Sets in Town theme

Town Mini-Figures
No. 0011-2Town Mini-Figures
Milk Delivery Truck - Tine
No. 1029-1Milk Delivery Truck - Tine
Canada Post Truck
No. 105-1Canada Post Truck
No. 106-1UNICEF Van
Air Patrol
No. 1068-1Air Patrol
No. 1069-1Speedboat
Canada Post Mail Truck
No. 107-2Canada Post Mail Truck
Stunt Flyer
No. 1070-1Stunt Flyer
Road Burner
No. 1088-1Road Burner
Race Buggy
No. 1096-1Race Buggy
Res-Q Runner
No. 1097-1Res-Q Runner
Hang Glider
No. 1098-1Hang Glider
Space Port Moon Buggy
No. 1180-1Space Port Moon Buggy
Space Port Spacecraft
No. 1181-1Space Port Spacecraft
Fire Formula
No. 1188-1Fire Formula
Rocket Boat
No. 1189-1Rocket Boat
Retro Buggy
No. 1190-1Retro Buggy
Try Bird
No. 1191-1Try Bird
Biker with Bicycle
No. 1196-1Biker with Bicycle
Telekom Race Cyclist and Television Motorbike
No. 1197-1Telekom Race Cyclist and Television Motorbike
Service Team - 2 Bikers with Service Tools
No. 1198-1Service Team - 2 Bikers with Service Tools
Winning Team
No. 1199-1Winning Team
No. 1246-1Helicopter
Patrol Car
No. 1247-1Patrol Car
Fire Boat
No. 1248-1Fire Boat
No. 1249-1Tri-motorbike
No. 1250-1Dragster
No. 1251-1Go-Cart
Shell Tanker
No. 1252-1Shell Tanker
Shell Car Transporter
No. 1253-1Shell Car Transporter
Shell Select Shop
No. 1254-1Shell Select Shop
Shell Car Wash
No. 1255-1Shell Car Wash
Shell Petrol Pump
No. 1256-1Shell Petrol Pump
Moon Buggy
No. 1265-1Moon Buggy
Turbo Racer
No. 1272-1Turbo Racer
Rough Rider
No. 1273-1Rough Rider
Blue Racer
No. 1282-1Blue Racer
Red Scorpion
No. 1283-1Red Scorpion
Green Buggy polybag
No. 1284-1Green Buggy polybag
Turbo Force polybag
No. 1461-1Turbo Force polybag
Shell Race Car polybag
No. 1467-1Shell Race Car polybag
Airport Security Squad
No. 1475-1Airport Security Squad
{Red Race Car Number 3}
No. 1477-1{Red Race Car Number 3}
Weetabix Town House
No. 1484-1Weetabix Town House
Mobile Car Crane
No. 1489-1Mobile Car Crane
Town Bank
No. 1490-1Town Bank
Rally Car
No. 1496-1Rally Car
Rally and Pitcrew Team
No. 1497-1Rally and Pitcrew Team
Race Car
No. 1517-1Race Car
Race Car Repair
No. 1518-1Race Car Repair
Container Lorry
No. 1525-1Container Lorry
No. 1528-1Dragster
Glory Glider polybag
No. 1560-1Glory Glider polybag
Stunt Chopper polybag
No. 1561-1Stunt Chopper polybag
Wave Jumper polybag
No. 1562-1Wave Jumper polybag
Track Blaster polybag
No. 1563-1Track Blaster polybag
Super Tow Truck
No. 1572-1Super Tow Truck
ANWB Breakdown Assistance
No. 1590-2ANWB Breakdown Assistance
Danone Truck
No. 1591-1Danone Truck
Town Square - Castle Scene
No. 1592-1Town Square - Castle Scene
Police Car
No. 1610-1Police Car
Dune Buggy
No. 1611-1Dune Buggy
Victory Racer (Race Car) polybag
No. 1612-1Victory Racer (Race Car) polybag
No. 1620-2Factory
No. 1630-1Helicopter
Black Racer
No. 1631-1Black Racer
Motor Boat
No. 1632-1Motor Boat
Loader Tractor
No. 1633-1Loader Tractor
Maersk Line Container Truck
No. 1651-2Maersk Line Container Truck
Evacuation Team
No. 1656-1Evacuation Team
Dual FX Racers
No. 1665-1Dual FX Racers
Space Shuttle
No. 1682-1Space Shuttle
Midnight Transport
No. 1687-1Midnight Transport
Turbo Force
No. 1693-1Turbo Force
Fire Fighter 4 x 4
No. 1702-1Fire Fighter 4 x 4
Snowmobile polybag
No. 1710-1Snowmobile polybag
Cactus Canyon Value Pack
No. 1720-1Cactus Canyon Value Pack
Sandypoint Marina Value Pack
No. 1721-1Sandypoint Marina Value Pack
Snow Scooter
No. 1730-1Snow Scooter
No. 1740-1Unknown
No. 1741-1Unknown
No. 1742-1Unknown
No. 1760-1Go-Cart
Paradisa Speedboat
No. 1761-1Paradisa Speedboat
Go-Cart polybag
No. 1762-1Go-Cart polybag
Airport Container Truck
No. 1772-1Airport Container Truck
Airline Maintenance Vehicle with Trailer
No. 1773-1Airline Maintenance Vehicle with Trailer
No. 1774-1Aircraft
No. 1775-1Jet
Discovery Station
No. 1782-1Discovery Station
Jailbreak Joe
No. 1786-1Jailbreak Joe
Shark Fisherman
No. 1790-1Shark Fisherman
Windsurfer & Van
No. 1791-1Windsurfer & Van
Pleasure Cruiser
No. 1792-1Pleasure Cruiser
Light Aircraft and Ground Support
No. 1808-1Light Aircraft and Ground Support
Paradisa Lifeguard
No. 1815-1Paradisa Lifeguard
Sea Plane with Hut and Boat
No. 1817-1Sea Plane with Hut and Boat
Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment and Vehicle
No. 1818-1Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment and Vehicle
Rally Racers
No. 1821-1Rally Racers
Maersk Line Container Lorry
No. 1831-1Maersk Line Container Lorry
House with Roof-Windows ( Velux )
No. 1854-1House with Roof-Windows ( Velux )
Soil Scooper
No. 1876-1Soil Scooper
Octan Racer
No. 1890-1Octan Racer
Sky Patrol
No. 1895-1Sky Patrol
Trauma Team
No. 1896-1Trauma Team
Weetabix Dragster polybag
No. 1898-1Weetabix Dragster polybag
Weetabix Racer polybag
No. 1899-1Weetabix Racer polybag
Dairy Tanker
No. 1952-1Dairy Tanker
No. 1958-1Windsurfer
No. 1959-1Ultra-Light
Car Repair Shop
No. 1966-1Car Repair Shop
Emirates Airliner
No. 1973-1Emirates Airliner
Flyercracker USA
No. 1974-2Flyercracker USA
F1 Race Car
No. 1990-1F1 Race Car
Racing Pickup
No. 1991-1Racing Pickup
No. 1992-1Dragsters
Race Value Pack
No. 1993-1Race Value Pack
ANWB Roadside Assistance Crew
No. 2140-1ANWB Roadside Assistance Crew
Dragon Fly
No. 2147-1Dragon Fly
LEGO Truck
No. 2148-1LEGO Truck
Color Line Container Lorry
No. 2149-1Color Line Container Lorry
Police Chase
No. 2234-1Police Chase
Rescue Helicopter and Jeep
No. 2531-1Rescue Helicopter and Jeep
Aircraft and Ground Crew
No. 2532-1Aircraft and Ground Crew
Formula 1 Racing Car
No. 2535-1Formula 1 Racing Car
Divers Jet Ski
No. 2536-1Divers Jet Ski
Extreme Team Raft
No. 2537-1Extreme Team Raft
Formula 1 Pit Stop
No. 2554-1Formula 1 Pit Stop
Aircraft and Boat
No. 2769-1Aircraft and Boat
Airshow (Red Tiger)
No. 2774-1Airshow (Red Tiger)
No. 2849-1Gyrocopter
Paradisa Barbeque
No. 2870-1Paradisa Barbeque
Diver and Shark
No. 2871-1Diver and Shark
Open-Top Jeep
No. 2880-1Open-Top Jeep
Parking Gate Attendant
No. 2881-1Parking Gate Attendant
No. 2882-1Speedboat
No. 2883-1Boat
No. 2884-1Microlight
Ice Cream Seller
No. 2885-1Ice Cream Seller
Formula 1 Racing Car
No. 2886-1Formula 1 Racing Car
Petrol Station Attendant and Pump
No. 2887-1Petrol Station Attendant and Pump
Res-Q Lifeguard (Life Guard Res-Q)
No. 2962-1Res-Q Lifeguard (Life Guard Res-Q)
Extreme Racer
No. 2963-1Extreme Racer
No. 3056-1Go-Kart
Cosmos Glider
No. 3066-1Cosmos Glider
Test Shuttle
No. 3067-1Test Shuttle
Radar Buggy
No. 3068-1Radar Buggy
Cosmic Wing
No. 3069-1Cosmic Wing
City #1 - Mini Heroes Collection
No. 3350-1City #1 - Mini Heroes Collection
City #2 - Mini Heroes Collection
No. 3351-1City #2 - Mini Heroes Collection
No. 3438-1McDonald's Restaurant
Legoland California Truck, Limited Edition
No. 3442-1Legoland California Truck, Limited Edition
Fire Station
No. 374-1Fire Station
Town House with Garden
No. 376-2Town House with Garden
Shell Service Station
No. 377-1Shell Service Station
Bus Station
No. 379-1Bus Station
Police Headquarters
No. 381-2Police Headquarters
Police Units
No. 540-2Police Units
Street Crew
No. 542-1Street Crew
T Road Plates
No. 551-1T Road Plates
Curved Road Plates
No. 552-1Curved Road Plates
Straight Road Plates
No. 553-1Straight Road Plates
Exxon Fuel Pumper
No. 554-1Exxon Fuel Pumper
Emergency Van (Fire)
No. 556-1Emergency Van (Fire)
Road Crane
No. 558-1Road Crane
Town House with Garden
No. 560-1Town House with Garden
Police Headquarters
No. 588-1Police Headquarters
Engine Company No. 9
No. 590-1Engine Company No. 9
Police Patrol
No. 600-2Police Patrol
Town Figures
No. 6002-1Town Figures
Shell Gas Pump
No. 601-1Shell Gas Pump
Fire Chief
No. 602-1Fire Chief's Car
No. 603-1Sidecar
Shell Service Car
No. 604-1Shell Service Car
Street Sweeper
No. 605-1Street Sweeper
No. 606-1Ambulance
Mini Loader
No. 607-1Mini Loader
No. 608-2Taxi
Yellow Tiger
No. 1285-1Yellow Tiger
Holiday Home
No. 1472-1Holiday Home
Fire Helicopter
No. 1294-1Fire Helicopter
Water Rider
No. 1295-1Water Rider
Land Scooper
No. 1296-1Land Scooper
Speed Patroller
No. 1297-1Speed Patroller
T-Junction Road Plates
No. 300-1T-Junction Road Plates
Curved Road Plates
No. 301-1Curved Road Plates
Straight Road Plates (without crosswalk)
No. 302-1Straight Road Plates (without crosswalk)
No. 620-1Fireman's Car
Police Car
No. 621-1Police Car
No. 623-1Medic's Car
No. 625-1Tractor
Town Mini-Figures
No. 6301-1Town Mini-Figures
Mini-Figure Set
No. 6302-1Mini-Figure Set
Cross Roads Plates
No. 6304-1Cross Roads Plates
Trees and Flowers
No. 6305-1Trees and Flowers
Road Signs
No. 6306-1Road Signs
No. 6307-1Firemen
No. 6308-1Policemen
Town Mini-Figures
No. 6309-1Town Mini-Figures
T-Road Plates
No. 6310-1T-Road Plates
Curved Road Plates
No. 6311-1Curved Road Plates
Straight Road Plates
No. 6312-1Straight Road Plates
Cross-Road Plates
No. 6313-1Cross-Road Plates
City People
No. 6314-1City People
Road Signs
No. 6315-1Road Signs
Flags and Fences
No. 6316-1Flags and Fences
Trees and Flowers
No. 6317-1Trees and Flowers
Flowers, Trees and Fences
No. 6318-1Flowers, Trees and Fences
Trees and Fences
No. 6319-1Trees and Fences
T-Road Plates
No. 6320-1T-Road Plates
Curved Road Plates
No. 6321-1Curved Road Plates
Straight Road Plates
No. 6322-1Straight Road Plates
Cross Road Plates
No. 6323-1Cross Road Plates
Chopper Cop
No. 6324-1Chopper Cop
Package Pick-Up (Package Pickup)
No. 6325-1Package Pick-Up (Package Pickup)
Town Folks
No. 6326-1Town Folks
Turbo Champs
No. 6327-1Turbo Champs
Helicopter Transport
No. 6328-1Helicopter Transport
Truck Stop Café (Cafe)
No. 6329-1Truck Stop Café (Cafe)
Cargo Center
No. 6330-1Cargo Center
Patriot Jet
No. 6331-1Patriot Jet
Command Post Central
No. 6332-1Command Post Central
Race and Chase
No. 6333-1Race and Chase
Wave Jump Racers
No. 6334-1Wave Jump Racers
Indy Transport
No. 6335-1Indy Transport
Launch Response Unit
No. 6336-1Launch Response Unit
Fast Track Finish
No. 6337-1Fast Track Finish
Hurricane Harbor
No. 6338-1Hurricane Harbor
Shuttle Launch Pad
No. 6339-1Shuttle Launch Pad
Hook & Ladder
No. 6340-1Hook & Ladder
Gas N
No. 6341-1Gas N' Go Flyer
Beach Rescue Chopper
No. 6342-1Beach Rescue Chopper
Jet Speed Justice
No. 6344-1Jet Speed Justice
Aerial Acrobats
No. 6345-1Aerial Acrobats
Shuttle Launching Crew
No. 6346-1Shuttle Launching Crew
Monorail Accessory Track
No. 6347-1Monorail Accessory Track
Surveillance Squad
No. 6348-1Surveillance Squad
Vacation House
No. 6349-1Vacation House
Pizza To Go
No. 6350-1Pizza To Go
Surf N
No. 6351-1Surf N' Sail Camper
Cargomaster Crane
No. 6352-1Cargomaster Crane
Coastal Cutter
No. 6353-1Coastal Cutter
Pursuit Squad
No. 6354-1Pursuit Squad
Derby Trotter
No. 6355-1Derby Trotter
Med-Star Rescue Plane
No. 6356-1Med-Star Rescue Plane
No. 6357-1Stunt 'Copter N' Truck
Snorkel Squad
No. 6358-1Snorkel Squad
Horse Trailer
No. 6359-1Horse Trailer
Weekend Cottage
No. 6360-1Weekend Cottage
Mobile Crane
No. 6361-1Mobile Crane
Post Office
No. 6362-1Post Office
Auto Service Station
No. 6363-1Auto Service Station
Paramedic Unit
No. 6364-1Paramedic Unit
Summer Cottage
No. 6365-1Summer Cottage
Fire & Rescue Squad
No. 6366-1Fire & Rescue Squad
No. 6367-1Truck
Jet Airliner
No. 6368-1Jet Airliner
No. 6369-1Garage
Weekend Home
No. 6370-1Weekend Home
Service Station
No. 6371-1Service Station
Town House
No. 6372-1Town House
Motorcycle Shop
No. 6373-1Motorcycle Shop
Holiday Home
No. 6374-1Holiday Home
Trans Air Carrier (Transair Carrier)
No. 6375-1Trans Air Carrier (Transair Carrier)
Gas Station
No. 6375-2Gas Station
Breezeway Cafe (Breezeway Café)
No. 6376-1Breezeway Cafe (Breezeway Café)
Delivery Center
No. 6377-1Delivery Center
Service Station
No. 6378-1Service Station
Riding Stable
No. 6379-1Riding Stable
Emergency Treatment Center (St. Mary's Hospital)
No. 6380-1Emergency Treatment Center (St. Mary's Hospital)
Motor Speedway
No. 6381-1Motor Speedway
Fire Station
No. 6382-1Fire Station
Public Works Center
No. 6383-1Public Works Center
Police Station
No. 6384-1Police Station
Fire House-I
No. 6385-1Fire House-I
Police Command Base
No. 6386-1Police Command Base
Coastal Rescue Base
No. 6387-1Coastal Rescue Base
Holiday Home with Caravan
No. 6388-1Holiday Home with Caravan
Fire Control Center
No. 6389-1Fire Control Center
Main Street
No. 6390-1Main Street
Cargo Center
No. 6391-1Cargo Center
No. 6392-1Airport
Big-Rig Truck Stop
No. 6393-1Big-Rig Truck Stop
Metro Park & Service Tower
No. 6394-1Metro Park & Service Tower
Victory Lap Raceway
No. 6395-1Victory Lap Raceway
International Jetport
No. 6396-1International Jetport
Gas N
No. 6397-1Gas N' Wash Express
Central Precinct HQ
No. 6398-1Central Precinct HQ
Airport Shuttle
No. 6399-1Airport Shuttle
No. 6400-1Go-Kart
Seaside Cabana
No. 6401-1Seaside Cabana
Sidewalk Cafe
No. 6402-1Sidewalk Cafe
Paradise Playground
No. 6403-1Paradise Playground
Carriage Ride
No. 6404-1Carriage Ride
Sunset Stables
No. 6405-1Sunset Stables
Go-Kart polybag
No. 6406-1Go-Kart polybag
Fire Chief
No. 6407-1Fire Chief
Island Arcade
No. 6409-1Island Arcade
No. 641-1Excavator
Cabana Beach
No. 6410-1Cabana Beach
Sand Dollar Cafe (Sand Dollar Café)
No. 6411-1Sand Dollar Cafe (Sand Dollar Café)
Dolphin Point
No. 6414-1Dolphin Point
Res-Q Jet-Ski
No. 6415-1Res-Q Jet-Ski
Poolside Paradise
No. 6416-1Poolside Paradise
Show Jumping Event
No. 6417-1Show Jumping Event
Country Club
No. 6418-1Country Club
Rolling Acres Ranch
No. 6419-1Rolling Acres Ranch
Mail Carrier
No. 6420-1Mail Carrier
Telephone Repair
No. 6422-1Telephone Repair
Mini Tow Truck
No. 6423-1Mini Tow Truck
Rig Racers
No. 6424-1Rig Racers
TV Chopper
No. 6425-1TV Chopper
Super Cycle Center
No. 6426-1Super Cycle Center
Road Signs
No. 6427-1Road Signs
Wave Saver polybag
No. 6428-1Wave Saver polybag
Blaze Responder
No. 6429-1Blaze Responder
Flatbed Truck
No. 643-1Flatbed Truck
Night Patroller
No. 6430-1Night Patroller
Road Rescue
No. 6431-1Road Rescue
Speedway Transport
No. 6432-1Speedway Transport
Coast Watch (Coastwatch)
No. 6433-1Coast Watch (Coastwatch)
Roadside Repair
No. 6434-1Roadside Repair
Coast Guard HQ
No. 6435-1Coast Guard HQ
No. 6436-1Go-Kart
Beach Buggy
No. 6437-1Beach Buggy
Mini Dumper
No. 6439-1Mini Dumper
Police Mobile Patrol
No. 644-2Police Mobile Patrol
Jetport Fire Squad
No. 6440-1Jetport Fire Squad
Deep Reef Refuge
No. 6441-1Deep Reef Refuge
Sting Ray Explorer
No. 6442-1Sting Ray Explorer
Outback Airstrip
No. 6444-1Outback Airstrip
Emergency Evac (Emergency Evacuation)
No. 6445-1Emergency Evac (Emergency Evacuation)
Crane Truck
No. 6446-1Crane Truck
No. 6447-1Dumper
Police Helicopter
No. 645-1Police Helicopter
Mobile Police Truck
No. 6450-1Mobile Police Truck
River Response
No. 6451-1River Response
Mini Rocket Launcher
No. 6452-1Mini Rocket Launcher
Com-Link Cruiser (Comlink Cruiser)
No. 6453-1Com-Link Cruiser (Comlink Cruiser)
Countdown Corner
No. 6454-1Countdown Corner
Space Simulation Station
No. 6455-1Space Simulation Station
Mission Control
No. 6456-1Mission Control
Astronaut Figure
No. 6457-1Astronaut Figure
Satellite with Astronaut
No. 6458-1Satellite with Astronaut
Fuel Truck
No. 6459-1Fuel Truck
Auto Service Truck
No. 646-1Auto Service Truck
Surveillance Chopper
No. 6461-1Surveillance Chopper
Aerial Recovery
No. 6462-1Aerial Recovery
Lunar Rover
No. 6463-1Lunar Rover
Super Rescue Complex
No. 6464-1Super Rescue Complex
Space Port Jet
No. 6465-1Space Port Jet
Power Pitstop
No. 6467-1Power Pitstop
Tow-n-Go Value Pack
No. 6468-1Tow-n-Go Value Pack
Spaceport Bonus Pack
No. 6469-1Spaceport Bonus Pack
Mini Dump Truck
No. 6470-1Mini Dump Truck
4WD Police Patrol
No. 6471-14WD Police Patrol
Res-Q Cruiser
No. 6473-1Res-Q Cruiser
Wheeled Front Shovel
No. 6474-1Wheeled Front Shovel
Fire Fighter
No. 6477-1Fire Fighter's Lift Truck
Fire Fighters
No. 6478-1Fire Fighters' HQ
Emergency Response Center
No. 6479-1Emergency Response Center
Hook and Ladder Truck
No. 6480-1Hook and Ladder Truck
Construction Crew
No. 6481-1Construction Crew
Rescue Helicopter
No. 6482-1Rescue Helicopter
Coastal Patrol
No. 6483-1Coastal Patrol
F1 Hauler
No. 6484-1F1 Hauler
Fire Engine
No. 6486-1Fire Engine
Mountain Rescue
No. 6487-1Mountain Rescue
Seaside Holiday Cottage
No. 6489-1Seaside Holiday Cottage
Amazon Crossing
No. 6490-1Amazon Crossing
Go-Kart polybag
No. 6498-1Go-Kart polybag
Sport Convertible
No. 6501-1Sport Convertible
Turbo Racer
No. 6502-1Turbo Racer
Sprint Racer
No. 6503-1Sprint Racer
No. 6504-1Tractor
Fire Chief
No. 6505-1Fire Chief's Car
Precinct Cruiser
No. 6506-1Precinct Cruiser
Mini Dumper
No. 6507-1Mini Dumper
Wave Racer
No. 6508-1Wave Racer
Red Devil Racer
No. 6509-1Red Devil Racer
Mud Runner
No. 6510-1Mud Runner
Rescue Runabout
No. 6511-1Rescue Runabout
Landscape Loader
No. 6512-1Landscape Loader
Glade Runner
No. 6513-1Glade Runner
Trail Ranger
No. 6514-1Trail Ranger
Stunt Copter
No. 6515-1Stunt Copter
Moon Walker
No. 6516-1Moon Walker
Water Jet
No. 6517-1Water Jet
Baja Buggy
No. 6518-1Baja Buggy
Turbo Tiger
No. 6519-1Turbo Tiger
Mobile Outpost
No. 6520-1Mobile Outpost
Emergency Repair Truck
No. 6521-1Emergency Repair Truck
Highway Patrol
No. 6522-1Highway Patrol
Red Cross
No. 6523-1Red Cross
Blizzard Blazer
No. 6524-1Blizzard Blazer
Blaze Commander
No. 6525-1Blaze Commander
Red Line Racer
No. 6526-1Red Line Racer
Tipper Truck
No. 6527-1Tipper Truck
Sand Storm Racer
No. 6528-1Sand Storm Racer
Ultra Light I
No. 6529-1Ultra Light I
Sport Coupe (City Car)
No. 6530-1Sport Coupe (City Car)
Flame Chaser
No. 6531-1Flame Chaser
Diesel Dumper
No. 6532-1Diesel Dumper
Police 4x4
No. 6533-1Police 4x4
Beach Bandit
No. 6534-1Beach Bandit
No. 6535-1Dumper
Aero Hawk
No. 6536-1Aero Hawk
Hydro Racer
No. 6537-1Hydro Racer
Rebel Roadster
No. 6538-1Rebel Roadster
Victory Cup Racers
No. 6539-1Victory Cup Racers
Pier Police
No. 6540-1Pier Police
Intercoastal Seaport
No. 6541-1Intercoastal Seaport
Launch & Load Seaport
No. 6542-1Launch & Load Seaport
Sail N
No. 6543-1Sail N' Fly Marina
Shuttle Transcon 2
No. 6544-1Shuttle Transcon 2
Search N
No. 6545-1Search N' Rescue
Slick Racer
No. 6546-1Slick Racer
Fun Fair
No. 6547-1Fun Fair
Octan Gas Station
No. 6548-1Octan Gas Station
Roadblock Runners
No. 6549-1Roadblock Runners
Outback Racer
No. 6550-1Outback Racer
Checkered Flag 500
No. 6551-1Checkered Flag 500
Rocky River Retreat
No. 6552-1Rocky River Retreat
Crisis News Crew
No. 6553-1Crisis News Crew
Blaze Brigade
No. 6554-1Blaze Brigade
Sea Hunter
No. 6555-1Sea Hunter
Scuba Squad
No. 6556-1Scuba Squad
Treasure Hunters
No. 6557-1Treasure Hunters
Shark Cage Cove
No. 6558-1Shark Cage Cove
Deep Sea Bounty
No. 6559-1Deep Sea Bounty
Diving Expedition Explorer
No. 6560-1Diving Expedition Explorer
Hot Rod Club
No. 6561-1Hot Rod Club
Gas Stop Shop
No. 6562-1Gas Stop Shop
Gator Landing
No. 6563-1Gator Landing
Recycle Truck
No. 6564-1Recycle Truck
Construction Crew
No. 6565-1Construction Crew
No. 6566-1Bank
Speed Splasher
No. 6567-1Speed Splasher
Drag Race Rally
No. 6568-1Drag Race Rally
Polar Scout
No. 6569-1Polar Scout
Flame Fighters
No. 6571-1Flame Fighters
Wind Runners
No. 6572-1Wind Runners
Arctic Expedition
No. 6573-1Arctic Expedition
Polar Base
No. 6575-1Polar Base
Snow Scooter
No. 6577-1Snow Scooter
Polar Explorer
No. 6578-1Polar Explorer
Ice Surfer
No. 6579-1Ice Surfer
Land Jet 7
No. 6580-1Land Jet 7
Dig N' Dump
No. 6581-1Dig N' Dump
Daredevil Flight Squad
No. 6582-1Daredevil Flight Squad
Extreme Team Challenge
No. 6584-1Extreme Team Challenge
No. 6585-1Hang-Glider
Polar Scout
No. 6586-1Polar Scout
Radical Racer
No. 6589-1Radical Racer
Vacation Camper
No. 6590-1Vacation Camper
Nitro-Dragsters (Nitro Dragsters)
No. 6591-1Nitro-Dragsters (Nitro Dragsters)
Vacation Hideaway (Weekend Cottage)
No. 6592-1Vacation Hideaway (Weekend Cottage)
Blaze Battler
No. 6593-1Blaze Battler
Gas Transit
No. 6594-1Gas Transit
Surf Shack
No. 6595-1Surf Shack
Wave Master
No. 6596-1Wave Master
Century Skyway
No. 6597-1Century Skyway
Metro PD Station
No. 6598-1Metro PD Station
Shark Attack
No. 6599-1Shark Attack
Police Patrol
No. 6600-1Police Patrol
Highway Construction
No. 6600-2Highway Construction
Ice Cream Cart
No. 6601-1Ice Cream Cart
Scorpion Buggy
No. 6602-2Scorpion Buggy
Fire Unit 1
No. 6602-1Fire Unit 1
Shovel Truck
No. 6603-1Shovel Truck
Formula-I Racer
No. 6604-1Formula-I Racer
Road Racer
No. 6605-1Road Racer
Road Repair Set
No. 6606-1Road Repair Set
Service Truck
No. 6607-1Service Truck
No. 6608-1Tractor
Race Car
No. 6609-1Race Car
Gas Pumps
No. 6610-1Gas Pumps
Fire Chief
No. 6611-1Fire Chief's Car
Fire Chief
No. 6612-1Fire Chief's Car
Telephone Booth
No. 6613-1Telephone Booth
Launch Evac 1
No. 6614-1Launch Evac 1
Eagle Stunt Flyer
No. 6615-1Eagle Stunt Flyer
Rocket Dragster
No. 6616-1Rocket Dragster
Tough Truck Rally
No. 6617-1Tough Truck Rally
Blue Racer
No. 6618-1Blue Racer
Red Four Wheel Driver
No. 6619-1Red Four Wheel Driver
Fire Truck
No. 6621-1Fire Truck
Mailman on Motorcycle
No. 6622-1Mailman on Motorcycle
Police Car
No. 6623-1Police Car
Delivery Van
No. 6624-1Delivery Van
Speed Trackers
No. 6625-1Speed Trackers
Rescue Helicopter
No. 6626-1Rescue Helicopter
Snow Scooter polybag
No. 6626-2Snow Scooter polybag
No. 6627-1Convertible
Shell Tow Truck
No. 6628-1Shell Tow Truck
No. 6629-1Ambulance
Bucket Loader
No. 6630-1Bucket Loader
Steam Shovel
No. 6631-1Steam Shovel
Tactical Patrol Truck
No. 6632-1Tactical Patrol Truck
Family Car
No. 6633-1Family Car
Stock Car
No. 6634-1Stock Car
Raven Racer
No. 6639-1Raven Racer
4-Wheelin' Truck (Four Wheelin' Truck)
No. 6641-14-Wheelin' Truck (Four Wheelin' Truck)
Police Helicopter
No. 6642-1Police Helicopter
Fire Truck
No. 6643-1Fire Truck
Road Rebel
No. 6644-1Road Rebel
Street Sweeper
No. 6645-1Street Sweeper
Screaming Patriot
No. 6646-1Screaming Patriot
Highway Repair
No. 6647-1Highway Repair
Mag Racer
No. 6648-1Mag Racer
Dump Truck
No. 6648-2Dump Truck
Street Sweeper
No. 6649-1Street Sweeper
Fire and Rescue Van
No. 6650-1Fire and Rescue Van
Post Office Van
No. 6651-1Post Office Van
Construction Truck
No. 6652-1Construction Truck
Highway Emergency Van
No. 6653-1Highway Emergency Van
Motorcycle Transport
No. 6654-1Motorcycle Transport
Auto & Tire Repair
No. 6655-1Auto & Tire Repair
Wrecker Unit I (Breakdown Truck)
No. 6656-1Wrecker Unit I (Breakdown Truck)
Fire Patrol Copter
No. 6657-1Fire Patrol Copter
No. 6658-1Bulldozer
T.V. Camera Crew
No. 6659-1T.V. Camera Crew
Hook & Haul Wrecker (Hook and Haul Wrecker)
No. 6660-1Hook & Haul Wrecker (Hook and Haul Wrecker)
TV Van (Mobile TV Studio)
No. 6661-1TV Van (Mobile TV Studio)
No. 6662-1Backhoe
Wave Rebel
No. 6663-1Wave Rebel
Chopper Cops
No. 6664-1Chopper Cops
River Runners
No. 6665-1River Runners
No. 6666-1Ambulance
Pothole Patcher
No. 6667-1Pothole Patcher
Recycle Truck
No. 6668-1Recycle Truck
Diesel Daredevil
No. 6669-1Diesel Daredevil
Rescue Rig
No. 6670-1Rescue Rig
Utility Repair Lift
No. 6671-1Utility Repair Lift
Safari Off-Road Vehicle (Safari Off Road Vehicle/Safari Truck)
No. 6672-1Safari Off-Road Vehicle (Safari Off Road Vehicle/Safari Truck)
Solo Trainer
No. 6673-1Solo Trainer
Crane Truck
No. 6674-1Crane Truck
Road & Trail 4x4
No. 6675-1Road & Trail 4x4
Mobile Command Unit
No. 6676-1Mobile Command Unit
Motocross Racing
No. 6677-1Motocross Racing
Pneumatic Crane
No. 6678-1Pneumatic Crane
Dark Shark
No. 6679-1Dark Shark
Tow Truck
No. 6679-2Tow Truck
No. 6680-1Ambulance
Police Van
No. 6681-1Police Van
Cement Mixer
No. 6682-1Cement Mixer
Burger Stand
No. 6683-1Burger Stand
Police Patrol Squad
No. 6684-1Police Patrol Squad
Fire Copter 1
No. 6685-1Fire Copter 1
No. 6686-1Backhoe
Turbo Prop I
No. 6687-1Turbo Prop I
No. 6688-1Ambulance
No. 6689-1Post-Station
Snorkel Pumper
No. 6690-1Snorkel Pumper
Red Cross Helicopter
No. 6691-1Red Cross Helicopter
Tractor Trailer
No. 6692-1Tractor Trailer
Refuse Collection Truck
No. 6693-1Refuse Collection Truck
Car with Camper
No. 6694-1Car with Camper
Shell Tanker
No. 6695-1Shell Tanker
Exxon Fuel Tanker
No. 6696-1Exxon Fuel Tanker
Rescue-I Helicopter
No. 6697-1Rescue-I Helicopter
RV with Speedboat
No. 6698-1RV with Speedboat
Cycle Fix-It Shop
No. 6699-1Cycle Fix-It Shop
Mobile Crane
No. 670-1Mobile Crane
Green Buggy
No. 6707-1Green Buggy
Shell Fuel Pumper
No. 671-1Shell Fuel Pumper
Grip-n-Go Challenge
No. 6713-1Grip-n-Go Challenge
Speed Dragster
No. 6714-1Speed Dragster
Fire Engine
No. 672-1Fire Engine
Rally Repair Crew
No. 673-1Rally Repair Crew
Forklift & Truck
No. 674-1Forklift & Truck
Snack Bar
No. 675-1Snack Bar
Spy Runner
No. 3439-1Spy Runner
Infomaniac polybag
No. 2181-1Infomaniac polybag
Biker Bob
No. 2584-1Biker Bob
Town Square
No. 1589-1Town Square
Gas N
No. 6472-1Gas N' Wash Express
Space Probe
No. 1266-1Space Probe
Tipper Truck
No. 622-1Tipper Truck
Coast Guard Station
No. 575-1Coast Guard Station
Sky Pirates
No. 1100-1Sky Pirates
Aircraft and Ground Crew
No. 2718-1Aircraft and Ground Crew
Shell Station polybag
No. 1470-1Shell Station polybag
Maersk Line Container Truck
No. 1552-1Maersk Line Container Truck
Shell Tanker polybag
No. 1468-1Shell Tanker polybag
Town Value Pack
No. 1506-1Town Value Pack
Pizza To Go
No. 10036-1Pizza To Go
Breezeway Cafe
No. 10037-1Breezeway Cafe
Busy City - Master Builders (Masterbuilders)
No. 3058-1Busy City - Master Builders (Masterbuilders)
Mars Mission - Master Builders (Masterbuilders)
No. 3059-1Mars Mission - Master Builders (Masterbuilders)
Red Cross Helicopter
No. 626-2Red Cross Helicopter
No. 361-2Garage
City 4-Pack
No. kabcity-1City 4-Pack
Race 4-Pack
No. kabrace-1Race 4-Pack
Tow Truck and Car
No. 642-1Tow Truck and Car
Action Pack (Target Exclusive)
No. 78579-1Action Pack (Target Exclusive)
Main Street (Reissue)
No. 10041-1Main Street (Reissue)
Police Headquarters
No. 6636-1Police Headquarters
Squad Car
No. 7030-1Squad Car
No. 7031-1Helicopter
Police 4WD and Undercover Van
No. 7032-1Police 4WD and Undercover Van
Armored Car Action
No. 7033-1Armored Car Action
Surveillance Truck
No. 7034-1Surveillance Truck
Police HQ
No. 7035-1Police HQ
Air Police polybag
No. 1149-1Air Police polybag
Town Minifigure Packs 2-Pack
No. tominifigs-1Town Minifigure Packs 2-Pack
Shell Town 1999 Promotional (complete set)
No. shtown99small-1Shell Town 1999 Promotional (complete set)
Tour De France (complete set)
No. tktour-1Tour De France (complete set)
Kabaya Extreme Team 4-Pack
No. kabextreme-1Kabaya Extreme Team 4-Pack
Kabaya Space Port 4-Pack
No. kabspace-1Kabaya Space Port 4-Pack
Fire Truck and Trailer
No. 640-2Fire Truck and Trailer
Extreme Action Pack
No. 78597-1Extreme Action Pack
Coast Watch HQ
No. 7047-1Coast Watch HQ
Hovercraft Hideout
No. 7045-1Hovercraft Hideout
No. 7043-1Firefighter
Fire Command Craft
No. 7046-1Fire Command Craft
Rescue Chopper
No. 7044-1Rescue Chopper
Dune Patrol
No. 7042-1Dune Patrol
World City Police Kit
No. K7035-1World City Police Kit
Town Kit
No. K10041-1Town Kit
Chef, Chupa Chups Promotional polybag
No. 3383-1Chef, Chupa Chups Promotional polybag
No. 7214-1Waterplane
Renault Formula 1 Racer
No. 1750-1Renault Formula 1 Racer
Town Value Pack
No. 1515-1Town Value Pack
Town Value Pack
No. 1509-1Town Value Pack
Town Value Pack
No. 1997-1Town Value Pack
Town Value Pack
No. 1978-2Town Value Pack
No. 1690-1Helicopter
Passenger Plane - SAS Version
No. 4032-2Passenger Plane - SAS Version
Maersk Sealand Container Lorry
No. 1831-2Maersk Sealand Container Lorry
LEGO Truck
No. 10156-1LEGO Truck
Passenger Plane - EL AL Version
No. 4032-3Passenger Plane - EL AL Version
Passenger Plane - Iberia Version
No. 4032-4Passenger Plane - Iberia Version
Passenger Plane - JAL Version
No. 4032-5Passenger Plane - JAL Version
City Airport - City Logo Box
No. 10159-1City Airport - City Logo Box
TCS Breakdown Assistance
No. 1589-2TCS Breakdown Assistance
Passenger Plane - LEGO Air Version
No. 4032-1Passenger Plane - LEGO Air Version
Fire Station
No. 7240-1Fire Station
Fire Truck
No. 7239-1Fire Truck
Fire Helicopter
No. 7238-1Fire Helicopter
Chopper Cop
No. 4304-1Chopper Cop
Passenger Plane - ANA Air Version
No. 4032-7Passenger Plane - ANA Air Version
Prisoner Transport - Black/Green Sticker Version
No. 7245-1Prisoner Transport - Black/Green Sticker Version
Police Car - Black/Green Sticker Version
No. 7236-1Police Car - Black/Green Sticker Version
Mini Digger
No. 7246-1Mini Digger
Fire Car
No. 7241-1Fire Car
Police Station - WITH Light-Up Minifigure
No. 7237-1Police Station - WITH Light-Up Minifigure
Police Motorcycle - Black/Green Sticker Version
No. 7235-1Police Motorcycle - Black/Green Sticker Version
Street Sweeper
No. 7242-1Street Sweeper
Construction Site
No. 7243-1Construction Site
No. 7248-1Digger
XXL Mobile Crane
No. 7249-1XXL Mobile Crane
Passenger Plane - SWISS Version
No. 4032-8Passenger Plane - SWISS Version
Desert Biplane
No. 4778-1Desert Biplane
Coast Guard Station (Canadian Edition)
No. 575-2Coast Guard Station (Canadian Edition)
Passenger Plane - Snowflake Version
No. 4032-9Passenger Plane - Snowflake Version
Dump Truck
No. 7344-1Dump Truck
Straight & Crossroad Plates
No. 7280-1Straight & Crossroad Plates
T-Junction & Curved Road Plates
No. 7281-1T-Junction & Curved Road Plates
Paramedic polybag
No. 7267-1Paramedic polybag
Construction Workers
No. 6628-2Construction Workers
Fireman polybag
No. 7266-1Fireman polybag
Passenger Plane - Austrian Air Version
No. 4032-10Passenger Plane - Austrian Air Version
Passenger Plane - Lauda Air Version
No. 4032-6Passenger Plane - Lauda Air Version
Delivery Truck
No. 1581-2Delivery Truck
Town Value Pack
No. 1967-2Town Value Pack
Town Value Pack
No. 1979-2Town Value Pack
City Airport - Full Size Image Box
No. 10159-2City Airport - Full Size Image Box
City Fire Station Value Pack
No. 65799-1City Fire Station Value Pack
City Construction Set Value Pack
No. 65800-1City Construction Set Value Pack
Police Jet Ski polybag
No. 4912-1Police Jet Ski polybag
Fire Chief's Car polybag
No. 4914-1Fire Chief's Car polybag
No. 7890-1Ambulance
City Construction Value Pack (7246, 7242, 7248)
No. 65743-1City Construction Value Pack (7246, 7242, 7248)
Airport Firetruck
No. 7891-1Airport Firetruck
No. 7892-1Hospital
Passenger Plane
No. 7893-1Passenger Plane
No. 7894-1Airport
Airplane Mechanic
No. 7901-1Airplane Mechanic
No. 7902-1Doctor's Car
Rescue Helicopter
No. 7903-1Rescue Helicopter
Police Boat
No. 7899-1Police Boat
Tower Crane
No. 7905-1Tower Crane
Heavy Loader
No. 7900-1Heavy Loader
Passenger Plane - KLM Version
No. 4032-11Passenger Plane - KLM Version
Airline Promotional Set
No. 2928-1Airline Promotional Set
Passenger Plane - Malaysian Air Version
No. 4032-12Passenger Plane - Malaysian Air Version
City Emergency Services Vehicles (7235, 7236, 7245, 7890, 7902, 7903)
No. 66116-1City Emergency Services Vehicles (7235, 7236, 7245, 7890, 7902, 7903)
Passenger Plane - ANA version
No. 7893-2Passenger Plane - ANA version
Police Station - WITHOUT Light-Up Minifigure
No. 7237-2Police Station - WITHOUT Light-Up Minifigure
City Value Pack - 7241, 7246 - shrinkwrapped, Target Country in Australia
No. 4287744-1City Value Pack - 7241, 7246 - shrinkwrapped, Target Country in Australia
Fire Value Pack (6554, 6407, 6564)
No. VP-7Fire Value Pack (6554, 6407, 6564)
Airport Value Pack (TRU Exclusive)
No. 66156-1Airport Value Pack (TRU Exclusive)
Off Road Fire Rescue
No. 7942-1Off Road Fire Rescue
Fire Hovercraft
No. 7944-1Fire Hovercraft
Fire Station
No. 7945-1Fire Station
Recycle Truck
No. 7991-1Recycle Truck
Cement Mixer
No. 7990-1Cement Mixer
Firefighter Collection
No. K7945-1Firefighter Collection
Firemen Bundle (7238, 7239, 7240, 7241)
No. 66174-1Firemen Bundle (7238, 7239, 7240, 7241)
Fire Boat (Fireboat)
No. 7906-1Fire Boat (Fireboat)
City Harbor
No. 7994-1City Harbor
Heavy Hauler
No. 7998-1Heavy Hauler
City Rescue Pack (7236, 7238, 7890, 7944)
No. 66175-1City Rescue Pack (7236, 7238, 7890, 7944)
City Airport Collection
No. K7894-1City Airport Collection
Air Ambulance Plane
No. 2064-1Air Ambulance Plane
City Rescue Pack (7238, 7890, 7944)
No. 66177-1City Rescue Pack (7238, 7890, 7944)
Town 3-Pack
No. 1976-1Town 3-Pack
Special Offer
No. 00-6Special Offer
Airport - ANA Version
No. 7894-2Airport - ANA Version
Service Station
No. 7993-1Service Station
Container Stacker
No. 7992-1Container Stacker
Passenger Plane - Aeroflot Version
No. 4032-13Passenger Plane - Aeroflot Version
Ultimate Firefighter Collection
No. K7906-1Ultimate Firefighter Collection
Fire Boat polybag
No. 4992-1Fire Boat polybag
Police Helicopter polybag
No. 4991-1Police Helicopter polybag
Fire 4 x 4 polybag
No. 4938-1Fire 4 x 4 polybag
Life Guard - Quick Magic Box Promotional polybag
No. 4937-1Life Guard - Quick Magic Box Promotional polybag
Mail Van
No. 7731-1Mail Van
Air Mail
No. 7732-1Air Mail
Truck & Forklift
No. 7733-1Truck & Forklift
City Super Pack (7246, 7248, 7905, 7990)
No. 66194-1City Super Pack (7246, 7248, 7905, 7990)
City Super Pack (7890, 7892, 7902, 7903)
No. 66193-1City Super Pack (7890, 7892, 7902, 7903)
Doc & Patient polybag
No. 4936-1Doc & Patient polybag
Town Plan
No. 10184-1Town Plan
City Super Pack (7238, 7239, 7241, 7942, 7945)
No. 66195-1City Super Pack (7238, 7239, 7241, 7942, 7945)
City Fire Value Pack (7238, 7239, 7240, 7241)
No. 65777-1City Fire Value Pack (7238, 7239, 7240, 7241)
Police Headquarters
No. 7744-1Police Headquarters
Police Helicopter
No. 7741-1Police Helicopter
Cargo Plane
No. 7734-1Cargo Plane
Coast Guard Helicopter & Life Raft
No. 7738-1Coast Guard Helicopter & Life Raft
Police Command Center
No. 7743-1Police Command Center
Police Officer
No. 5612-1Police Officer
No. 5610-1Builder
Public Works
No. 5611-1Public Works
No. 5613-1Firefighter
Ultimate City Police Collection
No. K7744-1Ultimate City Police Collection
Cargo Transport Collection
No. K7734-1Cargo Transport Collection
City Fire Station Collection
No. K5613-1City Fire Station Collection
Coast Guard Quad Bike
No. 7736-1Coast Guard Quad Bike
Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Scooter
No. 7737-1Coast Guard 4WD & Jet Scooter
Coast Guard Patrol Boat & Tower
No. 7739-1Coast Guard Patrol Boat & Tower
Coast Guard Kayak
No. 5621-1Coast Guard Kayak
Coast Guard Truck with Speed Boat
No. 7726-1Coast Guard Truck with Speed Boat
4x4 Fire Truck polybag
No. 20002-14x4 Fire Truck polybag
Police Pontoon Plane
No. 7723-1Police Pontoon Plane
Street Cleaner
No. 5620-1Street Cleaner
Police 4 x 4 polybag
No. 5625-1Police 4 x 4 polybag
Mini Bulldozer polybag
No. 5627-1Mini Bulldozer polybag
Coast Guard Platform
No. 4210-1Coast Guard Platform
Town Square - Castle Scene (Dutch Version)
No. 1592-2Town Square - Castle Scene (Dutch Version)
Airline Promotional Set - ANA limited edition
No. 2928-2Airline Promotional Set - ANA limited edition
Offre Speciale (7235, 7236, 7238, 7241)
No. 66117-1Offre Speciale (7235, 7236, 7238, 7241)
City Super Pack (7235, 7245, 7743)
No. 66246-1City Super Pack (7235, 7245, 7743)
Helicopter and Raft
No. 2230-1Helicopter and Raft
Straight Road Plates (with crosswalk)
No. 302-2Straight Road Plates (with crosswalk)
Co-Pack (7239, 7733)
No. 764521-1Co-Pack (7239, 7733)
Offre Speciale 4 Boites (7236, 7238, 7235, 7241)
No. 4499536-1Offre Speciale 4 Boites (7236, 7238, 7235, 7241)
Prisoner Transport - Blue Sticker Version
No. 7245-2Prisoner Transport - Blue Sticker Version
Police Car - Blue Sticker Version
No. 7236-2Police Car - Blue Sticker Version
Police Motorcycle - Blue Sticker Version
No. 7235-2Police Motorcycle - Blue Sticker Version
City Super Pack (7741, 7890, 7942)
No. 66247-1City Super Pack (7741, 7890, 7942)
Coast Guard Bike polybag
No. 5626-1Coast Guard Bike polybag
Fire Helicopter polybag
No. 4900-1Fire Helicopter polybag
Coast Guard Boat polybag
No. 4898-1Coast Guard Boat polybag
Wind Turbine - Vestas Promotional
No. 4999-1Wind Turbine - Vestas Promotional
City Super Pack (7990, 7991, 7993)
No. 66258-1City Super Pack (7990, 7991, 7993)
City Super Pack (7733, 7734, 7992)
No. 66260-1City Super Pack (7733, 7734, 7992)
Front-End Loader
No. 7630-1Front-End Loader
Dump Truck
No. 7631-1Dump Truck
Crawler Crane
No. 7632-1Crawler Crane
Construction Site
No. 7633-1Construction Site
No. 7685-1Dozer
City Minifigure Collection
No. 8401-1City Minifigure Collection
Single-Drum Roller
No. 7746-1Single-Drum Roller
No. 7634-1Tractor
4WD with Horse Trailer
No. 7635-14WD with Horse Trailer
No. 7637-1Farm
Combine Harvester
No. 7636-1Combine Harvester
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4210, 7736, 7737, 7738)
No. 66290-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4210, 7736, 7737, 7738)
City Police Co-Pack (7741, 7245-2)
No. 66282-1City Police Co-Pack (7741, 7245-2)
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7235, 7236, 7741, 7744)
No. 66257-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7235, 7236, 7741, 7744)
BBQ Stand
No. 8398-1BBQ Stand
Rescue Collection
No. K7890-1Rescue Collection
City Super Pack 6 in 1 (7235, 7236, 7741, 7890, 7942, 7945)
No. 66255-1City Super Pack 6 in 1 (7235, 7236, 7741, 7890, 7942, 7945)
Sports Car
No. 8402-1Sports Car
Wind Turbine Transport
No. 7747-1Wind Turbine Transport
Air Show Plane
No. 7643-1Air Show Plane
City Corner
No. 7641-1City Corner
No. 7639-1Camper
No. 7642-1Garage
Tow Truck
No. 7638-1Tow Truck
Helicopter Transporter
No. 7686-1Helicopter Transporter
Tipper Truck polybag
No. 5642-1Tipper Truck polybag
City Super Pack (7242, 7733, 7990, 7991)
No. 66256-1City Super Pack (7242, 7733, 7990, 7991)
Tractor polybag
No. 4899-1Tractor polybag
City Super Pack (7245, 7732, 8401)
No. 66307-1City Super Pack (7245, 7732, 8401)
Doctor with Car polybag
No. 30000-1Doctor with Car polybag
City Super Pack 6 in 1 (7630, 5610, 5612, 5613, 7942, 7236)
No. 66328-1City Super Pack 6 in 1 (7630, 5610, 5612, 5613, 7942, 7236)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7235, 7245, 7743)
No. 66305-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7235, 7245, 7743)
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7239, 7245, 8401, 7638)
No. 66326-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7239, 7245, 8401, 7638)
LEGO Truck (Lego Toy Fair 1998 25th Anniversary Edition)
No. 2148-2LEGO Truck (Lego Toy Fair 1998 25th Anniversary Edition)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7736, 7737, 7738)
No. 66306-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7736, 7737, 7738)
CITY Construction Collection
No. 2853302-1CITY Construction Collection
CITY Transport Collection
No. 2853301-1CITY Transport Collection
City Police Collection
No. K7741-1City Police Collection
Fireman's Car polybag
No. 30001-1Fireman's Car polybag
Police Boat polybag
No. 30002-1Police Boat polybag
Steam Roller polybag
No. 30003-1Steam Roller polybag
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7236, 7741, 7942)
No. 66329-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7236, 7741, 7942)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7630, 7633, 7990)
No. 66331-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7630, 7633, 7990)
Fire Helicopter
No. 7206-1Fire Helicopter
Fire Boat
No. 7207-1Fire Boat
Fire Station
No. 7208-1Fire Station
Small Car
No. 3177-1Small Car
No. 3178-1Seaplane
Repair Truck
No. 3179-1Repair Truck
Tank Truck
No. 3180-1Tank Truck
City Super Pack 5 in 1 (7632, 7746, 7990, 8401, 5620)
No. 66330-1City Super Pack 5 in 1 (7632, 7746, 7990, 8401, 5620)
{RWE Erdgasfahrzeug Promotional Cabrio}
No. RWE-1{RWE Erdgasfahrzeug Promotional Cabrio}
Off-Road Fire Truck & Fireboat
No. 7213-1Off-Road Fire Truck & Fireboat
Helicopter and Limousine
No. 3222-1Helicopter and Limousine
No. 7567-1Traveler
Pig Farm & Tractor
No. 7684-1Pig Farm & Tractor
No. 3182-1Airport
Passenger Plane
No. 3181-1Passenger Plane
LEGO Truck
No. 3221-1LEGO Truck
No. 7566-1Farmer
City House
No. 8403-1City House
No. 7848-1Toys 'R' Us Truck
Fire Chief polybag
No. 30010-1Fire Chief polybag
Maine Space Grant Consortium Promotional Astronaut Polybag
No. Maine-1Maine Space Grant Consortium Promotional Astronaut Polybag
Sports Plane
No. 7688-1Sports Plane
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7213, 7241, 7942)
No. 66342-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7213, 7241, 7942)
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (3177, 7241, 7634, 7638)
No. 66345-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (3177, 7241, 7634, 7638)
Public Transport
No. 8404-1Public Transport
Passenger Plane -  ANA Version
No. 3181-2Passenger Plane - ANA Version
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7208, 7239, 7241, 7942)
No. 66357-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7208, 7239, 7241, 7942)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7634, 7635, 7684)
No. 66358-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (7634, 7635, 7684)
Police Dinghy polybag
No. 30011-1Police Dinghy polybag
Mini Airplane polybag
No. 30012-1Mini Airplane polybag
Police Quad polybag
No. 30013-1Police Quad polybag
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (3177, 3179, 8401, 8402)
No. 66362-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (3177, 3179, 8401, 8402)
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7235, 7236, 7245, 7741)
No. 66363-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7235, 7236, 7245, 7741)
Prisoner Transport
No. 7286-1Prisoner Transport
Police Boat
No. 7287-1Police Boat
Police Station
No. 7498-1Police Station
Space Center
No. 3368-1Space Center
Space Shuttle
No. 3367-1Space Shuttle
Satellite Launch Pad
No. 3366-1Satellite Launch Pad
Space Moon Buggy
No. 3365-1Space Moon Buggy
Action Pack
No. 78579-2Action Pack
Police Minifigure Collection
No. 7279-1Police Minifigure Collection
Police Dog Unit
No. 7285-1Police Dog Unit
Mobile Police Unit
No. 7288-1Mobile Police Unit
Police Helicopter
No. 3658-1Police Helicopter
Bank & Money Transfer
No. 3661-1Bank & Money Transfer
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7207, 7213, 7241, 7942)
No. 66360-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7207, 7213, 7241, 7942)
Police Chase
No. 3648-1Police Chase
Commuter Jet
No. 7696-1Commuter Jet
Speed Boat
No. 4641-1Speed Boat
Fishing Boat
No. 4642-1Fishing Boat
No. 4644-1Marina
No. 4645-1Harbor
Power Boat Transporter
No. 4643-1Power Boat Transporter
Fire Car polybag
No. 5532-1Fire Car polybag
Police Motorcycle polybag
No. 5531-1Police Motorcycle polybag
Police Helicopter polybag
No. 30014-1Police Helicopter polybag
Jet Ski polybag
No. 30015-1Jet Ski polybag
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7235, 7286, 7279, 7741)
No. 66375-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7235, 7286, 7279, 7741)
Launch Command Value Pack - (6336, 6516, 6614)
No. VP-13Launch Command Value Pack - (6336, 6516, 6614)
Town 2 for 1 Bonus Offer
No. 1520-2Town 2 for 1 Bonus Offer
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7498, 7235, 7279, 7285)
No. 66388-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (7498, 7235, 7279, 7285)
The Lego High Speed Adventure Team (TRU Exclusive)
No. 821264-1The Lego High Speed Adventure Team (TRU Exclusive)
City Super Pack 5 in 1 (7288, 7279, 7285, 7286, 7741)
No. 66389-1City Super Pack 5 in 1 (7288, 7279, 7285, 7286, 7741)
Fire Transporter
No. 4430-1Fire Transporter
Recycling Truck
No. 4206-2Recycling Truck
4 × 4 Fire Truck
No. 4208-14 × 4 Fire Truck
Garbage Truck
No. 4432-1Garbage Truck
Fire Plane
No. 4209-1Fire Plane
Fire ATV
No. 4427-1Fire ATV
No. 4431-1Ambulance
Dirt Bike Transporter
No. 4433-1Dirt Bike Transporter
Tipper Truck
No. 4434-1Tipper Truck
Car and Caravan
No. 4435-1Car and Caravan
Patrol Car
No. 4436-1Patrol Car
Police Pursuit
No. 4437-1Police Pursuit
Robber's Hideout
No. 4438-1Robber's Hideout
Heavy-Duty Helicopter
No. 4439-1Heavy-Duty Helicopter
Forest Police Station
No. 4440-1Forest Police Station
Police Dog Van
No. 4441-1Police Dog Van
Classic Town Value Pack Duopack (6581, 6596)
No. VP-14Classic Town Value Pack Duopack (6581, 6596)
Off-road Command Center
No. 4205-1Off-road Command Center
Police Boat polybag
No. 30017-1Police Boat polybag
Police Plane polybag
No. 30018-1Police Plane polybag
Fire Helicopter polybag
No. 30019-1Fire Helicopter polybag
Race Car polybag
No. 30150-1Race Car polybag
City Firemen Minifigure Pack blister pack
No. 853378-1City Firemen Minifigure Pack blister pack
Mining Truck
No. 4202-1Mining Truck
No. 4442-1Glider
The Mine
No. 4204-1The Mine
Helicopter Rescue
No. 4429-1Helicopter Rescue
Excavator Transport
No. 4203-1Excavator Transport
Loader and Tipper
No. 4201-1Loader and Tipper
Mining 4 x 4
No. 4200-1Mining 4 x 4
City Garage
No. 4207-1City Garage
Mining Quad polybag
No. 30152-1Mining Quad polybag
Mining Dozer polybag
No. 30151-1Mining Dozer polybag
Mining Collection
No. 5001134-1Mining Collection
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4436, 4437, 4439, 4441)
No. 66427-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4436, 4437, 4439, 4441)
City Super Pack 2 in 1 (7285, 7741)
No. 66412-1City Super Pack 2 in 1 (7285, 7741)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (4208, 4209, 4427)
No. 66426-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (4208, 4209, 4427)
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4436, 7235, 7279, 7498)
No. 66428-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4436, 7235, 7279, 7498)
City Super Pack 2 in 1 (4436, 4437)
No. 66436-1City Super Pack 2 in 1 (4436, 4437)
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4431, 4432, 4433, 4435)
No. 66451-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (4431, 4432, 4433, 4435)
Fire Motorcycle
No. 60000-1Fire Motorcycle
Fire Truck
No. 60002-1Fire Truck
Fire Emergency
No. 60003-1Fire Emergency
Fire Chief Car
No. 60001-1Fire Chief Car
Fire Boat
No. 60005-1Fire Boat
Fire Station
No. 60004-1Fire Station
Fire Helicopter - (Undetermined Version)
No. 60010-1Fire Helicopter - (Undetermined Version)
Police ATV
No. 60006-1Police ATV
High Speed Chase
No. 60007-1High Speed Chase
Museum Break-in
No. 60008-1Museum Break-in
Cement Mixer
No. 60018-1Cement Mixer
Flatbed Truck
No. 60017-1Flatbed Truck
Tanker Truck
No. 60016-1Tanker Truck
Chase McCain polybag
No. 5000281-1Chase McCain polybag
Helicopter Arrest
No. 60009-1Helicopter Arrest
Fire Speedboat polybag
No. 30220-1Fire Speedboat polybag
Fire Car polybag
No. 30221-1Fire Car polybag
Police Helicopter polybag
No. 30222-1Police Helicopter polybag
Surfer Rescue
No. 60011-1Surfer Rescue
4x4 & Diving Boat
No. 60012-14x4 & Diving Boat
Coast Guard Helicopter
No. 60013-1Coast Guard Helicopter
Coast Guard Patrol
No. 60014-1Coast Guard Patrol
Coast Guard Plane
No. 60015-1Coast Guard Plane
Stunt Plane
No. 60019-1Stunt Plane
Cargo Truck
No. 60020-1Cargo Truck
Cargo Heliplane
No. 60021-1Cargo Heliplane
Cargo Terminal
No. 60022-1Cargo Terminal
Monster Truck Transporter
No. 60027-1Monster Truck Transporter
City Starter Set
No. 60023-1City Starter Set
Grand Prix Truck
No. 60025-1Grand Prix Truck
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60000, 60001, 60002)
No. 66448-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60000, 60001, 60002)
City Police Accessory Set blister pack
No. 850617-1City Police Accessory Set blister pack
City Fire Accessory Set blister pack
No. 850618-1City Fire Accessory Set blister pack
Police Helicopter
No. 4473-1Police Helicopter
Town Square
No. 60026-1Town Square
Lawn Mower polybag
No. 30224-1Lawn Mower polybag
Seaplane polybag
No. 30225-1Seaplane polybag
City Corner (Reissue)
No. 60031-1City Corner (Reissue)
Legoland Town Special Offer
No. VP-17Legoland Town Special Offer
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (60000, 60001, 60003, 60010)
No. 66453-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (60000, 60001, 60003, 60010)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60003, 60007, 60013)
No. 66475-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60003, 60007, 60013)
Auto Transporter
No. 60060-1Auto Transporter
Airport Fire Truck
No. 60061-1Airport Fire Truck
Camper Van
No. 60057-1Camper Van
High Speed Police Chase
No. 60042-1High Speed Police Chase
Light Repair Truck
No. 60054-1Light Repair Truck
Crook Pursuit
No. 60041-1Crook Pursuit
Race Car
No. 60053-1Race Car
Police ATV polybag
No. 30228-1Police ATV polybag
Police Dog Unit
No. 60048-1Police Dog Unit
Monster Truck
No. 60055-1Monster Truck
Tow Truck
No. 60056-1Tow Truck
SUV with Watercraft
No. 60058-1SUV with Watercraft
Logging Truck
No. 60059-1Logging Truck
Mobile Police Unit
No. 60044-1Mobile Police Unit
Police Patrol
No. 60045-1Police Patrol
Prisoner Transporter
No. 60043-1Prisoner Transporter
Helicopter Surveillance
No. 60046-1Helicopter Surveillance
Police Station
No. 60047-1Police Station
Helicopter Transporter
No. 60049-1Helicopter Transporter
Police Watercraft polybag
No. 30227-1Police Watercraft polybag
Police Helicopter polybag
No. 30226-1Police Helicopter polybag
Repair Lift polybag
No. 30229-1Repair Lift polybag
Arctic Snowmobile
No. 60032-1Arctic Snowmobile
Arctic Ice Crawler
No. 60033-1Arctic Ice Crawler
Arctic Base Camp
No. 60036-1Arctic Base Camp
Arctic Helicrane
No. 60034-1Arctic Helicrane
Arctic Outpost
No. 60035-1Arctic Outpost
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60001, 60011, 60043)
No. 66476-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60001, 60011, 60043)
Coin Bank
No. 40110-1Coin Bank
Arctic Scout polybag
No. 30310-1Arctic Scout polybag
Arctic Icebreaker
No. 60062-1Arctic Icebreaker
City Arctic Collection
No. 5004189-1City Arctic Collection
Arctic Supply Plane
No. 60064-1Arctic Supply Plane
Polar Accessory Set blister pack
No. 850932-1Polar Accessory Set blister pack
{City Arctic Accessory Pack} polybag
No. 5002136-1{City Arctic Accessory Pack} polybag
Fire Starter Set
No. 60088-1Fire Starter Set
City Starter Set
No. 60086-1City Starter Set
Snowplow Truck
No. 60083-1Snowplow Truck
Pickup Tow Truck
No. 60081-1Pickup Tow Truck
Demolition Site
No. 60076-1Demolition Site
Service Truck
No. 60073-1Service Truck
Swamp Police Station
No. 60069-1Swamp Police Station
Helicopter Pursuit
No. 60067-1Helicopter Pursuit
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60041, 60042, 60046)
No. 66492-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60041, 60042, 60046)
4x4 with Powerboat
No. 60085-14x4 with Powerboat
ATV Patrol
No. 60065-1ATV Patrol
Excavator and Truck
No. 60075-1Excavator and Truck
Dune Buggy Trailer
No. 60082-1Dune Buggy Trailer
Swamp Police Starter Set
No. 60066-1Swamp Police Starter Set
Crooks' Hideout
No. 60068-1Crooks' Hideout
Demolition Starter Set
No. 60072-1Demolition Starter Set
No. 60074-1Bulldozer
Garbage Truck polybag
No. 30313-1Garbage Truck polybag
Water Plane Chase
No. 60070-1Water Plane Chase
Racing Bike Transporter
No. 60084-1Racing Bike Transporter
Hovercraft Arrest
No. 60071-1Hovercraft Arrest
Go-Kart Racer polybag
No. 30314-1Go-Kart Racer polybag
Demolition Driller polybag
No. 30312-1Demolition Driller polybag
Swamp Police Helicopter polybag
No. 30311-1Swamp Police Helicopter polybag
City Swamp Police and Crooks
No. 5004461-1City Swamp Police and Crooks
Parts for Brickmaster City (included in Book 9781405356237)
No. 11900-1Parts for Brickmaster City (included in Book 9781405356237)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60073, 60074, 60076)
No. 66521-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60073, 60074, 60076)
City Square
No. 60097-1City Square
Deep Sea Submarine
No. 60092-1Deep Sea Submarine
No. 60080-1Spaceport
Utility Shuttle
No. 60078-1Utility Shuttle
Space Starter Set
No. 60077-1Space Starter Set
Deep Sea Starter Set
No. 60091-1Deep Sea Starter Set
Deep Sea Scuba Scooter
No. 60090-1Deep Sea Scuba Scooter
Deep Sea Exploration Vessel
No. 60095-1Deep Sea Exploration Vessel
Deep Sea Helicopter
No. 60093-1Deep Sea Helicopter
Training Jet Transporter
No. 60079-1Training Jet Transporter
Deep Sea Operation Base
No. 60096-1Deep Sea Operation Base
Space Utility Vehicle polybag
No. 30315-1Space Utility Vehicle polybag
Deep Sea Explorers Collection
No. 5004737-1Deep Sea Explorers Collection
Space Port Starter & Shuttle Collection
No. 5004736-1Space Port Starter & Shuttle Collection
City Super Pack 4 in 1 (60090, 60091, 60092, 60093)
No. 66522-1City Super Pack 4 in 1 (60090, 60091, 60092, 60093)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60053, 60055, 60060)
No. 66523-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60053, 60055, 60060)
City Space Port and Jet Collection
No. 5004735-1City Space Port and Jet Collection
Town Value Pack - (6415, 6431, 6585 and 6580)
No. VP-19Town Value Pack - (6415, 6431, 6585 and 6580)
Fire Starter Set
No. 60106-1Fire Starter Set
Ambulance Plane
No. 60116-1Ambulance Plane
Fire ATV
No. 60105-1Fire ATV
Garbage Truck
No. 60118-1Garbage Truck
Police Pursuit
No. 60128-1Police Pursuit
Prison Island Starter Set
No. 60127-1Prison Island Starter Set
Race Boat
No. 60114-1Race Boat
Rally Car
No. 60113-1Rally Car
4 x 4 Off Roader
No. 60115-14 x 4 Off Roader
Tire Escape
No. 60126-1Tire Escape
Accessory Set Police 2016 blister pack
No. 853570-1Accessory Set Police 2016 blister pack
Crooks Island
No. 60131-1Crooks Island
Prison Island
No. 60130-1Prison Island
No. 60119-1Ferry
Fire Boat
No. 60109-1Fire Boat
Fire Engine
No. 60112-1Fire Engine
Fire Ladder Truck
No. 60107-1Fire Ladder Truck
Fire Response Unit
No. 60108-1Fire Response Unit
Fire Station
No. 60110-1Fire Station
Fire Utility Truck
No. 60111-1Fire Utility Truck
Police Patrol Boat
No. 60129-1Police Patrol Boat
Van & Caravan
No. 60117-1Van & Caravan
Sports Car polybag
No. 30349-1Sports Car polybag
Fire Car polybag
No. 30347-1Fire Car polybag
Prison Island Helicopter polybag
No. 30346-1Prison Island Helicopter polybag
Fire Collection
No. 5003096-1Fire Collection
Mini Dumper polybag
No. 30348-1Mini Dumper polybag
Fun in the park - City People Pack
No. 60134-1Fun in the park - City People Pack
Police Chase polybag
No. 5004404-1Police Chase polybag
Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter
No. 60125-1Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter
Airport Passenger Terminal
No. 60104-1Airport Passenger Terminal
Airport Air Show
No. 60103-1Airport Air Show
Airport VIP Service
No. 60102-1Airport VIP Service
Airport Cargo Plane
No. 60101-1Airport Cargo Plane
Airport Starter Set
No. 60100-1Airport Starter Set
Service Station
No. 60132-1Service Station
Volcano Starter Set
No. 60120-1Volcano Starter Set
Volcano Exploration Truck
No. 60121-1Volcano Exploration Truck
Volcano Crawler
No. 60122-1Volcano Crawler
Volcano Supply Helicopter
No. 60123-1Volcano Supply Helicopter
Volcano Exploration Base
No. 60124-1Volcano Exploration Base
Volcano Jackhammer polybag
No. 30350-1Volcano Jackhammer polybag
High Seas Rescue Kit
No. K6435-1High Seas Rescue Kit
Hit The Track Racing Kit
No. K6467-1Hit The Track Racing Kit
Emergency RES-Q Kit
No. K6473-1Emergency RES-Q Kit
Extreme Adventure Kit
No. K6584-1Extreme Adventure Kit
World City Patrol Kit
No. K7034-1World City Patrol Kit
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60121, 60122, 60123)
No. 66540-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60121, 60122, 60123)
Pizza Van
No. 60150-1Pizza Van
Race Plane
No. 60144-1Race Plane
No. 60145-1Buggy
Stunt Truck
No. 60146-1Stunt Truck
Fishing Boat
No. 60147-1Fishing Boat
ATV Race Team
No. 60148-1ATV Race Team
4×4 with Catamaran
No. 60149-14×4 with Catamaran
Dragster Transporter
No. 60151-1Dragster Transporter
Sweeper & Excavator
No. 60152-1Sweeper & Excavator
Auto Transport Heist
No. 60143-1Auto Transport Heist
ATV Arrest
No. 60135-1ATV Arrest
Police Starter Set
No. 60136-1Police Starter Set
Tow Truck Trouble
No. 60137-1Tow Truck Trouble
High-speed Chase
No. 60138-1High-speed Chase
Mobile Command Center
No. 60139-1Mobile Command Center
Bulldozer Break-in
No. 60140-1Bulldozer Break-in
Police Station
No. 60141-1Police Station
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60105, 60106, 60107)
No. 66541-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60105, 60106, 60107)
Hot Rod polybag
No. 30354-1Hot Rod polybag
Police Helicopter polybag
No. 30351-1Police Helicopter polybag
Money Transporter
No. 60142-1Money Transporter
Tractor polybag
No. 30353-1Tractor polybag
Police Car polybag
No. 30352-1Police Car polybag
Policeman and Crook foil pack
No. 951701-1Policeman and Crook foil pack
Extreme Race Team Extreme Value Pack (1272, 1273, 6468, 6519)
No. 042884787424-1Extreme Race Team Extreme Value Pack (1272, 1273, 6468, 6519)
The Ultimate LEGO City Vehicles Box
No. citybigbox-1The Ultimate LEGO City Vehicles Box
{Policeman with Cookie and Stinger} polybag
No. 40175-1{Policeman with Cookie and Stinger} polybag
Travel Building Suitcase
No. 5004932-1Travel Building Suitcase
Parts for City: Build Your Own Adventure (included in Book 9780241237052)
No. 11911-1Parts for City: Build Your Own Adventure (included in Book 9780241237052)
Worker with Wheelbarrow foil pack
No. 951702-1Worker with Wheelbarrow foil pack
Jungle ATV polybag
No. 30355-1Jungle ATV polybag
People pack - Fun at the beach
No. 60153-1People pack - Fun at the beach
Jungle Buggy
No. 60156-1Jungle Buggy
Jungle Starter Set
No. 60157-1Jungle Starter Set
Jungle Cargo Helicopter
No. 60158-1Jungle Cargo Helicopter
Jungle Halftrack Mission
No. 60159-1Jungle Halftrack Mission
Jungle Mobile Lab
No. 60160-1Jungle Mobile Lab
Jungle Exploration Site
No. 60161-1Jungle Exploration Site
Coast Guard Starter Set
No. 60163-1Coast Guard Starter Set
Sea Rescue Plane
No. 60164-1Sea Rescue Plane
4 x 4 Response Unit
No. 60165-14 x 4 Response Unit
Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter
No. 60166-1Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter
Coast Guard Head Quarters
No. 60167-1Coast Guard Head Quarters
Jungle Air Drop Helicopter
No. 60162-1Jungle Air Drop Helicopter
Sailboat Rescue
No. 60168-1Sailboat Rescue
Cargo Terminal
No. 60169-1Cargo Terminal
Bus Station
No. 60154-1Bus Station
City Jungle Explorer Kit polybag
No. 40177-1City Jungle Explorer Kit polybag
Build My City Accessory Set
No. 40170-1Build My City Accessory Set
Scuba Diver and Shark foil pack
No. 951703-1Scuba Diver and Shark foil pack
Space Simulation Station with Bonus Set
No. K6455-1Space Simulation Station with Bonus Set
Mission Control with Bonus Set
No. K6456-1Mission Control with Bonus Set
Paradisa Party Pack (6411, 6314)
No. PPP-1Paradisa Party Pack (6411, 6314)
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60136, 60137, 60138)
No. 66550-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60136, 60137, 60138)
Fireman foil pack #1
No. 951704-1Fireman foil pack #1
Dirt Road Pursuit
No. 60172-1Dirt Road Pursuit
Heavy Cargo Transport
No. 60183-1Heavy Cargo Transport
Pickup & Caravan
No. 60182-1Pickup & Caravan
Forest Tractor
No. 60181-1Forest Tractor
Monster Truck
No. 60180-1Monster Truck
Mountain Arrest
No. 60173-1Mountain Arrest
Ambulance Helicopter
No. 60179-1Ambulance Helicopter
Off-Road Chase
No. 60170-1Off-Road Chase
Mountain Fugitives
No. 60171-1Mountain Fugitives
Mountain Police Headquarters
No. 60174-1Mountain Police Headquarters
Wild River Escape
No. 60176-1Wild River Escape
Airshow Jet
No. 60177-1Airshow Jet
Speed Record Car
No. 60178-1Speed Record Car
Mining Team
No. 60184-1Mining Team
Mining Heavy Driller
No. 60186-1Mining Heavy Driller
Mining Experts Site
No. 60188-1Mining Experts Site
Ultimate LEGO City Hero Pack 5 in 1 (60100, 60106, 60136, 60157, 60163)
No. 66559-1Ultimate LEGO City Hero Pack 5 in 1 (60100, 60106, 60136, 60157, 60163)
Become My City Hero polybag
No. 40302-1Become My City Hero polybag
Mining Power Splitter
No. 60185-1Mining Power Splitter
Mountain River Heist
No. 60175-1Mountain River Heist
Hot Dog Stand polybag
No. 30356-1Hot Dog Stand polybag
Road Worker polybag
No. 30357-1Road Worker polybag
Dragster polybag
No. 30358-1Dragster polybag
Police Buggy foil pack
No. 951805-1Police Buggy foil pack
Holiday Home - Velux Edition
No. 6374-2Holiday Home - Velux Edition
Police Water Plane polybag
No. 30359-1Police Water Plane polybag
Fire Helicopter (Studs on Side Version)
No. 60010-2Fire Helicopter (Studs on Side Version)
Fire Helicopter (Red Stripe on Side Version)
No. 60010-3Fire Helicopter (Red Stripe on Side Version)
City Hospital
No. 60204-1City Hospital
People Pack - Outdoor Adventures
No. 60202-1People Pack - Outdoor Adventures
Arctic Ice Glider
No. 60190-1Arctic Ice Glider
Arctic Exploration Team
No. 60191-1Arctic Exploration Team
Arctic Ice Crawler
No. 60192-1Arctic Ice Crawler
Arctic Air Transport
No. 60193-1Arctic Air Transport
Arctic Scout Truck
No. 60194-1Arctic Scout Truck
Arctic Mobile Exploration Base
No. 60195-1Arctic Mobile Exploration Base
Miner foil pack
No. 951806-1Miner foil pack
Race Driver and Go-kart foil pack
No. 951807-1Race Driver and Go-kart foil pack
Arctic Supply Plane
No. 60196-1Arctic Supply Plane
Capital City
No. 60200-1Capital City
City Police Mission Pack polybag
No. 6182882-1City Police Mission Pack polybag
Policeman and Motorcycle foil pack
No. 951808-1Policeman and Motorcycle foil pack
Arctic Ice Saw polybag
No. 30360-1Arctic Ice Saw polybag
Vehicle Value Pack (6468, 6519)
No. VP-23Vehicle Value Pack (6468, 6519)
Vehicle Set polybag
No. 40303-1Vehicle Set polybag
Garbage Man foil pack
No. 951809-1Garbage Man foil pack
Town Value Pack - (6324, 6422 and 6420)
No. VP-24Town Value Pack - (6324, 6422 and 6420)
Arctic Explorer with Snowmobile foil pack
No. 951810-1Arctic Explorer with Snowmobile foil pack
Classic / City Super Pack 3 in 1 (10715, 60178, 60180)
No. J003459270-1Classic / City Super Pack 3 in 1 (10715, 60178, 60180)
Barbecue Burn Out
No. 60212-1Barbecue Burn Out
Dock Side Fire
No. 60213-1Dock Side Fire
Downtown Fire Brigade
No. 60216-1Downtown Fire Brigade
Desert Rally Racer
No. 60218-1Desert Rally Racer
Garbage Truck
No. 60220-1Garbage Truck
Diving Yacht
No. 60221-1Diving Yacht
Snow Groomer
No. 60222-1Snow Groomer
Harvester Transport
No. 60223-1Harvester Transport
Construction Loader
No. 60219-1Construction Loader
Sky Police Jet Patrol
No. 60206-1Sky Police Jet Patrol
Sky Police Drone Chase
No. 60207-1Sky Police Drone Chase
Burger Bar Fire Rescue
No. 60214-1Burger Bar Fire Rescue
Police Patrol Car
No. 60239-1Police Patrol Car
Kayak Adventure
No. 60240-1Kayak Adventure
Sky Police Parachute Arrest
No. 60208-1Sky Police Parachute Arrest
Sky Police Diamond Heist
No. 60209-1Sky Police Diamond Heist
Sky Police Air Base
No. 60210-1Sky Police Air Base
Straight and T-junction
No. 60236-1Straight and T-junction
Curve and Crossroad
No. 60237-1Curve and Crossroad
Fire Station
No. 60215-1Fire Station
Fire Plane
No. 60217-1Fire Plane
Adventures in the Arctic Collection
No. 5005749-1Adventures in the Arctic Collection
Fire ATV polybag
No. 30361-1Fire ATV polybag
Sky Police Jetpack polybag
No. 30362-1Sky Police Jetpack polybag
Fireman foil pack #2
No. 951902-1Fireman foil pack #2
Police Officer and Jet foil pack
No. 951901-1Police Officer and Jet foil pack
Popcorn Cart polybag
No. 30364-1Popcorn Cart polybag
Jet-Ski polybag
No. 30363-1Jet-Ski polybag
Gardener with Lawn Mower foil pack
No. 951903-1Gardener with Lawn Mower foil pack
City Value Pack (628, 7240)
No. 66107-1City Value Pack (628, 7240)
Police Officer with Jetpack foil pack
No. 951904-1Police Officer with Jetpack foil pack
Firefighter Woman with Helicopter foil pack
No. 951905-1Firefighter Woman with Helicopter foil pack
Satellite Service Mission
No. 60224-1Satellite Service Mission
Rover Testing Drive
No. 60225-1Rover Testing Drive
Mars Research Shuttle
No. 60226-1Mars Research Shuttle
Lunar Space Station
No. 60227-1Lunar Space Station
Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control
No. 60228-1Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control
People Pack - Space Research and Development
No. 60230-1People Pack - Space Research and Development
People Pack - Fun Fair
No. 60234-1People Pack - Fun Fair
Donut shop opening
No. 60233-1Donut shop opening
Garage Center
No. 60232-1Garage Center
Fire Chief Response Truck
No. 60231-1Fire Chief Response Truck
Rocket Assembly & Transport
No. 60229-1Rocket Assembly & Transport
Satellite polybag
No. 30365-1Satellite polybag
City 2019 Minifigure Set blister pack
No. 40345-1City 2019 Minifigure Set blister pack
Cool Diver foil pack
No. 951906-1Cool Diver foil pack
Ski Resort
No. 60203-1Ski Resort
Policeman with Police Car foil pack
No. 951907-1Policeman with Police Car foil pack
Astronaut foil pack
No. 951908-1Astronaut foil pack
Pizza Delivery Guy foil pack
No. 951909-1Pizza Delivery Guy foil pack
Red Cross - Dansk Røde Kors Edition
No. 6523-2Red Cross - Dansk Røde Kors Edition
City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60207, 60212, 60239)
No. 66619-1City Super Pack 3 in 1 (60207, 60212, 60239)