Sets in Technic theme

Single Disk Pack polybag
No. 1061-1Single Disk Pack polybag
No. 1257-1Tricycle
No. 1258-1Buggy
No. 1259-1Motorbike
No. 1260-1Car
Bike Blaster
No. 1268-1Bike Blaster
No. 1924-1Motorcycle
No. 1972-1Go-Kart
Blast-Off Dragster
No. 2129-1Blast-Off Dragster
No. 2544-1Motorcycle
Bungee Chopper
No. 2854-1Bungee Chopper
Trike Buggy
No. 3000-1Trike Buggy
Propeller Buggy
No. 3001-1Propeller Buggy
No. 3003-1Motorbike
Piston Car
No. 3005-1Piston Car
Spider Slayer
No. 3038-1Spider Slayer
No. 3054-1Motorcycle
No. 8007-1C-3PO
Slammer Stunt Bike
No. 8240-1Slammer Stunt Bike
Slammer Turbo
No. 8242-1Slammer Turbo
4 X 4 Off-Roader
No. 8466-14 X 4 Off-Roader
Pneumatic Pack
No. 5218-1Pneumatic Pack
Motor Pack
No. 5221-1Motor Pack
Styling Pack
No. 5220-1Styling Pack
Wheel Pack
No. 5219-1Wheel Pack
Pit Droid
No. 8000-1Pit Droid
Battle Droid
No. 8001-1Battle Droid
Destroyer Droid
No. 8002-1Destroyer Droid
Volcano Climber
No. 8003-1Volcano Climber
Dirt Bike
No. 8004-1Dirt Bike
Ice Explorer
No. 8005-1Ice Explorer
Swamp Craft
No. 8006-1Swamp Craft
Building Set
No. 8020-1Building Set
Starter Set
No. 8022-1Starter Set
Universal Set
No. 8024-1Universal Set
Universal Set
No. 8030-1Universal Set
Universal Set
No. 8032-1Universal Set
Universal Set
No. 8034-1Universal Set
Universal Set
No. 8035-1Universal Set
Building Set
No. 8040-1Building Set
Pneumatic Set
No. 8042-1Pneumatic Set
Universal Pneumatic Set
No. 8044-1Universal Pneumatic Set
Building Set with Motor
No. 8050-1Building Set with Motor
Universal Motor Set
No. 8054-1Universal Motor Set
Universal Set
No. 8055-1Universal Set
Universal Set with Storage Case
No. 8062-1Universal Set with Storage Case
Universal Motor Set 9V
No. 8064-1Universal Motor Set 9V
Universal Set with Flex System
No. 8074-1Universal Set with Flex System
Multi Control Set
No. 8082-1Multi Control Set
Universal Set
No. 8090-1Universal Set
Control Center
No. 8094-1Control Center
Bungee Chopper
No. 8202-1Bungee Chopper
Rover Discovery
No. 8203-1Rover Discovery
Sky Flyer 1
No. 8204-1Sky Flyer 1
Bungee Blaster
No. 8205-1Bungee Blaster
Dune Duster
No. 8207-1Dune Duster
Custom Cruiser
No. 8208-1Custom Cruiser
Future F1
No. 8209-1Future F1
Nitro GTX Bike
No. 8210-1Nitro GTX Bike
Spy Runner
No. 8213-1Spy Runner
Gyro Copter
No. 8215-1Gyro Copter
Turbo 1
No. 8216-1Turbo 1
The Wasp
No. 8217-1The Wasp
Trike Tourer
No. 8218-1Trike Tourer
No. 8219-1Racer
No. 8222-1VTOL
Hydrofoil 7
No. 8223-1Hydrofoil 7
Road Rally V
No. 8225-1Road Rally V
Mud Masher
No. 8226-1Mud Masher
Tread Trekker
No. 8229-1Tread Trekker
Coastal Cop Buggy
No. 8230-1Coastal Cop Buggy
Chopper Force
No. 8232-1Chopper Force
Blue Thunder Vs. The Stinger
No. 8233-1Blue Thunder Vs. The Stinger
Front End Loader
No. 8235-1Front End Loader
Bike Burner
No. 8236-1Bike Burner
Formula Force
No. 8237-1Formula Force
Dueling Dragsters
No. 8238-1Dueling Dragsters
Cyber Challenge
No. 8239-1Cyber Challenge
No. 8244-1Convertibles
Robots Revenge
No. 8245-1Robots Revenge
Hydro Racer
No. 8246-1Hydro Racer
Road Rebel
No. 8247-1Road Rebel
No. 8248-1Forklift
Search Sub
No. 8250-1Search Sub
Sonic Cycle
No. 8251-1Sonic Cycle
Beach Buster
No. 8252-1Beach Buster
Fire Helicopter
No. 8253-1Fire Helicopter
Rescue Bike
No. 8255-1Rescue Bike
Cyber Strikers
No. 8257-1Cyber Strikers
Super Challenge
No. 8266-1Super Challenge
Scorpion Attack
No. 8268-1Scorpion Attack
Cyber Stinger
No. 8269-1Cyber Stinger
Giant Model Set
No. 8277-1Giant Model Set
4WD X-Track
No. 8279-14WD X-Track
Fire Engine
No. 8280-1Fire Engine
3-In-1 Car
No. 8286-13-In-1 Car
Search Sub
No. 8299-1Search Sub
Technic Team
No. 8300-1Technic Team
Duel Bikes
No. 8305-1Duel Bikes
Turbo Racer
No. 8307-1Turbo Racer
Desert Ranger
No. 8408-1Desert Ranger
No. 8412-1Nighthawk
Mountain Rambler
No. 8414-1Mountain Rambler
Mag Wheel Master
No. 8417-1Mag Wheel Master
Circuit Shock Racer
No. 8422-1Circuit Shock Racer
Black Hawk
No. 8425-1Black Hawk
Turbo Command
No. 8428-1Turbo Command
Supersonic Car
No. 8432-1Supersonic Car
Future Car
No. 8437-1Future Car
Formula Flash
No. 8440-1Formula Flash
Pneumatic Log Loader
No. 8443-1Pneumatic Log Loader
Jet Wasp
No. 8444-1Jet Wasp
Indy Storm
No. 8445-1Indy Storm
Crane Truck
No. 8446-1Crane Truck
Super Street Sensation
No. 8448-1Super Street Sensation
The Mission
No. 8450-1The Mission
Fiber Optic Multi Set
No. 8456-1Fiber Optic Multi Set
Power Puller
No. 8457-1Power Puller
Silver Champion
No. 8458-1Silver Champion
Pneumatic Front End Loader
No. 8459-1Pneumatic Front End Loader
Pneumatic Crane Truck
No. 8460-1Pneumatic Crane Truck
Super Tow Truck
No. 8462-1Super Tow Truck
Barcode Multi-Set
No. 8479-1Barcode Multi-Set
Space Shuttle
No. 8480-1Space Shuttle
No. 8482-1CyberMaster
Control Center II
No. 8485-1Control Center II
Fork Lift
No. 850-1Fork Lift
Torch / Fire
No. 8500-1Torch / Fire
Ski / Ice
No. 8501-1Ski / Ice
Turbo / City
No. 8502-1Turbo / City
Scuba / Sub
No. 8503-1Scuba / Sub
Jet / Judge
No. 8504-1Jet / Judge
Amazon / Jungle
No. 8505-1Amazon / Jungle
Granite / Rock
No. 8506-1Granite / Rock
Electro / Energy
No. 8507-1Electro / Energy
Supplementary Disks
No. 8508-1Supplementary Disks
No. 8509-1Swamp
No. 851-1Tractor
No. 8510-1Lava
No. 8511-1Frost
No. 8512-1Onyx
No. 8513-1Dust
No. 8514-1Power
RoboRider Wheels
No. 8515-1RoboRider Wheels
The Boss
No. 8516-1The Boss
No. 852-1Helicopter
Millennium / Millennia
No. 8520-1Millennium / Millennia
No. 8521-1Flare
No. 8522-1Spark
No. 8523-1Blaster
Auto Chassis
No. 853-1Auto Chassis
No. 854-1Go-Kart
Mobile Crane
No. 855-1Mobile Crane
No. 856-1Bulldozer
No. 857-1Motorcycle
Auto Engines
No. 858-1Auto Engines
Snow Scooter
No. 8620-1Snow Scooter
Polar Copter
No. 8640-1Polar Copter
Arctic Rescue Unit
No. 8660-1Arctic Rescue Unit
Arctic Rescue Base
No. 8680-1Arctic Rescue Base
Power Pack
No. 870-1Power Pack
Expert Builder Power Pack
No. 8700-1Expert Builder Power Pack
Expert Builder/Gear Parts
No. 871-1Expert Builder/Gear Parts
Expert Builder Parts Pack
No. 8710-1Expert Builder Parts Pack
Technic Figures
No. 8712-1Technic Figures
No. 8714-1The LEGO TECHNIC Team
Two Gear Blocks (Gear Reduction Kit)
No. 872-1Two Gear Blocks (Gear Reduction Kit)
Motor Set 9 V
No. 8720-1Motor Set 9 V
Motor Set 9 V
No. 8735-1Motor Set 9 V
Yellow Beams with Connector Pegs
No. 874-1Yellow Beams with Connector Pegs
Red Beams with Connector Pegs
No. 875-1Red Beams with Connector Pegs
Blue Beams with Connector Pegs
No. 876-1Blue Beams with Connector Pegs
Steering Gear Parts
No. 877-1Steering Gear Parts
Piston Parts (Axles & Pistons)
No. 878-1Piston Parts (Axles & Pistons)
Gear Wheels with Chain Links (Gear Wheels & Chainlinks)
No. 879-1Gear Wheels with Chain Links (Gear Wheels & Chainlinks)
12V Motor
No. 880-112V Motor
Formula One Racer
No. 8808-1Formula One Racer
Cafe Racer
No. 8810-1Cafe Racer
Aero Hawk II
No. 8812-1Aero Hawk II
Speedway Bandit
No. 8815-1Speedway Bandit
Off-Road Rambler
No. 8816-1Off-Road Rambler
Baja Blaster /  Desert Racer
No. 8818-1Baja Blaster / Desert Racer
Mountain Rambler
No. 8820-1Mountain Rambler
No. 8824-1Hovercraft
Night Chopper
No. 8825-1Night Chopper
ATX Sport Cycle
No. 8826-1ATX Sport Cycle
Front End Loader
No. 8828-1Front End Loader
Dune Blaster
No. 8829-1Dune Blaster
Rally 6-Wheeler (Moon Buggy)
No. 8830-1Rally 6-Wheeler (Moon Buggy)
No. 8832-1Roadster
No. 8835-1Forklift
Sky Ranger
No. 8836-1Sky Ranger
Pneumatic Excavator
No. 8837-1Pneumatic Excavator
Shock Cycle
No. 8838-1Shock Cycle
Supply Ship
No. 8839-1Supply Ship
Rally Shock n' Roll Racer
No. 8840-1Rally Shock n' Roll Racer
Dune Buggy / Desert Racer
No. 8841-1Dune Buggy / Desert Racer
No. 8842-1Go-Kart
Fork-Lift Truck
No. 8843-1Fork-Lift Truck
No. 8844-1Helicopter
Dune Buggy
No. 8845-1Dune Buggy
Tow Truck
No. 8846-1Tow Truck
No. 8847-1Dragster
Power Truck
No. 8848-1Power Truck
No. 8849-1Tractor
Rally Support Truck
No. 8850-1Rally Support Truck
No. 8851-1Excavator
No. 8852-1Robot
No. 8853-1Excavator
Power Crane
No. 8854-1Power Crane
Prop Plane
No. 8855-1Prop Plane
Whirlwind Rescue
No. 8856-1Whirlwind Rescue
Street Chopper
No. 8857-1Street Chopper
No. 8857-2Motorcycle
Rebel Wrecker
No. 8858-1Rebel Wrecker
Auto Engines
No. 8858-2Auto Engines
No. 8859-1Tractor
Car Chassis
No. 8860-1Car Chassis
No. 8862-1Backhoe
Test Car
No. 8865-1Test Car
Air Tech Claw Rig
No. 8868-1Air Tech Claw Rig
Forklift Transporter
No. 8872-1Forklift Transporter
Super Car
No. 8880-1Super Car
No. 948-1Go-Kart
Fork Lift
No. 950-1Fork Lift
No. 951-1Bulldozer
No. 952-1Tractor
Sky Copter
No. 954-1Sky Copter
Mobile Crane
No. 955-1Mobile Crane
Auto Chassis
No. 956-1Auto Chassis
Power Pack
No. 960-1Power Pack
Expert Builder/Gear Parts
No. 961-1Expert Builder/Gear Parts
Honda Asimo Robot
No. 1237-1Honda Asimo Robot
No. 8008-1Stormtrooper
Battle Cars
No. 8241-1Battle Cars
Extreme Off-Roader
No. 8465-1Extreme Off-Roader
Windup Motor 2001
No. 5223-1Windup Motor 2001
Chassis Pack
No. 5222-1Chassis Pack
Pneumatic Front End Loader
No. 8464-1Pneumatic Front End Loader
Forklift Truck
No. 8463-1Forklift Truck
No. 8009-1R2-D2
Darth Vader
No. 8010-1Darth Vader
Speed Computer
No. 5206-1Speed Computer
Jango Fett
No. 8011-1Jango Fett
Super Battle Droid
No. 8012-1Super Battle Droid
Lava Buggy
No. 1290-1Lava Buggy
Power Bike
No. 1291-1Power Bike
Frost Flyer
No. 1292-1Frost Flyer
Swamp Craft
No. 1293-1Swamp Craft
Pneumatic Crane Truck
No. 8431-1Pneumatic Crane Truck
Darth Vader / Stormtrooper Kit
No. K8008-1Darth Vader / Stormtrooper Kit
R2-D2 8009 / C-3PO 8007 Droid Collectors Set
No. 65081-1R2-D2 8009 / C-3PO 8007 Droid Collectors Set
No. 8430-1Motorbike
No. 8429-1Helicopter
Hailfire Droid
No. 4481-1Hailfire Droid
Rescue Truck
No. 8454-1Rescue Truck
Back-hoe Loader (Backhoe)
No. 8455-1Back-hoe Loader (Backhoe)
No. 8451-1Dumper
Front-End Loader
No. 8453-1Front-End Loader
Forklift Truck
No. 8441-1Forklift Truck
Kabaya RoboRider 4-Pack
No. kabrobo-1Kabaya RoboRider 4-Pack
Pneumatic Crane Truck
No. 8438-1Pneumatic Crane Truck
No. 3057-1Create 'n' Race - Master Builders (Masterbuilders)
No. 8436-1Truck
No. 8435-14WD
No. 8434-1Aircraft
Cool Movers
No. 8433-1Cool Movers
Front End Loader
No. 8439-1Front End Loader
No. 8419-1Excavator
Mini Loader
No. 8418-1Mini Loader
Dump Truck
No. 8415-1Dump Truck
Dumper and Front End Loader Co-Pack (contains 8451 and 8453)
No. 65340-1Dumper and Front End Loader Co-Pack (contains 8451 and 8453)
Mobile Crane
No. 8421-1Mobile Crane
Front-End Loader, Black Box
No. 8453-2Front-End Loader, Black Box
Street Bike
No. 8420-1Street Bike
No. 8416-1Forklift
Mini Tractor
No. 8281-1Mini Tractor
Quad Bike
No. 8282-1Quad Bike
Dune Buggy / Tractor
No. 8284-1Dune Buggy / Tractor
Motor Box
No. 8287-1Motor Box
Telehandler (Front End Loader)
No. 8283-1Telehandler (Front End Loader)
Tow Truck
No. 8285-1Tow Truck
Crawler Crane
No. 8288-1Crawler Crane
Fire Truck
No. 8289-1Fire Truck
Wheel Loader
No. 8271-1Wheel Loader
No. 8272-1Snowmobile
Rough Terrain Crane
No. 8270-1Rough Terrain Crane
CyberMaster with Storage Case
No. 8483-1CyberMaster with Storage Case
Tractor / Dune Buggy
No. 8284-2Tractor / Dune Buggy
Combine Harvester
No. 8274-1Combine Harvester
Competition Racers with Stopwatch
No. 880001-1Competition Racers with Stopwatch
Exclusive Roboriders Pack
No. 880010-1Exclusive Roboriders Pack
Exclusive Roboriders Pack
No. 880011-1Exclusive Roboriders Pack
Exclusive Roboriders Pack
No. 880012-1Exclusive Roboriders Pack
No. 98959-1Motor
Exclusive RoboRiders Six Set Limited Edition Value Pack
No. 78675-1Exclusive RoboRiders Six Set Limited Edition Value Pack
Motorized Bulldozer
No. 8275-1Motorized Bulldozer
Off Road Truck
No. 8273-1Off Road Truck
Mini Forklift
No. 8290-1Mini Forklift
Dune Buggy
No. 8296-1Dune Buggy
Dirt Bike
No. 8291-1Dirt Bike
Cherry Picker
No. 8292-1Cherry Picker
Telescopic Handler
No. 8295-1Telescopic Handler
Off Roader
No. 8297-1Off Roader
No. 8294-1Excavator
Quad Bike
No. 8262-1Quad Bike
No. 8260-1Tractor
Super Kart
No. 8256-1Super Kart
No. 8264-1Hauler
Rally Truck
No. 8261-1Rally Truck
Mini Bulldozer
No. 8259-1Mini Bulldozer
Front Loader
No. 8265-1Front Loader
Crane Truck
No. 8258-1Crane Truck
Kabaya Technic Vehicle 4-Pack
No. kabtec-1Kabaya Technic Vehicle 4-Pack
Snow Groomer
No. 8263-1Snow Groomer
Technic Super Pack 4 in 1 (8259, 8290, 8293, 8294)
No. 66318-1Technic Super Pack 4 in 1 (8259, 8290, 8293, 8294)
Tractor with Trailer
No. 8063-1Tractor with Trailer
Compact Excavator
No. 8047-1Compact Excavator
No. 8048-1Buggy
Tractor with Log Loader
No. 8049-1Tractor with Log Loader
No. 8046-1Helicopter
Mini Telehandler
No. 8045-1Mini Telehandler
Race Truck
No. 8041-1Race Truck
No. 8051-1Motorbike
Container Truck
No. 8052-1Container Truck
Mobile Crane
No. 8053-1Mobile Crane
Motorized Excavator
No. 8043-1Motorized Excavator
Technic Figure Cyber Person Promotional Polybag - (Toy Fair Nuernberg Promotion 1998)
No. tech007promo-1Technic Figure Cyber Person Promotional Polybag - (Toy Fair Nuernberg Promotion 1998)
Technic Super Pack 4 in 1 (8049, 8259, 8260, 8293)
No. 66359-1Technic Super Pack 4 in 1 (8049, 8259, 8260, 8293)
No. 8070-1Supercar
Backhoe Loader
No. 8069-1Backhoe Loader
Mini Container Truck
No. 8065-1Mini Container Truck
No. 8066-1Off-Roader
Mini Mobile Crane
No. 8067-1Mini Mobile Crane
Rescue Helicopter
No. 8068-1Rescue Helicopter
Bucket Truck
No. 8071-1Bucket Truck
Extreme Cruiser
No. 8081-1Extreme Cruiser
Flatbed Truck
No. 8109-1Flatbed Truck
Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400
No. 8110-1Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400
Mini Tow Truck
No. 9390-1Mini Tow Truck
Crawler Crane (Tracked Crane)
No. 9391-1Crawler Crane (Tracked Crane)
Quad Bike
No. 9392-1Quad Bike
Jet Plane
No. 9394-1Jet Plane
Pick-Up Tow Truck
No. 9395-1Pick-Up Tow Truck
Logging Truck
No. 9397-1Logging Truck
Technic Super Pack 4 in 1 (8047, 8065, 8067, 8069)
No. 66397-1Technic Super Pack 4 in 1 (8047, 8065, 8067, 8069)
No. 9396-1Helicopter
4 x 4 Crawler
No. 9398-14 x 4 Crawler
No. 9393-1Tractor
Technic Super Pack 3 in 1 (8293, 9392, 9395)
No. 66433-1Technic Super Pack 3 in 1 (8293, 9392, 9395)
No. 42002-1Hovercraft
Mini Backhoe
No. 42004-1Mini Backhoe
No. 42006-1Excavator
Moto Cross Bike
No. 42007-1Moto Cross Bike
Off-Road Racer
No. 42010-1Off-Road Racer
Race Car
No. 42011-1Race Car
Grand Prix Racer
No. 42000-1Grand Prix Racer
Mini Off-Roader
No. 42001-1Mini Off-Roader
Monster Truck
No. 42005-1Monster Truck
Service Truck
No. 42008-1Service Truck
Mobile Crane Mk II
No. 42009-1Mobile Crane Mk II
4 x 4 Crawler Exclusive Edition
No. 41999-14 x 4 Crawler Exclusive Edition
No. 42021-1Snowmobile
Twin-rotor Helicopter
No. 42020-1Twin-rotor Helicopter
Hot Rod
No. 42022-1Hot Rod
Construction Crew
No. 42023-1Construction Crew
Container Truck
No. 42024-1Container Truck
Black Champion Racer
No. 42026-1Black Champion Racer
Desert Racer
No. 42027-1Desert Racer
Cargo Plane
No. 42025-1Cargo Plane
Technic Collection (42026, 42027)
No. 5004193-1Technic Collection (42026, 42027)
Volvo L350F Wheel Loader
No. 42030-1Volvo L350F Wheel Loader
No. 42028-1Bulldozer
Customized Pick up Truck
No. 42029-1Customized Pick up Truck
Record Breaker
No. 42033-1Record Breaker
Race Truck
No. 42041-1Race Truck
24 Hours Race Car
No. 42039-124 Hours Race Car
Arctic Truck
No. 42038-1Arctic Truck
Formula Off-Roader
No. 42037-1Formula Off-Roader
Street Motorcycle
No. 42036-1Street Motorcycle
Mining Truck
No. 42035-1Mining Truck
Quad Bike
No. 42034-1Quad Bike
Compact Tracked Loader
No. 42032-1Compact Tracked Loader
Cherry Picker
No. 42031-1Cherry Picker
Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245
No. 42043-1Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245
Crawler Crane
No. 42042-1Crawler Crane
Fire Plane
No. 42040-1Fire Plane
Display Team Jet
No. 42044-1Display Team Jet
Hydroplane Racer
No. 42045-1Hydroplane Racer
Getaway Racer
No. 42046-1Getaway Racer
Police Interceptor
No. 42047-1Police Interceptor
Race Kart
No. 42048-1Race Kart
Drag Racer
No. 42050-1Drag Racer
Heavy Lift Helicopter
No. 42052-1Heavy Lift Helicopter
Mine Loader
No. 42049-1Mine Loader
Porsche 911 GT3 RS
No. 42056-1Porsche 911 GT3 RS
No. 42054-1CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC
Volvo EW160E
No. 42053-1Volvo EW160E
Bucket Wheel Excavator
No. 42055-1Bucket Wheel Excavator
BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
No. 42063-1BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
Ultralight Helicopter
No. 42057-1Ultralight Helicopter
Stunt Bike
No. 42058-1Stunt Bike
Stunt Truck
No. 42059-1Stunt Truck
Roadwork Crew
No. 42060-1Roadwork Crew
Container Yard
No. 42062-1Container Yard
Ocean Explorer
No. 42064-1Ocean Explorer
RC Tracked Racer
No. 42065-1RC Tracked Racer
No. 42061-1Telehandler
Air Race Jet
No. 42066-1Air Race Jet
Technic Value Pack - TVA-PACK NU 98 (1972, 8020)
No. VP-21Technic Value Pack - TVA-PACK NU 98 (1972, 8020)
6x6 All Terrain Tow Truck
No. 42070-16x6 All Terrain Tow Truck
Airport Rescue Vehicle
No. 42068-1Airport Rescue Vehicle
Extreme Adventure
No. 42069-1Extreme Adventure
Technic 40th Anniversary Bundle
No. 5005496-1Technic 40th Anniversary Bundle
Hook Loader
No. 42084-1Hook Loader
Racing Yacht
No. 42074-1Racing Yacht
No. 42073-1BASH!
No. 42072-1WHACK!
Dozer Compactor
No. 42071-1Dozer Compactor
Rally Car
No. 42077-1Rally Car
No. 42076-1Hovercraft
First Responder
No. 42075-1First Responder
Mack Anthem
No. 42078-1Mack Anthem
Bugatti Chiron
No. 42083-1Bugatti Chiron
Rough Terrain Crane
No. 42082-1Rough Terrain Crane
Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX
No. 42081-1Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX
Forest Machine
No. 42080-1Forest Machine
Heavy Duty Forklift
No. 42079-1Heavy Duty Forklift
Power Boat
No. 42089-1Power Boat
Getaway Truck
No. 42090-1Getaway Truck
Police Pursuit
No. 42091-1Police Pursuit
Rescue Helicopter
No. 42092-1Rescue Helicopter
Porsche 911 RSR
No. 42096-1Porsche 911 RSR
Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer
No. 42095-1Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer
Tracked Loader
No. 42094-1Tracked Loader
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
No. 42093-1Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Cherry Picker
No. 42088-1Cherry Picker
Compact Crawler Crane
No. 42097-1Compact Crawler Crane
Car Transporter
No. 42098-1Car Transporter
4x4 X-treme Off-Roader
No. 42099-14x4 X-treme Off-Roader
Liebherr R 9800
No. 42100-1Liebherr R 9800
Land Rover Defender
No. 42110-1Land Rover Defender