Sets in DC Super Hero Girls theme

Batgirl - New York Comic-Con 2016 Exclusive blister pack
No. comcon052-1Batgirl - New York Comic-Con 2016 Exclusive blister pack
Batgirl Batjet Chase
No. 41230-1Batgirl Batjet Chase
Harley Quinn to the rescue
No. 41231-1Harley Quinn to the rescue
Super Hero High School
No. 41232-1Super Hero High School
Lashina Tank
No. 41233-1Lashina Tank
Bumblebee Helicopter
No. 41234-1Bumblebee Helicopter
Wonder Woman Dorm
No. 41235-1Wonder Woman Dorm
Krypto saves the day polybag
No. 30546-1Krypto saves the day polybag
Harley Quinn Dorm
No. 41236-1Harley Quinn Dorm
Batgirl Secret Bunker
No. 41237-1Batgirl Secret Bunker
Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory
No. 41238-1Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory
Eclipso Dark Palace
No. 41239-1Eclipso Dark Palace