Sets in Monster Fighters theme

Vampyre Castle
No. 9468-1Vampyre Castle
The Zombies
No. 9465-1The Zombies
The Mummy
No. 9462-1The Mummy
The Werewolf
No. 9463-1The Werewolf
The Swamp Creature
No. 9461-1The Swamp Creature
The Vampyre Hearse
No. 9464-1The Vampyre Hearse
The Ghost Train
No. 9467-1The Ghost Train
Ghost polybag
No. 30201-1Ghost polybag
The Crazy Scientist & His Monster
No. 9466-1The Crazy Scientist & His Monster
Haunted House
No. 10228-1Haunted House
Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car polybag
No. 30200-1Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car polybag
Monster Fighters Collection
No. 5001133-1Monster Fighters Collection
Zombie Car polybag
No. 40076-1Zombie Car polybag
Monster Fighters Promotional Pack polybag
No. 5000644-1Monster Fighters Promotional Pack polybag