Sets in Belville theme

Swing Set
No. 2555-1Swing Set
Girl with Two Cats
No. 2858-1Girl with Two Cats
Millimy the Fairy
No. 5801-1Millimy the Fairy
Princess Rosaline
No. 5802-1Princess Rosaline
No. 5803-1Iris
No. 5804-1Witch's Cottage
Princess Rosaline
No. 5805-1Princess Rosaline's Room
The Royal Stable
No. 5807-1The Royal Stable
The Enchanted Palace
No. 5808-1The Enchanted Palace
Vanity Fun
No. 5810-1Vanity Fun
Prince Justin
No. 5811-1Prince Justin
No. 5812-1King
Garden Fun
No. 5820-1Garden Fun
No. 5821-1Pamela's Picnic Time
Jennifer and Foal
No. 5822-1Jennifer and Foal
The Good Fairy
No. 5823-1The Good Fairy's Bedroom
The Good Fairy
No. 5824-1The Good Fairy's House
Stella and the Fairy
No. 5825-1Stella and the Fairy
The Queen
No. 5826-1The Queen's Room
Royal Coach
No. 5827-1Royal Coach
Fun-Day Sundaes
No. 5830-1Fun-Day Sundaes
Dance Studio
No. 5835-1Dance Studio
Garden Playmates
No. 5840-1Garden Playmates
Beach Fun
No. 5841-1Beach Fun
Dolphin Windsurfer (Wind Surfer)
No. 5844-1Dolphin Windsurfer (Wind Surfer)
Dolphin Show
No. 5845-1Dolphin Show
Desert Island (My Secret Island)
No. 5846-1Desert Island (My Secret Island)
No. 5847-1Surfers' Paradise
Family Yacht / Luxury Cruiser
No. 5848-1Family Yacht / Luxury Cruiser
Lucinda and Cressida
No. 5853-1Lucinda and Cressida
Pony Trekking
No. 5854-1Pony Trekking
Riding Stables
No. 5855-1Riding Stables
No. 5860-1Love 'N' Lullabies
Pretty Playland
No. 5870-1Pretty Playland
No. 5874-1Nursery
Hospital Ward
No. 5875-1Hospital Ward
Hospital Ward
No. 5876-1Hospital Ward
Prize Pony Stables
No. 5880-1Prize Pony Stables
Pretty Wishes Playhouse
No. 5890-1Pretty Wishes Playhouse
Villa Belville
No. 5895-1Villa Belville
Adventurous Puppies
No. 5831-1Adventurous Puppies
No. 5832-1Vanilla's Magic Tea Party
No. 5833-1Rosita's Wonderful Stable
The Enchanted Garden
No. 5834-1The Enchanted Garden
Beautiful Baby Princess
No. 5836-1Beautiful Baby Princess
No. 5837-1Flora's Bubbling Bath
The Wicked Madam Frost
No. 5838-1The Wicked Madam Frost
No. 5842-1Vanilla's Frosty Sleighride
Queen Rose and the Little Prince Charming
No. 5843-1Queen Rose and the Little Prince Charming
The Royal Crystal Palace
No. 5850-1The Royal Crystal Palace
Paprika and the Mischievous Monkey
No. 5856-1Paprika and the Mischievous Monkey
No. 5857-1Safran's Amazing Bazaar
The Golden Palace, Blue Box
No. 5858-1The Golden Palace, Blue Box
Little Garden Fairy
No. 5859-1Little Garden Fairy
Fairy Island
No. 5861-1Fairy Island
Flower Fairy Party, Blue Box
No. 5862-1Flower Fairy Party, Blue Box
Fairyland Promotional polybag
No. 5873-1Fairyland Promotional polybag
Golden Land Promotional polybag
No. 5872-1Golden Land Promotional polybag
Belville Kit
No. K5850-1Belville Kit
The Golden Palace Collection
No. K5858-1The Golden Palace Collection
Cat Show
No. 5944-1Cat Show
Interior Designer
No. 5943-1Interior Designer
Riding School
No. 5941-1Riding School
Doll House
No. 5940-1Doll House
Pop Studio
No. 5942-1Pop Studio
Wedding Coach
No. 5877-1Wedding Coach
The Mermaid Castle
No. 5960-1The Mermaid Castle
The Princess and the Pea
No. 5963-1The Princess and the Pea
Snow Queen
No. 5961-1Snow Queen
No. 5964-1Thumbelina
The Tinderbox
No. 5962-1The Tinderbox
The Golden Palace, Purple/Silver Box
No. 5858-2The Golden Palace, Purple/Silver Box
Flower Fairy Party, Purple/Silver Box
No. 5862-2Flower Fairy Party, Purple/Silver Box
Winter Wonder Palace
No. 7577-1Winter Wonder Palace
Ultimate Princesses
No. 7578-1Ultimate Princesses
Blossom Fairy
No. 7579-1Blossom Fairy
Bears on the Beach polybag
No. 5977-1Bears on the Beach polybag
The Skating Princess
No. 7580-1The Skating Princess
Winter Royal Stables
No. 7581-1Winter Royal Stables
Riding Stables
No. 5871-1Riding Stables
Royal Summer Palace
No. 7582-1Royal Summer Palace
Playful Puppy
No. 7583-1Playful Puppy
Horse Stable
No. 7585-1Horse Stable
Sunshine Home
No. 7586-1Sunshine Home
Horse Jumping
No. 7587-1Horse Jumping
Flower Fairy Party Collection
No. K5862-1Flower Fairy Party Collection
Enchanted Kingdom Kit
No. K5808-1Enchanted Kingdom Kit
Princess Rosaline and her Friends Kit
No. K5805-1Princess Rosaline and her Friends Kit