface Explorer
No. 6880-1Surface Explorer
Lunar Rocket Launcher
No. 6881-1Lunar Rocket Launcher
Walking Astro Grappler
No. 6882-1Walking Astro Grappler
Terrestrial Rover
No. 6883-1Terrestrial Rover
No. 6884-1Aero-Module
Saturn Base Main Team (Crater Crawler)
No. 6885-1Saturn Base Main Team (Crater Crawler)
Galactic Peace Keeper
No. 6886-1Galactic Peace Keeper
Allied Avenger
No. 6887-1Allied Avenger
Recon Robot
No. 6889-1Recon Robot
Cosmic Cruiser
No. 6890-1Cosmic Cruiser
Gamma V Laser Craft
No. 6891-1Gamma V Laser Craft
Modular Space Transport
No. 6892-1Modular Space Transport
Orion II Hyperspace
No. 6893-1Orion II Hyperspace
No. 6894-1Invader
Spy-Trak I
No. 6895-1Spy-Trak I
Celestial Forager
No. 6896-1Celestial Forager
Rebel Hunter
No. 6897-1Rebel Hunter
Ice-Sat V
No. 6898-1Ice-Sat V
Nebula Outpost
No. 6899-1Nebula Outpost
Cyber Saucer
No. 6900-1Cyber Saucer
Space Plane
No. 6901-2Space Plane
Mobile Lab
No. 6901-1Mobile Lab
Space Plane polybag
No. 6902-1Space Plane polybag
Bug Blaster
No. 6903-1Bug Blaster
Bi-Wing Blaster
No. 6905-1Bi-Wing Blaster
Sonic Stinger
No. 6907-1Sonic Stinger
Sonic Stinger with Promotional Mask
No. 6909-1Sonic Stinger with Promotional Mask
Warp Wing Fighter
No. 6915-1Warp Wing Fighter
Planetary Prowler
No. 6919-1Planetary Prowler
Monorail Accessory Track
No. 6921-1Monorail Accessory Track
Particle Ionizer
No. 6923-1Particle Ionizer
Interplanetary Rover
No. 6925-1Interplanetary Rover
Mobile Recovery Vehicle
No. 6926-1Mobile Recovery Vehicle
All Terrain Vehicle
No. 6927-1All Terrain Vehicle
Uranium Search Vehicle
No. 6928-1Uranium Search Vehicle
Starfleet Voyager
No. 6929-1Starfleet Voyager
Space Supply Station
No. 6930-1Space Supply Station
FX-Star Patroller
No. 6931-1FX-Star Patroller
Stardefender 200
No. 6932-1Stardefender 200
Spectral Starguider
No. 6933-1Spectral Starguider
Scorpion Detector
No. 6938-1Scorpion Detector
Saucer Centurion
No. 6939-1Saucer Centurion
Alien Moon Stalker
No. 6940-1Alien Moon Stalker
No. 6941-1Battrax
Zo Weevil
No. 6942-1Zo Weevil
Zo Weevil polybag
No. 6943-1Zo Weevil polybag
No. 6949-1Robo-Guardian
Mobile Rocket Transport
No. 6950-1Mobile Rocket Transport
Robot Command Center
No. 6951-1Robot Command Center
Solar Power Transporter
No. 6952-1Solar Power Transporter
Cosmic Laser Launcher
No. 6953-1Cosmic Laser Launcher
No. 6954-1Renegade
Space Lock-Up Isolation Base
No. 6955-1Space Lock-Up Isolation Base
Stellar Recon Voyager
No. 6956-1Stellar Recon Voyager
Solar Snooper
No. 6957-1Solar Snooper
Android Base
No. 6958-1Android Base
Lunar Launch Site
No. 6959-1Lunar Launch Site
Celestial Stinger
No. 6969-1Celestial Stinger
Beta I Command Base
No. 6970-1Beta I Command Base
Inter-Galactic Command Base
No. 6971-1Inter-Galactic Command Base
Polaris I Space Lab
No. 6972-1Polaris I Space Lab
Deep Freeze Defender
No. 6973-1Deep Freeze Defender
Alien Avenger
No. 6975-1Alien Avenger
Arachnoid Star Base
No. 6977-1Arachnoid Star Base
Interstellar Starfighter
No. 6979-1Interstellar Starfighter
Galaxy Commander
No. 6980-1Galaxy Commander
Aerial Intruder
No. 6981-1Aerial Intruder
Explorien Starship
No. 6982-1Explorien Starship
Ice Station Odyssey
No. 6983-1Ice Station Odyssey
Galactic Mediator
No. 6984-1Galactic Mediator
Cosmic Fleet Voyager
No. 6985-1Cosmic Fleet Voyager
Mission Commander
No. 6986-1Mission Commander
Message Intercept Base
No. 6987-1Message Intercept Base
Alpha Centauri Outpost
No. 6988-1Alpha Centauri Outpost
Mega Core Magnetizer
No. 6989-1Mega Core Magnetizer
Futuron Monorail Transport System
No. 6990-1Futuron Monorail Transport System
Monorail Transport Base
No. 6991-1Monorail Transport Base
Cyber Saucer with Promotional Mask
No. 6999-1Cyber Saucer with Promotional Mask
Space Scooter
No. 885-1Space Scooter
Space Buggy
No. 886-1Space Buggy
Radar Truck
No. 889-1Radar Truck
Two-Man Scooter
No. 891-1Two-Man Scooter
Mobile Ground Tracking Station
No. 894-1Mobile Ground Tracking Station
Mobile Rocket Launcher
No. 897-1Mobile Rocket Launcher
Space Transport
No. 918-1Space Transport
Alpha-1 Rocket Base
No. 920-2Alpha-1 Rocket Base
Space Cruiser
No. 924-1Space Cruiser
Command Centre (Center)
No. 926-1Command Centre (Center)
Galaxy Explorer
No. 928-1Galaxy Explorer
Double Hover
No. 7300-1Double Hover
No. 7301-1Rover
Worker Robot
No. 7302-1Worker Robot
Jet Scooter
No. 7303-1Jet Scooter
Double Hover
No. 7308-1Double Hover
No. 7309-1Rover
Mono Jet
No. 7310-1Mono Jet
Red Planet Cruiser
No. 7311-1Red Planet Cruiser
No. 7312-1T3-Trike
Red Planet Protector
No. 7313-1Red Planet Protector
Recon-Mech RP
No. 7314-1Recon-Mech RP
Solar Explorer
No. 7315-1Solar Explorer
Excavation Searcher
No. 7316-1Excavation Searcher
Aero Tube Hanger
No. 7317-1Aero Tube Hanger
Vega polybag
No. 7320-1Vega polybag
Altair polybag
No. 7322-1Altair polybag
Guard polybag
No. 7323-1Guard polybag
Alien Discovery
No. 78777-1Alien Discovery
Alien Encounter polybag
No. 1195-1Alien Encounter polybag
No. 1413-1Rover
Double Hover (Kabaya Promotional)
No. 1414-1Double Hover (Kabaya Promotional)
Jet Scooter
No. 1415-1Jet Scooter
Worker Robot
No. 1416-1Worker Robot
Space Value Pack
No. 1969-2Space Value Pack
Space Value Pack
No. 1999-1Space Value Pack
No. 6711-1Spacemen
Blacktron Super Vehicle (Value 3-Pack)
No. 4741-1Blacktron Super Vehicle (Value 3-Pack)
Insectoids 4-Pack
No. Kabinsect-1Insectoids 4-Pack
Life on Mars 4-Pack
No. kabmars-1Life on Mars 4-Pack
Space Value Pack
No. 1983-1Space Value Pack
UFO Action Pack
No. 54-1UFO Action Pack
Mizar polybag
No. 7321-1Mizar polybag
Sandy Moondust, Mars Rover Mission Astrobot Female polybag
No. 3928-1Sandy Moondust, Mars Rover Mission Astrobot Female polybag
Biff Starling, Mars Rover Mission Astrobot Male polybag
No. 3929-1Biff Starling, Mars Rover Mission Astrobot Male polybag
Ice Planet Co-Pack of 6814, 6879 and 6898
No. VP-1Ice Planet Co-Pack of 6814, 6879 and 6898
No. 4305-1Xcyber
UFO Value Pack
No. VP-5UFO Value Pack
MT-31 Trike
No. 7694-1MT-31 Trike
ETX Alien Strike
No. 7693-1ETX Alien Strike
MX-71 Recon Dropship
No. 7692-1MX-71 Recon Dropship
MB-01 Eagle Command Base
No. 7690-1MB-01 Eagle Command Base
ETX Alien Mothership Assault
No. 7691-1ETX Alien Mothership Assault
MX-11 Astro Fighter
No. 7695-1MX-11 Astro Fighter
MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush
No. 7697-1MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush
MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit
No. 7699-1MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit
Space Command Center (Craterplate version)
No. 493-3Space Command Center (Craterplate version)
Complete Mars Mission Collection
No. K7699-1Complete Mars Mission Collection
MX-41 Switch Fighter
No. 7647-1MX-41 Switch Fighter
MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit
No. 7648-1MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit
Alien Jet
No. 5617-1Alien Jet
Mini Robot
No. 5616-1Mini Robot
Mars Mission Collection
No. K7690-1Mars Mission Collection
Crystal Hawk
No. 5619-1Crystal Hawk
MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft
No. 7644-1MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft
MT-61 Crystal Reaper
No. 7645-1MT-61 Crystal Reaper
ETX Alien Infiltrator
No. 7646-1ETX Alien Infiltrator
MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker
No. 7649-1MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker
Life on Mars Kit
No. K7317-1Life on Mars Kit
Space Speeder
No. 8400-1Space Speeder
K-9 Bot
No. 8399-1K-9 Bot
No. 5980-1Squidman's Pitstop - Limited Edition
Max Security Transport
No. 5979-1Max Security Transport
Galactic Enforcer
No. 5974-1Galactic Enforcer
Space Truck Getaway
No. 5972-1Space Truck Getaway
Freeze Ray Frenzy
No. 5970-1Freeze Ray Frenzy
Squidman Escape
No. 5969-1Squidman Escape
Gold Heist
No. 5971-1Gold Heist
Hyperspeed Pursuit
No. 5973-1Hyperspeed Pursuit
Space Police Collection
No. 2853300-1Space Police Collection
Space Police Collection
No. K5974-1Space Police Collection
Raid VPR
No. 5981-1Raid VPR
No. 5982-1Smash 'n' Grab
SP Undercover Cruiser
No. 5983-1SP Undercover Cruiser
Lunar Limo
No. 5984-1Lunar Limo
Space Police Central
No. 5985-1Space Police Central
Cyber Saucer TRU 50 Years Forever Fun Bundle
No. 4117463-1Cyber Saucer TRU 50 Years Forever Fun Bundle
Alien Striker
No. 7049-1Alien Striker
Alien Defender
No. 7050-1Alien Defender
Tripod Invader
No. 7051-1Tripod Invader
UFO Abduction
No. 7052-1UFO Abduction
Alien Mothership
No. 7065-1Alien Mothership
Earth Defense HQ
No. 7066-1Earth Defense HQ
Jet-Copter Encounter
No. 7067-1Jet-Copter Encounter
ADU Jet Pack polybag
No. 30141-1ADU Jet Pack polybag
Alien Conquest Battle Pack blister pack
No. 853301-1Alien Conquest Battle Pack blister pack
ADU Walker polybag
No. 30140-1ADU Walker polybag
Space Swarmer
No. 70700-1Space Swarmer
Swarm Interceptor
No. 70701-1Swarm Interceptor
Warp Stinger
No. 70702-1Warp Stinger
Star Slicer
No. 70703-1Star Slicer
Vermin Vaporizer
No. 70704-1Vermin Vaporizer
Bug Obliterator
No. 70705-1Bug Obliterator
Mini Mech polybag
No. 30230-1Mini Mech polybag
Space Insectoid polybag
No. 30231-1Space Insectoid polybag
Crater Creeper
No. 70706-1Crater Creeper
CLS-89 Eradicator Mech
No. 70707-1CLS-89 Eradicator Mech
Hive Crawler
No. 70708-1Hive Crawler
Galactic Titan
No. 70709-1Galactic Titan
Classic Spaceman Minifigure
No. 5002812-1Classic Spaceman Minifigure
Space Value Pack (Woolworth's Exclusive)
No. VP-18Space Value Pack (Woolworth's Exclusive)
Micro-Scale Space Cruiser
No. 11910-1Micro-Scale Space Cruiser
Secret M:Tron Space Voyager
No. 6861-3Secret M:Tron Space Voyager
Space Exploriens 3-Pack (6815, 6899, 6854)
No. vp-25Space Exploriens 3-Pack (6815, 6899, 6854)