Sets in LEGO Ideas (CUUSOO) theme

Shinkai 6500 Submarine
No. 21100-1Shinkai 6500 Submarine
No. 21101-1Hayabusa
Minecraft Micro World (LEGO Ideas) - The Forest
No. 21102-1Minecraft Micro World (LEGO Ideas) - The Forest
The DeLorean Time Machine
No. 21103-1The DeLorean Time Machine
NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover
No. 21104-1NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover
Ghostbusters Ecto-1
No. 21108-1Ghostbusters Ecto-1
No. 21109-1EXO SUIT
Research Institute
No. 21110-1Research Institute
No. 21301-1Birds
The Big Bang Theory
No. 21302-1The Big Bang Theory
No. 21303-1WALL•E
Doctor Who
No. 21304-1Doctor Who
No. 21305-1Maze
Caterham Seven 620R
No. 21307-1Caterham Seven 620R
Yellow Submarine
No. 21306-1Yellow Submarine
Adventure Time
No. 21308-1Adventure Time
NASA Apollo Saturn V
No. 21309-1NASA Apollo Saturn V
Old Fishing Store
No. 21310-1Old Fishing Store
Women of NASA
No. 21312-1Women of NASA
Ship in a Bottle
No. 21313-1Ship in a Bottle
TRON: Legacy Lightcycle
No. 21314-1TRON: Legacy Lightcycle
No. 21311-1Voltron
Brick Tales Pop-Up Book
No. 21315-1Brick Tales Pop-Up Book
The Flintstones
No. 21316-1The Flintstones
Steamboat Willie
No. 21317-1Steamboat Willie
Space Rocket Ride
No. 40335-1Space Rocket Ride
Tree House
No. 21318-1Tree House
F·R·I·E·N·D·S Central Perk
No. 21319-1F·R·I·E·N·D·S Central Perk