Sets in 4 Juniors theme

Police Cruiser
No. 4600-1Police Cruiser
Fire Cruiser
No. 4601-1Fire Cruiser
Res-Q Wrecker
No. 4603-1Res-Q Wrecker
Police Copter
No. 4604-1Police Copter
Fire Response SUV
No. 4605-1Fire Response SUV
Aqua Res-Q Transport
No. 4606-1Aqua Res-Q Transport
Copter Transport
No. 4607-1Copter Transport
Bank Breakout
No. 4608-1Bank Breakout
Fire Attack Team
No. 4609-1Fire Attack Team
Aqua Res-Q Super Station
No. 4610-1Aqua Res-Q Super Station
Police HQ
No. 4611-1Police HQ
Jack Stone Police Rescue Kit
No. K4611-1Jack Stone Police Rescue Kit
Jack Stone Fire Rescue Kit
No. K4609-1Jack Stone Fire Rescue Kit
Red Recon Flyer
No. 4615-1Red Recon Flyer
Rapid Response Tanker
No. 4616-1Rapid Response Tanker
Dual Turbo Prop
No. 4617-1Dual Turbo Prop
Twin Rotor Cargo
No. 4618-1Twin Rotor Cargo
A.I.R. Patrol Jet
No. 4619-1A.I.R. Patrol Jet
A.I.R. Operations HQ
No. 4620-1A.I.R. Operations HQ
ResQ Digger (Res-Q)
No. 4622-1ResQ Digger (Res-Q)
Jack Stone Red Flash Station
No. 4621-1Jack Stone Red Flash Station
T-Junction Road Plates
No. 4108-1T-Junction Road Plates
Curved Road Plates
No. 4109-1Curved Road Plates
Straight Road Plates
No. 4110-1Straight Road Plates
Cross Road Plates
No. 4111-1Cross Road Plates
Turbo Chopper
No. 4613-1Turbo Chopper
Super Glider
No. 4612-1Super Glider
Ultralight Flyer
No. 4614-1Ultralight Flyer
Dump Truck
No. 4653-1Dump Truck
Fire Squad HQ
No. 4657-1Fire Squad HQ
Police Motorcycle
No. 4651-1Police Motorcycle
Quick Fix Station
No. 4655-1Quick Fix Station
Tanker Truck
No. 4654-1Tanker Truck
Tow Truck
No. 4652-1Tow Truck
Speedy Police Car
No. 4666-1Speedy Police Car
No. 4667-1Loadin' Digger
Outrigger Construction Crane
No. 4668-1Outrigger Construction Crane
Turbo-Charged Police Boat
No. 4669-1Turbo-Charged Police Boat
Catapult Raft
No. 7070-1Catapult Raft
Treasure Island
No. 7071-1Treasure Island
Captain Kragg
No. 7072-1Captain Kragg's Pirate Boat
Captain Redbeard
No. 7075-1Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship
Skull Island
No. 7074-1Skull Island
Pirate Dock
No. 7073-1Pirate Dock
Doc Ock
No. 4858-1Doc Ock's Crime Spree
Doc Ock
No. 4860-1Doc Ock's Cafe Attack
Cannonball Jimmy and Shark
No. 7082-1Cannonball Jimmy and Shark
Harry Hardtack and Monkey
No. 7081-1Harry Hardtack and Monkey
Scurvy Dog and Crocodile
No. 7080-1Scurvy Dog and Crocodile
Pirates polybag
No. 7290-1Pirates polybag
Accessory Motor for Boats polybag
No. 7099-1Accessory Motor for Boats polybag
Super Glider (Kabaya Promotional)
No. 1435-1Super Glider (Kabaya Promotional)
Captain Redbeard
No. 7075-2Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship - Limited Edition with Motor
Turbo Chopper (Kabaya Promotional)
No. 1437-1Turbo Chopper (Kabaya Promotional)
Ultralight Flyer (Kabaya Promotional)
No. 1436-1Ultralight Flyer (Kabaya Promotional)
Jack Stone Kit
No. K4612-1Jack Stone Kit