Sets in Pharaoh's Quest theme

Scarab Attack
No. 7305-1Scarab Attack
Golden Staff Guardians
No. 7306-1Golden Staff Guardians
Flying Mummy Attack
No. 7307-1Flying Mummy Attack
Cursed Cobra Statue
No. 7325-1Cursed Cobra Statue
Rise of the Sphinx
No. 7326-1Rise of the Sphinx
Scorpion Pyramid
No. 7327-1Scorpion Pyramid
Skeleton Mummy Battle Pack blister pack
No. 853176-1Skeleton Mummy Battle Pack blister pack
Desert Glider polybag
No. 30090-1Desert Glider polybag
Desert Rover polybag
No. 30091-1Desert Rover polybag