Sets in Friends theme

No. 3931-1Emma's Splash Pool
City Park Cafe (City Park Café)
No. 3061-1City Park Cafe (City Park Café)
Olivia’s Tree House
No. 3065-1Olivia’s Tree House
Stephanie's Cool Convertible
No. 3183-1Stephanie's Cool Convertible
Butterfly Beauty Shop
No. 3187-1Butterfly Beauty Shop
Heartlake Vet
No. 3188-1Heartlake Vet
Olivia’s House
No. 3315-1Olivia’s House
Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery
No. 3930-1Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery
Andrea’s Stage
No. 3932-1Andrea’s Stage
Olivia’s Invention Workshop
No. 3933-1Olivia’s Invention Workshop
Mia’s Puppy House
No. 3934-1Mia’s Puppy House
Stephanie's Pet Patrol
No. 3935-1Stephanie's Pet Patrol
Emma’s Fashion Design Studio
No. 3936-1Emma’s Fashion Design Studio
Heartlake Dog Show
No. 3942-1Heartlake Dog Show
Mailbox polybag
No. 30105-1Mailbox polybag
Stephanie polybag
No. 5000245-1Stephanie polybag
Andrea on the Beach polybag
No. 30100-1Andrea on the Beach polybag
Skate Boarder polybag
No. 30101-1Skate Boarder polybag
Olivia's Desk polybag
No. 30102-1Olivia's Desk polybag
Car polybag
No. 30103-1Car polybag
Best Friends Promotional Brick Set polybag
No. 6006139-1Best Friends Promotional Brick Set polybag
{Display Stand} polybag
No. 4659602-1{Display Stand} polybag
No. 3939-1Mia's Bedroom
No. 3938-1Andrea's Bunny House
No. 3937-1Olivia's Speedboat
Heartlake Stables
No. 3189-1Heartlake Stables
Adventure Camper
No. 3184-1Adventure Camper
Heartlake Flying Club
No. 3063-1Heartlake Flying Club
Summer Riding Camp
No. 3185-1Summer Riding Camp
No. 3186-1Emma's Horse Trailer
Water Scooter Fun
No. 41000-1Water Scooter Fun
No. 41001-1Mia's Magic Tricks
No. 41002-1Emma's Karate Class
No. 41003-1Olivia's Newborn Foal
Rehearsal Stage
No. 41004-1Rehearsal Stage
Heartlake Pet Salon
No. 41007-1Heartlake Pet Salon
Heartlake City Pool
No. 41008-1Heartlake City Pool
Stephanie's Soccer Practice
No. 41011-1Stephanie's Soccer Practice
Friends Super Pack 4 in 1 (3061, 3183, 3934, 3936)
No. 66435-1Friends Super Pack 4 in 1 (3061, 3183, 3934, 3936)
No. 41017-1Squirrel's Tree House
No. 41018-1Cat's Playground
No. 41019-1Turtle's Little Oasis
No. 41020-1Hedgehog's Hideaway
No. 41021-1Poodle's Little Palace
No. 41022-1Bunny's Hutch
Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (3187, 3934, 3935)
No. 66434-1Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (3187, 3934, 3935)
Ice Cream Stand polybag
No. 30106-1Ice Cream Stand polybag
Birthday Party polybag
No. 30107-1Birthday Party polybag
Summer Picnic polybag
No. 30108-1Summer Picnic polybag
Heartlake High
No. 41005-1Heartlake High
Downtown Bakery
No. 41006-1Downtown Bakery
No. 41009-1Andrea's Bedroom
Olivia’s Beach Buggy
No. 41010-1Olivia’s Beach Buggy
Dolphin Cruiser
No. 41015-1Dolphin Cruiser
Emma's Sports Car
No. 41013-1Emma's Sports Car
Fawn's Forest
No. 41023-1Fawn's Forest
Parrot's Perch
No. 41024-1Parrot's Perch
Puppy's Playhouse
No. 41025-1Puppy's Playhouse
Friends Promotional Set polybag
No. 6043173-1Friends Promotional Set polybag
Mia's Lemonade Stand
No. 41027-1Mia's Lemonade Stand
Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41004, 41005, 41013)
No. 66455-1Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41004, 41005, 41013)
Stephanie's New Born Lamb
No. 41029-1Stephanie's New Born Lamb
Emma's Lifeguard Post
No. 41028-1Emma's Lifeguard Post
Sunshine Harvest
No. 41026-1Sunshine Harvest
Heartlake Juice Bar
No. 41035-1Heartlake Juice Bar
Stephanie's Beach House
No. 41037-1Stephanie's Beach House
Sunshine Ranch
No. 41039-1Sunshine Ranch
Turtle's Little Paradise
No. 41041-1Turtle's Little Paradise
Tiger's Beautiful Temple
No. 41042-1Tiger's Beautiful Temple
Penguin's Playground
No. 41043-1Penguin's Playground
Macaw's Fountain
No. 41044-1Macaw's Fountain
Orangutan's Banana Tree
No. 41045-1Orangutan's Banana Tree
Brown Bear's River
No. 41046-1Brown Bear's River
Heartlake News Van
No. 41056-1Heartlake News Van
Friends Super Pack 9 in 1 - Animals Christmas Party Set (41017, 41018, 41019, 41020, 41021, 41022, 41023, 41024, 41025)
No. 66497-1Friends Super Pack 9 in 1 - Animals Christmas Party Set (41017, 41018, 41019, 41020, 41021, 41022, 41023, 41024, 41025)
Heartlake Horse Show
No. 41057-1Heartlake Horse Show
Stephanie's Bakery Stand polybag
No. 30113-1Stephanie's Bakery Stand polybag
Emma's Flower Stand polybag
No. 30112-1Emma's Flower Stand polybag
Andrea's Beach Lounge polybag
No. 30114-1Andrea's Beach Lounge polybag
Jungle Tree House
No. 41059-1Jungle Tree House
Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41026, 41027, 41029)
No. 66478-1Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41026, 41027, 41029)
Jungle Boat polybag
No. 30115-1Jungle Boat polybag
Jungle Falls Rescue
No. 41033-1Jungle Falls Rescue
Jungle Rescue Base
No. 41038-1Jungle Rescue Base
Summer Caravan
No. 41034-1Summer Caravan
Olivia's Ice Cream Bike
No. 41030-1Olivia's Ice Cream Bike
Andrea's Mountain Hut
No. 41031-1Andrea's Mountain Hut
First Aid Jungle Bike
No. 41032-1First Aid Jungle Bike
Jungle Bridge Rescue
No. 41036-1Jungle Bridge Rescue
Beach Hammock polybag
No. 5002113-1Beach Hammock polybag
Model Catwalk
No. 40112-1Model Catwalk
Heartlake Shopping Mall
No. 41058-1Heartlake Shopping Mall
Jungle Accessory Set blister pack
No. 850967-1Jungle Accessory Set blister pack
Charlie at the Beauty Salon foil pack
No. 561407-1Charlie at the Beauty Salon foil pack
Beach Set foil pack
No. 561408-1Beach Set foil pack
Kitchen with Oven for Cookies foil pack
No. 561409-1Kitchen with Oven for Cookies foil pack
Seal's Little Rock
No. 41047-1Seal's Little Rock
Lion Cub's Savannah
No. 41048-1Lion Cub's Savannah
Panda's Bamboo
No. 41049-1Panda's Bamboo
Cat's Hideout foil pack
No. 561411-1Cat's Hideout foil pack
Puppy Training
No. 41088-1Puppy Training
Bunny & Babies
No. 41087-1Bunny & Babies
Friends Animal Collection
No. 5004260-1Friends Animal Collection
Heartlake Hot Air Balloon
No. 41097-1Heartlake Hot Air Balloon
Emma's House
No. 41095-1Emma's House
Heartlake Lighthouse
No. 41094-1Heartlake Lighthouse
Heartlake Hair Salon
No. 41093-1Heartlake Hair Salon
Stephanie's Pizzeria
No. 41092-1Stephanie's Pizzeria
Olivia's Garden Pool
No. 41090-1Olivia's Garden Pool
Vet Ambulance
No. 41086-1Vet Ambulance
Animal Care Clinic
No. 41085-1Animal Care Clinic
Mini Golf polybag
No. 30203-1Mini Golf polybag
Mia's Roadster
No. 41091-1Mia's Roadster
Little Foal
No. 41089-1Little Foal
Penguin Ice Slide foil pack
No. 561501-1Penguin Ice Slide foil pack
Smoothie Stand polybag
No. 30202-1Smoothie Stand polybag
Wish Fountain polybag
No. 30204-1Wish Fountain polybag
Friends Vet Collection
No. 5004464-1Friends Vet Collection
Parts for Brickmaster Friends (included in Book 5002890)
No. 11902-1Parts for Brickmaster Friends (included in Book 5002890)
Dressing Table foil pack
No. 561502-1Dressing Table foil pack
Charming Bunny foil pack
No. 561503-1Charming Bunny foil pack
Mini Party foil pack
No. 561504-1Mini Party foil pack
Picnic Set foil pack
No. 561505-1Picnic Set foil pack
Pop Star Limo
No. 41107-1Pop Star Limo
Pop Star Red Carpet polybag
No. 30205-1Pop Star Red Carpet polybag
Heartlake Skate Park
No. 41099-1Heartlake Skate Park
Heartlake Private Jet
No. 41100-1Heartlake Private Jet
Heartlake Grand Hotel
No. 41101-1Heartlake Grand Hotel
Pop Star Recording Studio
No. 41103-1Pop Star Recording Studio
Pop Star Dressing Room
No. 41104-1Pop Star Dressing Room
Pop Star Show Stage
No. 41105-1Pop Star Show Stage
Pop Star Tour Bus
No. 41106-1Pop Star Tour Bus
Emma's Tourist Kiosk
No. 41098-1Emma's Tourist Kiosk
Heartlake Airport
No. 41109-1Heartlake Airport
Heartlake Food Market
No. 41108-1Heartlake Food Market
Sweet Garden & Kitchen foil pack
No. 561506-1Sweet Garden & Kitchen foil pack
Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41091, 41095, 41103)
No. 66526-1Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41091, 41095, 41103)
Garden foil pack
No. 561507-1Garden foil pack
Butterfly Organizer
No. 40156-1Butterfly Organizer
Disco Dance Floor polybag
No. 5002931-1Disco Dance Floor polybag
Dolphin foil pack
No. 471518-1Dolphin foil pack
Friends Interior Design Kit
No. 5002929-1Friends Interior Design Kit
Turtle in the Tropics foil pack
No. 561508-1Turtle in the Tropics foil pack
Friends Pop Star Collection
No. 5004809-1Friends Pop Star Collection
Become a Star foil pack
No. 561509-1Become a Star foil pack
Parts for Friends: Build Your Own Adventure (included in Book 9781465435897)
No. 11908-1Parts for Friends: Build Your Own Adventure (included in Book 9781465435897)
Hedgehog foil pack
No. 561511-1Hedgehog foil pack
Adventure Camp Bridge polybag
No. 30398-1Adventure Camp Bridge polybag
Adventure Camp Archery
No. 41120-1Adventure Camp Archery
Adventure Camp Rafting
No. 41121-1Adventure Camp Rafting
Birthday Party
No. 41110-1Birthday Party
Emma's Creative Workshop
No. 41115-1Emma's Creative Workshop
Heartlake Cupcake Café (Cafe)
No. 41119-1Heartlake Cupcake Café (Cafe)
Heartlake Supermarket
No. 41118-1Heartlake Supermarket
Livi's Pop Star House
No. 41135-1Livi's Pop Star House
Olivia's Exploration Car
No. 41116-1Olivia's Exploration Car
Party Styling
No. 41114-1Party Styling
Party Gift Shop
No. 41113-1Party Gift Shop
Party Cakes
No. 41112-1Party Cakes
Party Train
No. 41111-1Party Train
Pop Star TV Studio
No. 41117-1Pop Star TV Studio
Adventure Camp Tree House
No. 41122-1Adventure Camp Tree House
Bird's Nest foil pack
No. 561601-1Bird's Nest foil pack
Cupcake Stall polybag
No. 30396-1Cupcake Stall polybag
Friends Mini-doll Campsite Set blister pack
No. 853556-1Friends Mini-doll Campsite Set blister pack
Dog on Stage foil pack
No. 561603-1Dog on Stage foil pack
Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41110, 41111, 41112)
No. 66537-1Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41110, 41111, 41112)
Chocolate Kitchen foil pack
No. 561604-1Chocolate Kitchen foil pack
Foal's Washing Station
No. 41123-1Foal's Washing Station
Heartlake Puppy Daycare
No. 41124-1Heartlake Puppy Daycare
Horse Vet Trailer
No. 41125-1Horse Vet Trailer
Heartlake Riding Club
No. 41126-1Heartlake Riding Club
Amusement Park Arcade
No. 41127-1Amusement Park Arcade
Amusement Park Space Ride
No. 41128-1Amusement Park Space Ride
Amusement Park Hot Dog Van
No. 41129-1Amusement Park Hot Dog Van
Amusement Park Roller Coaster
No. 41130-1Amusement Park Roller Coaster
Amusement Park Bumper Cars
No. 41133-1Amusement Park Bumper Cars
Heartlake Performance School
No. 41134-1Heartlake Performance School
Ice Cream Cart foil pack
No. 561605-1Ice Cream Cart foil pack
Bowling Alley polybag
No. 30399-1Bowling Alley polybag
Heartlake Party Shop
No. 41132-1Heartlake Party Shop
Camping Bunny foil pack
No. 561606-1Camping Bunny foil pack
Pony Grooming Kit foil pack
No. 471602-1Pony Grooming Kit foil pack
Happy Beach foil pack
No. 561607-1Happy Beach foil pack
Cookie Cart foil pack
No. 561608-1Cookie Cart foil pack
No. 561609-1Olivia's Laboratory foil pack
Table for Gifts Wrapping foil pack
No. 561611-1Table for Gifts Wrapping foil pack
Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41110, 41116, 41119)
No. 66539-1Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41110, 41116, 41119)
Puppy Championship
No. 41300-1Puppy Championship
Puppy Parade
No. 41301-1Puppy Parade
Puppy Pampering
No. 41302-1Puppy Pampering
Puppy Playground
No. 41303-1Puppy Playground
Puppy Treats & Tricks
No. 41304-1Puppy Treats & Tricks
Emma's Photo Studio
No. 41305-1Emma's Photo Studio
No. 41306-1Mia's Beach Scooter
No. 41307-1Olivia's Creative Lab
No. 41308-1Stephanie's Friendship Cakes
No. 41309-1Andrea's Musical Duet
Heartlake Gift Delivery
No. 41310-1Heartlake Gift Delivery
Heartlake Pizzeria
No. 41311-1Heartlake Pizzeria
Heartlake Sports Centre
No. 41312-1Heartlake Sports Centre
Heartlake Summer Pool
No. 41313-1Heartlake Summer Pool
Stephanie's House
No. 41314-1Stephanie's House
Hedgehog Storage
No. 40171-1Hedgehog Storage
Bear in Ice Cave foil pack
No. 561701-1Bear in Ice Cave foil pack
Pool Foam Slide polybag
No. 30401-1Pool Foam Slide polybag
Gymnastics Bar polybag
No. 30400-1Gymnastics Bar polybag
Kitten Felix foil pack
No. 561702-1Kitten Felix foil pack
Tic-Tac-Toe polybag
No. 40265-1Tic-Tac-Toe polybag
Fruit Bar foil pack
No. 561703-1Fruit Bar foil pack
Turtle on a Beach foil pack
No. 561704-1Turtle on a Beach foil pack
Snowboard Tricks polybag
No. 30402-1Snowboard Tricks polybag
Heartlake Hospital
No. 41318-1Heartlake Hospital
Snow Resort Off-Roader
No. 41321-1Snow Resort Off-Roader
Sunshine Catamaran
No. 41317-1Sunshine Catamaran
Wardrobe of Future Star foil pack
No. 561705-1Wardrobe of Future Star foil pack
Andrea's Speedboat Transporter
No. 41316-1Andrea's Speedboat Transporter
Heartlake Surf Shop
No. 41315-1Heartlake Surf Shop
Snow Resort Ice Rink
No. 41322-1Snow Resort Ice Rink
Snow Resort Chalet
No. 41323-1Snow Resort Chalet
Snow Resort Ski Lift
No. 41324-1Snow Resort Ski Lift
Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop
No. 41320-1Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop
Mia with Skateboard blister pack
No. 471702-1Mia with Skateboard blister pack
Build My Heartlake City Accessory Set
No. 40264-1Build My Heartlake City Accessory Set
Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van
No. 41319-1Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van
Heartlake City Playground
No. 41325-1Heartlake City Playground
Home Bakery foil pack
No. 561706-1Home Bakery foil pack
Ski Pod polybag
No. 5004920-1Ski Pod polybag
Wishing Well with Andrea
No. 561801-1Wishing Well with Andrea's Little Bird foil pack
Friends Super Pack 5 in 1 (41305, 41306, 41307, 41308, 41309)
No. 66558-1Friends Super Pack 5 in 1 (41305, 41306, 41307, 41308, 41309)
Stephanie's Hockey Practice polybag
No. 30405-1Stephanie's Hockey Practice polybag
Mia’s Bedroom
No. 41327-1Mia’s Bedroom
Stephanie’s Bedroom
No. 41328-1Stephanie’s Bedroom
Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom
No. 41329-1Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom
Stephanie's Soccer Practice
No. 41330-1Stephanie's Soccer Practice
Emma’s Art Stand
No. 41332-1Emma’s Art Stand
Olivia’s Mission Vehicle
No. 41333-1Olivia’s Mission Vehicle
Andrea’s Park Performance
No. 41334-1Andrea’s Park Performance
Mia’s Tree House
No. 41335-1Mia’s Tree House
Emma’s Art Café (Cafe)
No. 41336-1Emma’s Art Café (Cafe)
Stephanie’s Sports Arena
No. 41338-1Stephanie’s Sports Arena
Mia’s Camper Van
No. 41339-1Mia’s Camper Van
Friendship House
No. 41340-1Friendship House
No. 30403-1Olivia's Remote Control Boat polybag
Friends Clubhouse polybag
No. 5005236-1Friends Clubhouse polybag
Young Andrea
No. 561802-1Young Andrea's Studio foil pack
Friendship Flower / Sunflower polybag
No. 30404-1Friendship Flower / Sunflower polybag
No. 853774-1Olivia's Satellite Pod blister pack
Andrea’s DJ Pod blister pack
No. 853775-1Andrea’s DJ Pod blister pack
Emma’s Photo Studio Pod blister pack
No. 853776-1Emma’s Photo Studio Pod blister pack
Mia’s Exploration Pod blister pack
No. 853777-1Mia’s Exploration Pod blister pack
Stephanie’s Pool Pod blister pack
No. 853778-1Stephanie’s Pool Pod blister pack
Ping Pong Table foil pack
No. 561803-1Ping Pong Table foil pack
Bunny Play Ground foil pack
No. 561804-1Bunny Play Ground foil pack
The Big Race Day
No. 41352-1The Big Race Day
Creative Tuning Shop
No. 41351-1Creative Tuning Shop
Drifting Diner
No. 41349-1Drifting Diner
Service & Care Truck
No. 41348-1Service & Care Truck
Veterinary Cabinet foil pack
No. 561805-1Veterinary Cabinet foil pack
Heartlake City Pet Center
No. 41345-1Heartlake City Pet Center
Andrea's Accessories Store
No. 41344-1Andrea's Accessories Store
No. 41342-1Emma's Deluxe Bedroom
Andrea's Bedroom
No. 41341-1Andrea's Bedroom
Friendship Box
No. 41346-1Friendship Box
Heartlake City Resort
No. 41347-1Heartlake City Resort
Heartlake City Airplane Tour
No. 41343-1Heartlake City Airplane Tour
Beach Shop foil pack
No. 561807-1Beach Shop foil pack
Spinning Brushes Car Wash
No. 41350-1Spinning Brushes Car Wash
No. 561806-1Mia's Fruit Stall foil pack
Pet Go-Kart Racers polybag
No. 5005238-1Pet Go-Kart Racers polybag
Dog Hairdresser Salon foil pack
No. 561808-1Dog Hairdresser Salon foil pack
Dolphin & Crab foil pack
No. 471801-1Dolphin & Crab foil pack
Andrea's Stage foil pack #1
No. 561809-1Andrea's Stage foil pack #1
No. 561810-1Olivia's Observatory foil pack
Emma's Art Studio
No. 41365-1Emma's Art Studio
Andrea’s Heart Box
No. 41354-1Andrea’s Heart Box
Emma’s Heart Box
No. 41355-1Emma’s Heart Box
Stephanie’s Heart Box
No. 41356-1Stephanie’s Heart Box
Olivia’s Heart Box
No. 41357-1Olivia’s Heart Box
Heart Box Friendship Pack
No. 41359-1Heart Box Friendship Pack
Emma’s Mobile Vet Clinic
No. 41360-1Emma’s Mobile Vet Clinic
Mia’s Foal Stable
No. 41361-1Mia’s Foal Stable
Mia’s Forest Adventure
No. 41363-1Mia’s Forest Adventure
Stephanie’s Buggy & Trailer
No. 41364-1Stephanie’s Buggy & Trailer
Olivia’s Cupcake Café (Cafe)
No. 41366-1Olivia’s Cupcake Café (Cafe)
Stephanie’s Horse Jumping
No. 41367-1Stephanie’s Horse Jumping
Andrea’s Talent Show
No. 41368-1Andrea’s Talent Show
Mia’s House
No. 41369-1Mia’s House
Olivia’s Hamster Playground
No. 41383-1Olivia’s Hamster Playground
Mia's Heart Box
No. 41358-1Mia's Heart Box
Emma's Kitty Chico foil pack
No. 561901-1Emma's Kitty Chico foil pack
Adventures in Heartlake City Collection
No. 5005751-1Adventures in Heartlake City Collection
Emma's Bumper Cars polybag
No. 30409-1Emma's Bumper Cars polybag
Tulips polybag
No. 30408-1Tulips polybag
Shop with Costumes foil pack
No. 561902-1Shop with Costumes foil pack
Sweet Baby foil pack
No. 561903-1Sweet Baby foil pack
Cute Bear foil pack
No. 561904-1Cute Bear foil pack
No. 561905-1Andrea's Booth with Waffles foil pack
Heartlake City Restaurant
No. 41379-1Heartlake City Restaurant
Heartlake City Supermarket
No. 41362-1Heartlake City Supermarket
Mia’s Horse Trailer
No. 41371-1Mia’s Horse Trailer
Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show
No. 41372-1Stephanie’s Gymnastics Show
Funny Octopus Ride
No. 41373-1Funny Octopus Ride
Andrea's Pool Party
No. 41374-1Andrea's Pool Party
Heartlake City Amusment Pier
No. 41375-1Heartlake City Amusment Pier
Rescue Mission Boat
No. 41381-1Rescue Mission Boat
Lighthouse Rescue Center
No. 41380-1Lighthouse Rescue Center
Turtles Rescue Mission
No. 41376-1Turtles Rescue Mission
Dolphins Rescue Mission
No. 41378-1Dolphins Rescue Mission
Andrea’s Summer Heart Box
No. 41384-1Andrea’s Summer Heart Box
Emma’s Summer Heart Box
No. 41385-1Emma’s Summer Heart Box
Stephanie’s Summer Heart Box
No. 41386-1Stephanie’s Summer Heart Box
Olivia’s Summer Heart Box
No. 41387-1Olivia’s Summer Heart Box
Mia's Summer Heart Box
No. 41388-1Mia's Summer Heart Box
Underwater Loop
No. 41337-1Underwater Loop
Rescue on a Sea foil pack
No. 561906-1Rescue on a Sea foil pack
Mia's Water Fun polybag
No. 30410-1Mia's Water Fun polybag
Ice Cream Parlor foil pack
No. 561907-1Ice Cream Parlor foil pack
Sweet Foal foil pack
No. 471904-1Sweet Foal foil pack
Stephanie's Puppy Dash foil pack
No. 561909-1Stephanie's Puppy Dash foil pack
Andrea's Stage foil pack #2
No. 561908-1Andrea's Stage foil pack #2
Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41335, 41383, 41385)
No. 66620-1Friends Super Pack 3 in 1 (41335, 41383, 41385)