Sets in Spider-Man theme

Green Goblin
No. 1374-1Green Goblin
Spider-Man Action Studio
No. 1376-1Spider-Man Action Studio
Spider-Man Action Pack
No. 10075-1Spider-Man Action Pack
The Origins
No. 4851-1The Origins
Spider-Man's first chase
No. 4850-1Spider-Man's first chase
The final showdown
No. 4852-1The final showdown
Spider-Man Movie Kit
No. K4852-1Spider-Man Movie Kit
Spider-Man Adventure Kit
No. K1376-1Spider-Man Adventure Kit
No. 4855-1Spider-Man's Train Rescue
No. 4853-1Spider-Man's Street Chase
Doc Ock
No. 4854-1Doc Ock's Bank Robbery
Doc Ock
No. 4856-1Doc Ock's Hideout
Doc Ock
No. 4857-1Doc Ock's Fusion Lab
Spider-Man Co-Pack 2 (4855, 4856, 4857)
No. 65572-1Spider-Man Co-Pack 2 (4855, 4856, 4857)
Spider-Man Co-Pack 1 (4853, 4857)
No. 65518-1Spider-Man Co-Pack 1 (4853, 4857)