Sets in Castle theme

Castle Mini Figures
No. 0016-1Castle Mini Figures
King Leo
No. 1286-1King Leo's Cart
No. 1287-1Crossbows
Fire Cart
No. 1288-1Fire Cart
No. 1289-1Catapult
Treasure Cart polybag
No. 1463-1Treasure Cart polybag
No. 1480-1King's Catapult
Dual Defender polybag
No. 1491-1Dual Defender polybag
Black Knights Boat
No. 1547-1Black Knights Boat
Knights Challenge
No. 1584-1Knights Challenge
Ghostly Hideout
No. 1596-1Ghostly Hideout
Castle 3-Pack
No. 1597-1Castle 3-Pack
No. 1624-1King's Archer
Hay Cart with Smugglers
No. 1680-1Hay Cart with Smugglers
Treasure Chest
No. 1695-1Treasure Chest
Crossbow Cart polybag
No. 1712-1Crossbow Cart polybag
Crossbow Cart
No. 1732-1Crossbow Cart
No. 1736-1Wizard's Cart
Wiz the Wizard polybag
No. 1746-1Wiz the Wizard polybag
Boat with Armor
No. 1752-1Boat with Armor
Dragon Master Chariot
No. 1794-1Dragon Master Chariot
Crossbow Boat polybag
No. 1804-1Crossbow Boat polybag
No. 1877-1Crusader's Cart
Black Knights Guardshack
No. 1888-1Black Knights Guardshack
No. 1906-1Majisto's Tower
No. 1917-1King's Catapult
Black Knight
No. 1971-1Black Knight's Battering Ram
No. 1974-3Smuggler's Hayride
Fright Knights Fire Cart
No. 2538-1Fright Knights Fire Cart
Fright Knights Flying Machine
No. 2539-1Fright Knights Flying Machine
Fright Knights Catapult Cart
No. 2540-1Fright Knights Catapult Cart
Fright Knights Flying Machine
No. 2848-1Fright Knights Flying Machine
Witch and Fireplace
No. 2872-1Witch and Fireplace
Treasure Cart
No. 2889-1Treasure Cart
Stone Bomber
No. 2890-1Stone Bomber
Wizard Trader
No. 2891-1Wizard Trader
Thunder Arrow Boat
No. 2892-1Thunder Arrow Boat
No. 375-2Castle
No. 383-2Knight's Tournament
Defense Archer
No. 4801-1Defense Archer
Axe Cart
No. 4806-1Axe Cart
Fire Attack
No. 4807-1Fire Attack
Defense Archer polybag
No. 4811-1Defense Archer polybag
Crossbow Cart
No. 6004-1Crossbow Cart
Bat Lord
No. 6007-1Bat Lord
Royal King
No. 6008-1Royal King
Black Knight
No. 6009-1Black Knight
Supply Wagon
No. 6010-1Supply Wagon
Black Knight
No. 6011-1Black Knight's Treasure
Siege Cart
No. 6012-1Siege Cart
No. 6016-1Knights' Arsenal
No. 6017-1King's Oarsmen
Battle Dragon
No. 6018-1Battle Dragon
Magic Shop
No. 6020-1Magic Shop
Jousting Knights
No. 6021-1Jousting Knights
Horse Cart
No. 6022-1Horse Cart
No. 6023-1Maiden's Cart
Bandit Ambush
No. 6024-1Bandit Ambush
King Leo
No. 6026-1King Leo
Bat Lord
No. 6027-1Bat Lord's Catapult
Treasure Cart
No. 6028-1Treasure Cart
Treasure Guard
No. 6029-1Treasure Guard
No. 6030-1Catapult
Fright Force
No. 6031-1Fright Force
Catapult Crusher
No. 6032-1Catapult Crusher
Black Monarch
No. 6034-1Black Monarch's Ghost
Castle Guard
No. 6035-1Castle Guard
Skeleton Surprise
No. 6036-1Skeleton Surprise
No. 6037-1Witch's Windship
Wolfpack Renegades
No. 6038-1Wolfpack Renegades
Twin Arm Launcher
No. 6039-1Twin Arm Launcher
Blacksmith Shop
No. 6040-1Blacksmith Shop
Armor Shop
No. 6041-1Armor Shop
Dungeon Hunters
No. 6042-1Dungeon Hunters
Dragon Defender
No. 6043-1Dragon Defender
No. 6044-1King's Carriage
Hemlock Stronghold
No. 6046-1Hemlock Stronghold
Traitor Transport
No. 6047-1Traitor Transport
No. 6048-1Majisto's Magical Workshop
Viking Voyager
No. 6049-1Viking Voyager
No. 6054-1Forestmen's Hideout
Prisoner Convoy
No. 6055-1Prisoner Convoy
Dragon Wagon
No. 6056-1Dragon Wagon
Sea Serpent
No. 6057-1Sea Serpent
No. 6059-1Knight's Stronghold
No. 6060-1Knight's Challenge
Siege Tower
No. 6061-1Siege Tower
Battering Ram
No. 6062-1Battering Ram
Camouflaged Outpost
No. 6066-1Camouflaged Outpost
No. 6071-1Forestmen's Crossing
No. 6073-1Knight's Castle
Black Falcon
No. 6074-1Black Falcon's Fortress
Wolfpack Tower
No. 6075-1Wolfpack Tower
Dark Dragon
No. 6076-1Dark Dragon's Den
No. 6077-2Forestmen's River Fortress
Royal Drawbridge
No. 6078-1Royal Drawbridge
Dark Forest Fortress
No. 6079-1Dark Forest Fortress
No. 6080-1King's Castle
No. 6081-1King's Mountain Fortress
Fire Breathing Fortress
No. 6082-1Fire Breathing Fortress
Black Monarch
No. 6085-1Black Monarch's Castle
Black Knight
No. 6086-1Black Knight's Castle
No. 6087-1Witch's Magic Manor
King & Throne (Chess King)
No. 2586-1King & Throne (Chess King)
Royal Knight
No. 6090-1Royal Knight's Castle
King Leo
No. 6091-1King Leo's Castle
Guarded Treasury
No. 6094-1Guarded Treasury
Royal Joust
No. 6095-1Royal Joust
No. 6096-1Bull's Attack
Night Lord
No. 6097-1Night Lord's Castle
King Leo
No. 6098-1King Leo's Castle
Traitor Transport (with Cave)
No. 6099-1Traitor Transport (with Cave)
Castle Mini-Figures
No. 6102-1Castle Mini-Figures
Castle Mini Figures
No. 6103-1Castle Mini Figures
Medieval Knights
No. 6105-1Medieval Knights
No. 677-1Knight's Procession
Guarded Inn
No. 6067-1Guarded Inn
No. 6103-2Knights
Guarded Inn
No. 10000-1Guarded Inn
Rebel Chariot
No. 4819-1Rebel Chariot
No. 4816-1Knight's Catapult
No. 4817-1Dungeon
Dragon Rider
No. 4818-1Dragon Rider
Blacksmith Shop
No. 3739-1Blacksmith Shop
No. 6083-1Knight's Tournament
{Castle Figures}
No. 6002-2{Castle Figures}
Black Falcon
No. 10039-1Black Falcon's Fortress
No. kabkk-1Knight's Kingdom 4-Pack
No. 6075-2Castle
No. 6077-1Knight's Procession
No. kkchrome-1Knight's Kingdom Chrome Series (complete set)
Legend Castle Collection
No. K10039-1Legend Castle Collection
Castle Bonus Pack
No. casbon-1Castle Bonus Pack
Jayko (USA version with 3 Cards)
No. 8783-1Jayko (USA version with 3 Cards)
Santis (USA version with 3 Cards)
No. 8785-1Santis (USA version with 3 Cards)
Danju (USA version with 3 Cards)
No. 8782-1Danju (USA version with 3 Cards)
Rascus (USA version with 3 Cards)
No. 8784-1Rascus (USA version with 3 Cards)
Vladek (USA version with 3 Cards)
No. 8786-1Vladek (USA version with 3 Cards)
Castle of Morcia
No. 8781-1Castle of Morcia
Vladek Encounter
No. 8777-1Vladek Encounter
The Grand Tournament
No. 8779-1The Grand Tournament
Citadel of Orlan
No. 8780-1Citadel of Orlan
Border Ambush
No. 8778-1Border Ambush
Vladek (European version without Cards)
No. 8774-1Vladek (European version without Cards)
Danju (European version without Cards)
No. 8770-1Danju (European version without Cards)
Jayko (European version without Cards)
No. 8771-1Jayko (European version without Cards)
Rascus (European version without Cards)
No. 8772-1Rascus (European version without Cards)
Santis (European version without Cards)
No. 8773-1Santis (European version without Cards)
No. 8799-1Knights' Castle Wall
No. 8800-1Vladek's Siege Engine
King Mathias (Series 1) Limited Edition with Map and Cape, European
No. 8790-1King Mathias (Series 1) Limited Edition with Map and Cape, European
No. K8800-1Vladek's Attack Kit
King Mathias (Series 1) Limited Edition with Map and Cape, US
No. 8809-1King Mathias (Series 1) Limited Edition with Map and Cape, US
Danju (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
No. 8782-2Danju (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
Jayko (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
No. 8783-2Jayko (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
Rascus (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
No. 8784-2Rascus (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
Santis (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
No. 8785-2Santis (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
Vladek (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
No. 8786-2Vladek (USA version with 6 Cards, Target Promo)
No. kk2vp1-1Knights' Kingdom Value Pack 1 (with bonus water bottle)
No. kk2vp2-1Knights' Kingdom Value Pack 2 (with bonus water bottle)
No. kk2vp3-1Knights' Kingdom Value Pack 3 (with bonus water bottle)
No. 65527-1Vladek's Attack
The Grand Tournament, Limited Edition Value Pack
No. 65642-1The Grand Tournament, Limited Edition Value Pack
Sir Danju
No. 8791-1Sir Danju
Sir Jayko
No. 8792-1Sir Jayko
Sir Rascus
No. 8793-1Sir Rascus
Sir Santis
No. 8794-1Sir Santis
Lord Vladek
No. 8795-1Lord Vladek
King Mathias (Series 2)
No. 8796-1King Mathias (Series 2)
Plastic Figure - Danju (Nestle Promotional) polybag
No. 4946-1Plastic Figure - Danju (Nestle Promotional) polybag
Plastic Figure - Jayko (Nestle Promotional) polybag
No. 4944-1Plastic Figure - Jayko (Nestle Promotional) polybag
Plastic Figure - Rascus (Nestle Promotional) polybag
No. 4941-1Plastic Figure - Rascus (Nestle Promotional) polybag
Plastic Figure - Santis (Nestle Promotional) polybag
No. 4945-1Plastic Figure - Santis (Nestle Promotional) polybag
Plastic Figure - Shadow Knight (Nestle Promotional) polybag
No. 4942-1Plastic Figure - Shadow Knight (Nestle Promotional) polybag
Plastic Figure - Vladek (Nestle Promotional) polybag
No. 4943-1Plastic Figure - Vladek (Nestle Promotional) polybag
Catapult polybag
No. 5994-1Catapult polybag
Vladek polybag
No. 5998-1Vladek polybag
No. 8877-1Vladek's Dark Fortress
Battle Wagon
No. 8874-1Battle Wagon
No. 8875-1King's Siege Tower
Fireball Catapult
No. 8873-1Fireball Catapult
Scorpion Prison Cave
No. 8876-1Scorpion Prison Cave
Jayko polybag
No. 5999-1Jayko polybag
No. 8801-1Knights' Attack Barge
Dark Fortress Landing
No. 8802-1Dark Fortress Landing
Attack from the Sea
No. 65767-1Attack from the Sea
Vladek Value Pack
No. 65769-1Vladek Value Pack
No. 50799-1Knights' Kingdom Adventure Box
Knights Kingdom II Co-Pack (contains 8876 and life size sword)
No. 65851-1Knights Kingdom II Co-Pack (contains 8876 and life size sword)
King Jayko
No. 8701-1King Jayko
Lord Vladek
No. 8702-1Lord Vladek
Sir Kentis
No. 8703-1Sir Kentis
Sir Adric
No. 8704-1Sir Adric
No. 8705-1Dracus
No. 8706-1Karzon
Mistlands Tower
No. 8823-1Mistlands Tower
Gargoyle Bridge
No. 8822-1Gargoyle Bridge
Rogue Knight Battleship
No. 8821-1Rogue Knight Battleship
Jayko Value Pack 8783 and 8772 with Sword and Helmet
No. 65768-1Jayko Value Pack 8783 and 8772 with Sword and Helmet
Royal King
No. 10176-1Royal King's Castle
Battle at the Pass
No. 8813-1Battle at the Pass
Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer
No. 0011-3Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer
No. 65580-1Knights' Kingdom Value Pack 8772 and 8774 with Foam Helmet
Skeleton Ship Attack
No. 7029-1Skeleton Ship Attack
No. 7094-1King's Castle Siege
Skeleton Tower
No. 7093-1Skeleton Tower
No. 7092-1Skeletons' Prison Carriage
No. 7091-1Knights' Catapult Defense
Crossbow Attack
No. 7090-1Crossbow Attack
The Final Joust
No. 7009-1The Final Joust
Classic Castle
No. K10176-1Classic Castle
No. 65579-1Knights' Kingdom Value Pack 8770 and 8771 with Foam Helmet
Complete Castle Collection
No. K7029-1Complete Castle Collection
Castle Collection, US version
No. K7094-1Castle Collection, US version
No. 7036-1Dwarves' Mine
The Knight
No. 5615-1The Knight
The Good Wizard
No. 5614-1The Good Wizard
Troll Battle Wheel
No. 7041-1Troll Battle Wheel
Troll Assault Wagon
No. 7038-1Troll Assault Wagon
Tower Raid
No. 7037-1Tower Raid
No. 7040-1Dwarves' Mine Defender
Troll Warship
No. 7048-1Troll Warship
Troll Warrior
No. 5618-1Troll Warrior
Battle Pack Knights blister pack
No. 852271-1Battle Pack Knights blister pack
Battle Pack Skeletons blister pack
No. 852272-1Battle Pack Skeletons blister pack
Medieval Market Village
No. 10193-1Medieval Market Village
No. 7097-1Trolls' Mountain Fortress
No. 7078-1King's Battle Chariot
Drawbridge Defense
No. 7079-1Drawbridge Defense
Battle Pack Troll Warriors blister pack
No. 852701-1Battle Pack Troll Warriors blister pack
Battle Pack Dwarfs blister pack
No. 852702-1Battle Pack Dwarfs blister pack
No. 7946-1King's Castle
Prison Tower Rescue
No. 7947-1Prison Tower Rescue
Outpost Attack
No. 7948-1Outpost Attack
Court Jester
No. 7953-1Court Jester
No. 7955-1Wizard
No. 7950-1Knight's Showdown
Prison Carriage Rescue
No. 7949-1Prison Carriage Rescue
Attack Wagon polybag
No. 30061-1Attack Wagon polybag
Target Practice polybag
No. 30062-1Target Practice polybag
Battle Pack Lion Knights blister pack
No. 852921-1Battle Pack Lion Knights blister pack
Battle Pack Dragon Knights blister pack
No. 852922-1Battle Pack Dragon Knights blister pack
Blacksmith Attack
No. 6918-1Blacksmith Attack
Escape from Dragon
No. 7187-1Escape from Dragon's Prison
No. 7188-1King's Carriage Ambush
Mill Village Raid
No. 7189-1Mill Village Raid
Kingdoms Joust
No. 10223-1Kingdoms Joust
No. 70404-1King's Castle
Gold Getaway
No. 70401-1Gold Getaway
Dragon Mountain
No. 70403-1Dragon Mountain
The Gatehouse Raid
No. 70402-1The Gatehouse Raid
Forest Ambush
No. 70400-1Forest Ambush
Castle Dragons Accessory Set blister pack
No. 850889-1Castle Dragons Accessory Set blister pack
Castle Knights Accessory Set blister pack
No. 850888-1Castle Knights Accessory Set blister pack
Classic Knights Minifigure
No. 5004419-1Classic Knights Minifigure
Lion Knight polybag
No. 199384-1Lion Knight polybag