Sets in Indiana Jones theme

Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase
No. 7620-1Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase
Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb
No. 7621-1Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb
Race for the Stolen Treasure
No. 7622-1Race for the Stolen Treasure
Temple Escape
No. 7623-1Temple Escape
Jungle Duel
No. 7624-1Jungle Duel
River Chase
No. 7625-1River Chase
Jungle Cutter
No. 7626-1Jungle Cutter
Temple of the Crystal Skull
No. 7627-1Temple of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones Classic Adventures Collection
No. K7623-1Indiana Jones Classic Adventures Collection
Jungle Cruiser polybag
No. 20004-1Jungle Cruiser polybag
Peril in Peru
No. 7628-1Peril in Peru
Indiana Jones BrickMaster Pack - San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Exclusive
No. comcon002-1Indiana Jones BrickMaster Pack - San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Exclusive
Fight on the Flying Wing
No. 7683-1Fight on the Flying Wing
Shanghai Chase
No. 7682-1Shanghai Chase
Fighter Plane Attack
No. 7198-1Fighter Plane Attack
Venice Canal Chase
No. 7197-1Venice Canal Chase
Chauchilla Cemetery Battle
No. 7196-1Chauchilla Cemetery Battle
The Temple of Doom
No. 7199-1The Temple of Doom
Ambush in Cairo
No. 7195-1Ambush in Cairo