Sets in The LEGO Movie theme

Getaway Glider
No. 70800-1Getaway Glider
Melting Room
No. 70801-1Melting Room
Trash Chomper
No. 70805-1Trash Chomper
Bad Cop's Pursuit
No. 70802-1Bad Cop's Pursuit
MetalBeard's Duel
No. 70807-1MetalBeard's Duel
Cloud Cuckoo Palace
No. 70803-1Cloud Cuckoo Palace
Castle Cavalry
No. 70806-1Castle Cavalry
Ice Cream Machine
No. 70804-1Ice Cream Machine
Creative Ambush
No. 70812-1Creative Ambush
Lord Business' Evil Lair
No. 70809-1Lord Business' Evil Lair
Rescue Reinforcements
No. 70813-1Rescue Reinforcements
Super Cycle Chase
No. 70808-1Super Cycle Chase
The Flying Flusher
No. 70811-1The Flying Flusher
Emmet's Construct - o - Mech
No. 70814-1Emmet's Construct - o - Mech
Super Secret Police Dropship
No. 70815-1Super Secret Police Dropship
Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!
No. 70816-1Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!
MetalBeard's Sea Cow
No. 70810-1MetalBeard's Sea Cow
The Piece of Resistance polybag
No. 30280-1The Piece of Resistance polybag
Micro Manager Battle polybag
No. 30281-1Micro Manager Battle polybag
Super Secret Police Enforcer polybag
No. 30282-1Super Secret Police Enforcer polybag
Radio DJ Robot polybag
No. 5002203-1Radio DJ Robot polybag
Pyjamas Emmet polybag
No. 5002045-1Pyjamas Emmet polybag
Western Emmet polybag
No. 5002204-1Western Emmet polybag
Emmet - The LEGO Movie Promotional
No. EMMET-1Emmet - The LEGO Movie Promotional
The LEGO Movie Press Kit
No. tlmpresskit-1The LEGO Movie Press Kit
Unikitty - San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive blister pack
No. comcon040-1Unikitty - San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive blister pack
Double-Decker Couch
No. 70818-1Double-Decker Couch
Bad Cop Car Chase
No. 70819-1Bad Cop Car Chase
Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack
No. 70817-1Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack
Lord Business - The LEGO Movie Promotional
No. LORDBUSINESS-1Lord Business - The LEGO Movie Promotional